May 2024 Highlights: A Recap of Our Events and Achievements

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May 2024 Highlights: A Recap of Our Events and Achievements

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Last updated: June 28, 2024

May was a dynamic month for us, brimming with various events. We started the month with a full agenda, focusing on building connections, sharing expertise, and seeking new opportunities.

These engagements provided diverse platforms for networking, education, and collaboration, significantly contributing to our ongoing growth and progress. 

Reflecting on the remarkable experiences and interactions from May, we are inspired by the new knowledge we gained, the relationships we established, and the innovative ideas we explored.

We look forward to sharing the key highlights and insights from our productive month with you!

European Association Summit & Awards 2024


Glue Up had an incredible time at the European Association Summit & Awards 2024, held on May 22nd. Connecting with so many association leaders and professionals was fantastic as we shared insights and showcased our innovative solutions.

A big shoutout to the organizer, ESAE (European Society of Association Executives), and thank you to everyone who stopped by and made it memorable. We look forward to more opportunities ahead!

The 2024 Beyond Expo Conference on Women Leadership in Tech Innovation


We were thrilled to share that our Co-Founder and President, Olivia Jingshu Schmidt, was invited to speak at the 2024 Beyond Expo Conference on Women's Leadership in Tech Innovation from May 22nd to May 25th. 

The event brought together industry leaders to discuss the crucial role of women in driving technological advancements.

Olivia's insights on leadership and innovation were truly inspiring. Her participation underscored Glue Up's commitment to fostering diversity and empowering women in tech. We are proud of Olivia's contribution and excited to continue supporting initiatives that promote inclusion and innovation in tech.

Indo-Pacific Networking Night



We had an amazing time partnering with The American Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines, Inc. for the Indo-Pacific Networking Night on May 20, 2024. It was fantastic to see so many corporate members and professionals from various industries come together for meaningful networking and engagement.

We're proud to support such a great event, continuously bringing value to our clients and contributing to their success. 

Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) Impact AI Summit 2024



We were thrilled to participate and show our support at the Northern Virginia Technology Council (NVTC) Impact AI Summit 2024 in Tysons Corner, VA, on May 16th. The event focused on "Realizing the Value of AI: Strategies, Challenges, and Opportunities." 

Highlights included NVIDIA’s Anthony Robbins as the keynote speaker, alongside a comprehensive lineup of experts who provided actionable strategies to shape the future of AI initiatives.

NVTC uses Glue Up’s services to enhance its events and membership management, and we’re so proud to be part of its success.

2024 European-Philippine Business Dialogue & European Investors' Night



Glue Up was honored to participate in the 2024 European-Philippine Business Dialogue and European Investors' Night on May 6th. 

Thanks to the organizers, the European Chamber of Commerce of the Philippines and the EU-ASEAN Business Council, our customer Kévin Charuel, Director at the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in the Philippines, and our Philippine team for perfect representation.

VSAE Conference 2024



The VSAE Conference 2024, held from May 5-7, was such a blast! We made amazing connections with association leads and passionate professionals who are just as excited as we are about empowering associations.

Huge thanks to the VSAE team for hosting a fantastic event. We look forward to more future collaborations and exciting opportunities!

Reflecting on these enriching experiences, we've witnessed firsthand the power of collaboration and innovation in shaping the future of association management.

As we look back on the insightful discussions and valuable connections made, we encourage you to explore our events page to stay informed about upcoming engagements.

If you're ready to explore how Glue Up can elevate your association management journey, schedule a demo today. Let's begin this journey of growth and success together!

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