Traditional vs AI Community Management: 5 Key Distinctions

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Traditional vs AI Community Management: 5 Key Distinctions

Content Strategist
7 minutes read
November 16, 2023

Community management has undergone a significant evolution with the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI).

While traditional community management relied heavily on manual processes, AI-powered solutions are transforming the way organizations engage with their members.

Here are the top 5 key ways in which AI is driving a massive change in community management.

Read on to understand how AI integration is not only enhancing efficiency but also redefining the dynamics of community interaction, creating more personalized and engaging experiences for members.

Key Takeaways

  • AI streamlines community moderation by leveraging natural language processing to automate routine tasks.
  • AI provides immediate, actionable insights by analyzing community interactions, a process that would typically require more time if done manually.
  • AI tools efficiently handle administrative duties such as content scheduling, tagging, and calendar management within community platforms.
  • Glue Up Copilot is the first AI-enabled SaaS platform for community management that enables you to transform community engagement through personalized communication.

1. Automating Content Moderation

content moderation

AI in Content Review and Filtering

One of the biggest advantages of AI in community management is its ability to automate content moderation.

Traditional content moderation can be overwhelming. This is where artificial intelligence becomes invaluable.

AI community platforms use natural language processing (NLP) to analyze text, speech, and images. They don’t just read text; they understand context, tone, and even the specifics of images and speech.

In other words, they act as super-smart assistants that automatically filter out offensive language, spam, and anything that violates the rules.

Accelerating Response Times and Empowering Community Managers

With AI, response times are not just fast—they're instant. Deloitte's research indicates that AI can moderate content three times faster than any human can.

AI systems can identify and remove toxic content within milliseconds, which might take human managers hours or days.

The result? Your online spaces are cleaner, and your community remains positive. What's more? As AI handles the grunt work, community managers can focus on what they do best - nurturing meaningful connections and brainstorming effective community initiatives.

Thus the integration of AI in community management is not just about efficiency; it represents a strategic shift towards more meaningful and engaging community interactions.

2. Personalizing Member Engagement

personalize member engagement

Traditional community management practices tend to rely on a “one-size-fits-all” approach when engaging members.

But not every community member has the same interests, goals, or preferences. That’s where AI becomes a valuable tool for creating personalized engagements.

As Rich Brady, CEO of the American Society of Military Comptrollers, highlights, With the power of AI, organizations can deliver personalized content with pinpoint accuracy, communicate in a more targeted and relevant manner, and craft event strategies that are not only engaging but also deeply resonant with members’ needs and preferences.”

Delivering Personalized Content

The effectiveness of personalized content is gaining more and more support.

  • Marketo states that 79% of consumers will engage with a brand's offer only if it is personalized based on previous interactions with the brand.
  • The Community Roundtable study reveals that 71% of communities saw their visibility increase, and 74% of community programs reported increased recognition of value.

This emphasizes that personalization is crucial in maintaining member interest and engagement.

Fortunately, AI now plays a significant role in the movement towards personalized community management.

For instance, if a member prefers video content, AI can respond by offering more relevant video suggestions. If a member's activity levels decline, AI can create personalized prompts to foster re-engagement.

This not only nurtures the member's connection to the community but also eases the workload on managers, who would otherwise have to customize each interaction manually.

Enhancing Email Communication

Personalization extends beyond content creation to communication strategies.

Campaign Monitor suggests that personalized emails achieve an impressive open rate of 29% and an outstanding click-through rate of 41%.

This highlights the importance for membership organizations to adopt personalized communication strategies, particularly in their email marketing campaigns, to better connect with their members.

Leveraging Glue Up Copilot for Personalized Community Management

Glue Up AI


Glue Up is breaking new ground as the first SaaS platform powered by artificial intelligence.

The introduction of Glue Up Copilot, an AI-enabled writing assistant, is transforming community management. With just a few clicks, you can effortlessly generate engaging event descriptions, surveys, and campaign messaging to boost your community involvement.

This AI-driven approach enables you to boost member engagement through superior, personalized communication. You can also elevate response rates by crafting content that resonates with each member's interests and preferences.

In addition, Copilot's AI capabilities can save your team invaluable time when planning and organizing events. The automated features handle the busy work so you can focus on building meaningful connections within your community.

If you’re looking for more information on leveraging Copilot to drive growth and cultivate personalized relationships, we suggest you read this article.

Alternatively, if you’re eager to experience the AI-driven Glue Up Copilot for yourself, get a demo here to witness the feature in action.

3. Offering Real-time Data Insights

data insights

In traditional community management, data analysis is a manual and time-consuming process.

Community managers have to regularly compile engagement data, segment audiences, and try to draw insights from spreadsheet reports. The problem is, that these reports only provide a backward-looking snapshot.

With AI community platforms, member data and activity are analyzed continuously in real-time. Natural language processing instantly scans through community discussions to perform sentiment analysis. Also, the algorithms automatically detect emerging trends and patterns.

The result? With instant insights, you are able to take far more proactive action.

Rather than waiting for quarterly reports, you can address issues as they happen and capitalize on rising opportunities. With a constant pulse on community health and behaviors, human managers can make smarter decisions at the moment.

AI provides real-time analytics. But the human touch still matters. While AI handles the number crunching, make sure to focus on building meaningful connections.

4. Automating Task Management


Behind-the-scenes administrative tasks take up a significant portion of traditional community managers’ time. But, AI can take over many of these monotonous responsibilities.

Organizations implementing or scaling automation are reporting an average cost reduction of 24%, up from 19% in 2019. Additionally, 90% of executives expect their automation investments to increase their workforce capacity over the next three years.

This is the reason why about 57% of organizations are at least piloting the automation of processes in one or more business units or functions, with nearly half planning to start within the next year.

AI community assistants can:

  • Automatically schedule and publish social media posts at optimal times.
  • Tag and categorize content based on topic.
  • Handle community calendar management, event coordination, and reminder notifications.

In this way, all the repetitive administrative tasks are handled seamlessly by AI which frees up your time to focus on the aspects of community management that require emotional intelligence, depth, and relationship-building.

5. Making Data-driven Decisions

data driven decision making

Without robust data and analytics, traditional community managers have to rely largely on gut instinct and anecdotal observations to guide their decisions. But AI systems provide the data-driven insights needed to make smarter choices.

One of AI’s greatest strengths is its ability to pinpoint which members are most likely to discontinue their engagement or fail to renew their membership within a specific timeframe, as highlighted by Nikki Walker, MCI’s Global Vice President.

This allows for proactive, targeted efforts to retain those members, turning data into actionable insights.

By combining machine learning, NLP, and predictive analytics, these AI tools can generate a wealth of valuable data, such as:

  • Metrics on member sentiment
  • Emerging topics
  • Response times

All this data enables managers to base decisions on concrete evidence rather than hunches.

Let’s take video content as an example. AI-generated data could reveal that video content significantly outperforms blogs with certain audiences. This insight can inform decisions about content strategy.

Alternatively, the data might show that members are expressing frustration regarding a new community policy. Managers can then reconsider and re-evaluate that policy change.

Make Your Next Move - Transform Your Community with AI!

AI is revolutionizing community management in so many exciting ways.

Automation, personalization, sophisticated analytics, and robust task support aren't just fancy buzzwords. They're real game-changers that free up our human managers to focus on what really matters: strategy and impact.

And that's not all. These AI tools help create community experiences that are more responsive and personalized.

So, if you're ready to take your community management to the next level, to make it more engaging, it's time to embrace the power of AI.

To know more about how AI can transform your community experience—reach out and book a demo with us today. Let's make your community space the place everyone wants to be!

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