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Junte-se ao nosso programa de parceiros se quiser fazer parte do sucesso global
The Reseller Program is for organizations who can handle the complete sales life-cycle and want to sell our solutions.
Referral Program

The Glue Up Referral Program is suitable when you want refer Glue Up to other companies or groups that might want to use our software. The best part? You don't have to do the hard work of convincing them. Just give their details to Glue Up, and the Glue Up Team will chat with them and handle all the nitty-gritty of getting them to sign up.

Refer a Customer

Referral Program The Referral Program is for organizations who can recommend prospective clients but would want Glue Up Team to handle the sales cycle.
Reseller Program

The Glue Up Reseller Program is suitable for groups or companies that are good at selling stuff and can handle the complete sales life-cycle. They can manage the whole process from start to finish and want to sell Glue Up software as part of their lineup.

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All-in-one solutions
Ultimate toolkit that has everything clients need to run successful events, manage their memberships and more.
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Two free mobile apps
One app for clients to manage their operations from anywhere, and one app for their community to stay connected.
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Super simple for everyone
Premium user experience battle-tested for our clients and their communities’ absolute comfort.

"User-friendly platform with powerful CRM tools and great customer support"

How long does it take for applications to be reviewed?

You will hear from us within 5 business days if your application is approved.

Where is Glue Up located and where does it operate?

We are a global company headquartered in the US, with customers spanning North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Our specialty is providing cloud software solutions to member-based organizations in multiple languages, transcending physical borders. Currently, we operate from over 10 offices worldwide. Visit this page to view our office locations.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Please email or via live chat in the right corner of the website for any questions you might have.

Where are you looking for the partners?

Since our solutions are in high demand all around the world, we welcome partners from everywhere who want to sell or recommend our solutions to apply.

Does Glue Up provide any marketing materials to help with the promotion?

Once you become Glue Up Partner, you will receive a full suite of marketing materials. Including pre-written emails, product presentations, access to the platform, and banners.Everything you might need to easily copy/paste anywhere you'd like to promote Glue Up's cloud solutions.

Who typically are your clients?

Our SaaS membership management solution is specifically designed for member-based organizations. This includes multinational enterprises, chambers of commerce, professional associations, startups, training companies, and nonprofits/NGOs, aiding in their rapid growth, cost reduction, and improvement of profitability/ROI.