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Speed Networking

Speed Networking

Connect and Build Relationships Virtually

Enabling your community to engage and build connections. Do it on a larger scale, no matter where your members are, with the new Speed Networking solution.

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“Probably the best platform for large and complex events that covers every process throughout the lifecycle”
Do It All From One Place
Do It All From One Place
An all-in-one software that helps you build, manage, engage, and understand every member of your community.
Reach People Where They Are
Reach People Where They Are
One app for you to manage your operations from anywhere, and one app for your community to stay connected.
Make It Simple For Everyone
Make It Simple For Everyone
Premium front-end experience designed for you and your community’s comfort.
Grow Your Community


Enable Attendees to Continue the Conversation

Allow your attendees to book extra time and schedule private meetings directly on the platform or inside the My Glue mobile app.

Spark Meaningful Conversations

Public & Private Groups

Spark Meaningful Conversations

Encourage your member community to develop long-lasting relationships through 1-on-1 chats and digital business card exchanges.

Complete Administrative Control for Chapter-based organizations

Admin Control

Define The Rules of Engagement

You are in charge of your Speed Networking events. Define the length of 1-on-1 sessions, review and approve attendees, or host a short welcome speech before the sessions begin.

Webinar Management Software

Monetize & Enhance Your Webinars

Run webinars and other online events from an all-in-one platform. Provide premium and seamless experience to attendees and marketing exposure to your sponsors and partners.