Insights from April 2024: A Review of Our Events

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Insights from April 2024: A Review of Our Events

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Last updated: June 28, 2024

April proved to be a busy month for us as we actively participated in a variety of events, conferences, and summits. From the outset, our calendar was packed with engagements aimed at fostering connections, sharing insights, and exploring new opportunities.

Each event presented a unique platform for networking, learning, and collaboration, contributing to our continuous growth and development. As we reflect on the amazing experiences and interactions from April, we are energized by the knowledge gained, relationships forged, and ideas exchanged.

Stay tuned as we present you the highlights and key takeaways from our eventful month!

FEDC Foundation 2024 Annual Conference


Glue Up's involvement as the Conference Solutions Partner at the Florida Economic Development Council's 60th Anniversary Diamond Jubilee, held from April 15th to April 17th, was a significant moment for our company.

We were privileged to contribute insights and expertise to discussions aimed at shaping Florida's economic future. Our participation in the Small Biz Florida podcast further underscored our commitment to fostering innovation and community-driven growth in the state.

We're thankful for the opportunity to connect with influential leaders and eagerly anticipate continuing our support for the FEDC's mission.

CalSAE ELEVATE Annual Conference 2024


Glue Up had a fantastic time at the California Society of Association Executives (CalSAE) ELEVATE Annual Conference 2024, held from April 29 to May 1.

We connected with industry professionals, shared insights, and explored opportunities to innovate association management. Thanks to all who joined us for the inspiring discussions and networking opportunities!

AU Associations Forum National Conference 2024

Association Forum National Conference

Glue Up recently participated in the Associations Forum National Conference 2024, held from April 30 to May 1 at the National Convention Centre in Canberra, Australia.

We showcased our AI-powered all-in-one solution, offering attendees insights into the future of association management. Our presence allowed attendees to explore a wide range of products tailored to their association's needs.

Besides attendees were able to foster a dynamic environment of learning and growth by investing in their team's professional development and bringing more members of the association to the event,

2024 USHCC Legislative Summit


We had the honor of participating in the 2024 United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) Legislative Summit in Washington, D.C., from April 22 to 24.

It was an exceptional opportunity to connect with the vibrant Hispanic community and discuss avenues for mutual growth and innovation. We look forward to continuing our support and collaboration to drive meaningful progress together.


It was a privilege to participate in the ASAE AMS Demo Day hosted by ASAE: The Center for Association Leadership on April 24-25, 2024. Our engaging presentation from 9:10 to 9:40 AM EST highlighted the transformative capabilities of our AI-powered all-in-one association management software.

We demonstrated how our solution can elevate association management by enhancing community engagement, streamlining operations, and optimizing work efficiency. Thank you to everyone who attended this insightful event!

Independent Professional Body Forum Conference


Glue Up's team attended the 2024 Independent Professional Body Forum Conference in Sandton, Gauteng, on April 9th where Matt Raven spoke about AI's role in reshaping association management.

Attendees engaged with our team, learned about our AI-driven solutions and explored how Glue Up can enhance community engagement and streamline operations.

The event promoted valuable networking and knowledge-sharing, reinforcing Glue Up's commitment to innovation in association management.

AuSAE AMS Demo Day

We were thrilled to be featured at the recent AuSAE AMS Demo Day, hosted by the Australasian Society of Association Executives on April 17, 2024.

Our presentation, held from 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM AEST, showcased how our solutions can transform operations, enhance community engagement, streamline administrative tasks, and optimize work efficiency for associations.

We hope attendees found the event enlightening and are excited about the potential for more effective association management.

Empowering Your Associations: Seamless Association Management with AI

The event was pivotal, and Glue Up showcased its innovative solutions for association management. Held on April 18th, it provided a platform for attendees to explore AI's transformative potential in streamlining organizational processes.

Glue Up's participation in the event included informative presentations and interactive sessions, demonstrating how our AI-powered management solution can revolutionize association operations.

Focusing on personalized engagement, streamlined communication channels, and efficient organizational processes, Glue Up presented a vision for the future of association management.

ASAE Learning by Association: Launching Successful Professional Development Initiatives

At the ASAE Learning by Association event, held on April 18th, association professionals convened to explore strategies for launching successful professional development initiatives.

Glue Up participated in this dynamic event, offering insights and solutions designed to empower associations in their educational endeavors.

Through engaging presentations and networking opportunities, attendees gained valuable knowledge and connected with industry peers to elevate their professional development efforts.

Reflecting on these enriching experiences, we've witnessed firsthand the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of association management.

As we look back on the insightful discussions and valuable connections made, we encourage you to explore our Events page to stay informed about upcoming engagements.

If you're ready to explore how Glue Up can elevate your association management journey, schedule a demo today. Let's begin this journey of growth and success together!

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