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Membership CRM

Stay in the Know, Always.

Centralize all your data in one place and get deep insights into your community so you can understand engagement and improve your campaigns.

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“Glue up CRM helped us service our members much better that resulted in improved membership sales.”
Deep Member Journey Insights

Glue Up CRM is designed for engagement and lets you manage all your contacts in one place. It enables you to delve deeply into each community member's journey, which in turn can help increase revenue for your organization

Do It All From One Place Manage your audiences and opportunities with easy-to-use tools.
Do It All From One Place
Manage your audiences and opportunities with easy-to-use tools.
Make Smarter Decisions Gain instant visibility into engagement and performance with interactive dashboards and profiles.
Make Smarter Decisions
Gain instant visibility into engagement and performance with interactive dashboards and profiles.
Stay Protected At All Times We take care of security, so you can focus on serving your community.
Stay Protected At All Times
We take care of security, so you can focus on serving your community.
Manage Renewals Automatically

Automate Your Sales Workflows

Drive revenue with features designed to help you close more deals. All team members can simultaneously track and manage opportunities through each stage of the sales process.

Scale Up Your Email Marketing

Understand Engagement Across Activities

Grow your community by knowing everything about your contacts and organizations. Contact & Company profiles show activity history so you know which events they have attended, what emails they read, and how much money they have spent.

"User-friendly platform with powerful CRM tools and great customer support"

Who uses Glue Up?

Our cloud-based management solutions are used by organizations of all sizes in more than 70 countries around the world. They range from multinational enterprises and event agencies, through chambers of commerce and associations, to start-ups and nonprofit organizations.

Will I be billed monthly or annually?

All contracts are billed annually by default. However, if you want to use us just for one event/webinar or a special project, we can develop a pricing that will suit your needs better.

What happens if I exceed the agreed plan?

You can easily get in touch with your Customer Success Manager to increase the limits. Add-ons and limit upgrades for events, emails, admins, contacts or integrations can be purchased at any time.

Is my data safe with Glue Up?

Confidentiality and Security is our number one priority. The platform has sophisticated security features and follows all latest data regulations like GDPR so you and your community are always protected.

What is Glue Up and why should I consider it for my organization?

Glue Up is an Ultimate CRM system designed to help member-based organizations organize, automate, and optimize member data. It's a powerful yet intuitive tool that offers features such as Custom Membership Fields, Admin-only fields, standardized fields, and Migration Services for Member Import.

Can I create custom fields for my members in Glue Up?

Yes, Glue Up supports the creation of custom fields for your members. These can be in various formats such as text fields, radio buttons, dropdowns, checkboxes, etc.

Does Glue Up allow the creation of admin-only fields?

Yes, in Glue Up, you can create custom fields only available to your organization's admins, allowing you to store essential member information securely.

How does Glue Up help in data standardization?

Glue Up provides field standardization features that help improve your operations. You can standardize fields like a Membership's Expiration Date, allowing you to automate renewal reminders, expiration notices, and improve your reporting.

Can Glue Up help me import my existing member data?

Yes, Glue Up offers complimentary Migration Services to assist you in importing your existing membership data into a standardized format, ready for import.

How does a Membership CRM help in engaging and growing my organization's membership?

A Membership CRM not only tracks your members but also measures their activity, enabling you to target your marketing efforts effectively. It allows mass communications, providing insight into member engagement and helping you grow your membership.

What is the difference between a membership CRM and membership management software?

Membership management software is a hub for all membership activities, including email systems, website builders, invoicing, and event management. In contrast, a membership CRM, used across all industries, allows for measuring and analyzing member engagement, providing strategic insights for better member management.

What are the key features I should consider when selecting a Membership CRM?

When evaluating Membership CRM options, consider features such as member database, website builder, reporting, financial management, segmentation and email communication, member directory, member-exclusive website, and event registration.

How can a membership CRM benefit my organization's members?

Membership CRM can provide a more personalized experience to members. It can include features like a member directory with detailed profiles, a member's website for easy access to personal information and relevant events, and easy event registration.

Can Glue Up help with my organization's Membership CRM needs?

Yes, if your current AMS isn't cutting it, or you need a more association- or member-focused CRM, Glue Up can provide a comprehensive solution that saves your organization time and boosts member engagement.

What is the cost associated with using Glue Up Membership CRM?

The cost of using Glue Up as your Membership CRM largely depends on the features you want to include. Basic packages start at $125 per month, which consists of a member database, segmentation and email communication, and basic reporting.

You may want to consider our starter package if you want more advanced features like a website builder, financial management tools, a members-only website, and event registration capabilities. The comprehensive plan would be ideal for organizations requiring all features and enhanced support. We invite you to fill out our demo request form to learn more about our pricing structure. Our sales team will then connect with you to provide a detailed and personalized cost estimate tailored to your needs.

Remember, investing in more features can provide a higher return for member engagement and growth, so consider your organization's specific needs and budget when choosing a package. Please contact our sales team for more detailed pricing and plan information.

What essential features should I take into account when choosing a CRM for event management?

When selecting a CRM for event management, it's vital to consider a suite of comprehensive features. Glue Up, for instance, provides a robust event management solution that includes the design of dedicated event pages, efficient management of attendee registrations, streamlined payment processing, and effective event promotion strategies. Furthermore, Glue Up's mobile app empowers your members and participants to conveniently access event information, register, and connect with fellow attendees from the palm of their hands. Beyond physical events, Glue Up's system seamlessly integrates with popular video conferencing platforms like Zoom, making it an ideal solution for planning and administering online events or webinars.

How can Glue Up help me effectively engage my members and thereby increase revenue?

At Glue Up, we've got an incredible range of features to help you engage your members in exciting ways. Our Email Marketing module makes sending circulars, member invites, newsletters, and surveys a breeze, ensuring seamless member engagement.

Looking to plan, create, execute, and promote events? Our platform has got you covered. Get ready to captivate your members with memorable experiences.

But wait, there's more! Our Community platform offers a hub for your members to share content, exchange business cards, like, comment, and chat. It's a vibrant space where connections thrive.

For even more inspiration, look at our insightful blogs on building a membership marketing and SEO strategy and our comprehensive membership marketing guide.