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The latest updates, stories, ideas and guides from the Glue Up team.

A Comprehensive Guide to Building an Online Community [With Steps, Best Practices, and FAQs]
10 minutes read
As we delve into the digital era, online communities are emerging as a cornerstone…
Effective Leadership Strategies for Multi-Chapter Associations
7 minutes read
If you are part of a chapter-based association, you would know that it is not an…
The Role of Governance in Multi-Chapter Organizations
4 minutes read
Chapter-based associations are a popular organizational structure for many different…
Top 10 Ways to Use AI to Supercharge Association's Membership Strategy
7 minutes read
With the invention of ChatGPT, AI has taken the world by storm. More than 1.3M…
Multi-Chapter Organizations: Common Mistakes and Best Practices for Your Website
4 minutes read
Running a chapter-based association is faced with many hurdles and challenges. One…
6 Root Causes of Data and Brand Inconsistencies in Multi-Chapter Organizations (and How to Fix Them)
7 minutes read
Inconsistent data and branding can cause significant issues for multi-chapter…
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