EventBank is now Glue Up. Learn why we have changed our identity and what it means to you and your community.
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EventBank is now Glue Up.
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Community Management Suite

Transform Your Community Engagement

Connecting with your community is more important than ever. Enable them to thrive no matter where they are with the most powerful solution on the market.

Forward-looking teams choose Glue Up

Business Never Sleeps,
Neither Should Your Community

Give your members a digital place where they can connect with you and your mission 365 days a year even when meeting face to face isn’t possible.

Glue Up helps you increase your engagement with its all-in-one platform
Glue Up helps you reach your members wherever they are.
Glue Up makes it easy to use for any member of your organization
Glue Up helps you offer a space for your members to exchange knowledge
Community Hub

A Place to Engage and Exchange Knowledge

Provide your community a hub where they can share their ideas, discuss various topics and stay social even when meeting in person is not an option.

Live Feed

Comments & Discussions


Social Sharing


Glue Up helps you offer discussion groups both private and open

Spark Discussions In Open Or Private Groups

Make it easy for everyone to find like-minded people and topics that matter to them so they can network with each other and exchange their opinions.

Public & Private Groups

Unlimited Commenting

Custom Reactions


People Profiles

Glue Up clients are reporting 3x increase in engagement.

Glue Up helps you facilitate business card exchange

Help Business Happen

Enable your community to create and share their own digital business cards, manage their contacts, and effectively network with everyone no matter where they are.

Free Member App

Available on all devices

Custom Privacy Settings

Business Card Scanner

Stored in Individual CRM

Glue Up helps you connect you audiences
Private Discussions

Let People Talk

Make it your business to enable everyone in your community to develop lasting relationships with you and each other via 1-on-1 chats with the option to share business cards.

1-on-1 Direct Chat

GIFs and Emojis

Media & Location Sharing

Privacy Settings

Customers stick with Glue Up

From small associations and non-profits to large Chambers of Commerce with dozens of chapters, our clients in 50+ countries around the world love engaging their members all-in-one with Glue Up.

How SASTM is Achieving Long-term Growth with Glue Up

"We love using Glue Up and are very very happy with it. I can contact people on your side anytime to help me with anything. It is is just a world of difference. "

How SASTM is Achieving Long-term Growth with Glue Up
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How the ITE Met Section went Paperless with Glue Up

“We have many volunteers who want to work with our organization, so removing the hurdles of paperwork has made it easier because their time is much more valuable than doing paperwork.”

How the ITE Met Section went Paperless with Glue Up
Read their story
Glue Up helps you define the engagement rules
Admin Controls

Define Rules Of Engagement

You are in charge of the engagement. Create and manage different groups, allow and restrict access, or offer greater functionalities to paying members of your community.

Advanced Filters

Roles & Permissions

Full Moderation

Post Broadcastings

Engagement Analytics

Glue Up helps you facilitat interaction and engagement with and for your community

Enable Your Community To Thrive

Make it your business to enable every member in your community to develop lasting relationships with you and each other via 1-on-1 chats with the option to share business cards and premium networking features.

Private & Public Groups

Media sharing

1-on-1 Direct Chat

Digital Business Cards

Free Member App

Glue Up helps you analyze your engagement

Understand Engagement With Your Members

Get immediate insights into your members’ activities from events, email marketing, finance and more in real time, and use what you learn to make smarter decisions.

Contact Information

Engagement History

Membership Status and Renewals

Opportunities Management

Deal stages

Glue Up helps you monetize your webinars
Online Events

Monetize & Enhance Your Webinars

Run webinars and other online events from an all-in-one platform. Provide your attendees with premium and seamless experience that gives them access to presentations, agenda, as well as ability to connect and chat with other attendees.

Premium Branding Options

Sponsor Promotion

Attendee Chat

Webinar Documents

Digital Business Cards

Best-in-class event management with Glue Up
What's included?

Management Suite

An all-in-one solution that helps you save time and focus on your mission while keeping everybody on the same page.



Email Campaigns

Invoicing & Payments


Mobile Apps

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