Glue Up Monthly Updates: April 2024

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Glue Up Monthly Updates: April 2024

Product Designer
2 minutes read
Last updated: June 14, 2024

April marks the start of a new quarter, and with it comes the launch of our newest features. While we have dedicated ourselves to enriching the user experience of our Membership Products, we have also turned our attention to refining our mobile app.

Let's jump right in and uncover these enhancements together!

Discover Additional Features About the Products Catalog


product catalog Glue Up


Last month we released the Products Catalog giving your organization’s members the ability to purchase digital or physical products as an add-on as well as giving them an option to donate a custom amount add-on.

With the release, we have added new features to the Products Catalog to provide a quick and easy overview of the relevant data:

  • The Recently Sold Products widget on your Membership Dashboard provides you with comprehensive sales information, including sold units, amount, payment dates, and more;
  • Email alerts and notifications are accessible to the designated team members. This will assist you in managing your inventory and never missing any new orders;
  • The CRM profile's Activities contain the purchased product log. You can see all of your current open orders as well as a list of all the products.

To find out more about the Products Catalog, read the Membership Products blog post.

Easily Share Your Post Within Your Communities or Groups – Right from Your Fingertip!


My Glue app


Community participants can now share posts with other public communities or groups, just like they can on the web version.

This feature is available on both iOS and Android.

Sender Domain Re-Authentication




At times a mistake can happen while updating or deleting DNS records when managing DNS or switching to a new provider. This can have a negative impact on the deliverability of your campaign. We have introduced an additional checking step to our system in order to prevent such instances.

If the system fails to verify your sender domain DNS records, you will receive an email notification. In case of any issue, check out our step-by-step guide for DNS configuration.

Stay Tuned!

We are always looking to make your experience of using Glue Up better. We will keep you updated as we ship more improvements with the next Product Monthly Updates post.

For any questions, as always, reach out to our Customer Support. To learn more about Glue Up and how it can help your Organization, book a free demo today.

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