Glue Up Partners Up with USHCC to Drive Hispanic Business Success

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Glue Up Partners Up with USHCC to Drive Hispanic Business Success

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Glue Up, the leading AI-powered Association Management Cloud, and the United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) have announced a groundbreaking partnership aimed at empowering Hispanic businesses across the United States.

This collaboration marks a significant milestone in supporting and fostering economic growth within the Hispanic business community, leveraging cutting-edge technology to drive success and innovation.

Glue Up's Strategic Role in USHCC's Advisory Boards

As part of this landmark partnership, Eric Schmidt, CEO and Co-Founder of Glue Up, has been appointed to two prestigious USHCC advisory boards:

  1. Procurement Council Advisory Board (PCAB)
  2. Senior Executive Corporate Advisory Board (SECAB)

These appointments underscore Glue Up's commitment to driving positive change and innovation in the business world, particularly within the Hispanic community.

The collaboration between USHCC's industry insights and Glue Up's AI technologies creates opportunities for Hispanic businesses to explore and potentially benefit from cutting-edge tools. These resources could enhance operational efficiency, strengthen community bonds, and spark innovation.

Thus, this partnership represents a crucial milestone in the digital evolution of the Hispanic business sector, offering a pathway for these enterprises to become frontrunners in harnessing AI for improved business outcomes and operational sophistication.

"We are thrilled to partner with the USHCC and contribute to their mission of fostering economic growth and enhancing opportunities for Hispanic entrepreneurs and executives," said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Glue Up. "This collaboration aligns perfectly with our core values of innovation, inclusivity, and fostering global business connections. We're excited to be part of the impactful programs and resources that drive success and innovation within the Hispanic business community."

Empowering Hispanic Businesses with AI-Powered Solutions

Glue Up's AI-powered platform serves as a comprehensive ecosystem designed to streamline operations, enhance member engagement, and drive community growth. By partnering with the USHCC, Glue Up aims to provide Hispanic businesses with valuable exposure to cutting-edge technologies and access to essential resources. This collaboration seeks to empower Hispanic enterprises to optimize their operations, expand their networks, and unlock new avenues for success in the digital age.

The platform's key features include Event Management, CRM, Membership Management, and the groundbreaking AI Copilot. These tools reflect Glue Up's commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of associations and professional communities. They are particularly valuable for associations and chambers of commerce, helping them maintain smooth operations and foster growth across their networks.

The AI Copilot stands out as a significant advancement in integrating AI into community engagement. This innovative writing assistant helps organizations generate engaging event descriptions, surveys, and campaign messaging. By enabling the creation of personalized content that resonates with each member's unique interests and preferences, the AI Copilot boosts member engagement and streamlines communication efforts.

"As a global innovator, we're committed to harnessing cutting-edge technology to empower our clients," said Olivia Jingshu Ji, Founder and President of Glue Up. "Our partnership with USHCC allows us to extend this mission, providing Hispanic businesses with tools that enhance productivity and foster growth. We're excited to support the vibrant Hispanic business community and contribute to its continued success."

Driving Innovation and Growth in the Hispanic Business Community

This partnership between Glue Up and the USHCC is expected to have a profound impact on the Hispanic business community. By combining Glue Up's technological expertise with the USHCC's extensive network and industry knowledge, the collaboration aims to:

  1. Enhance digital transformation within Hispanic-owned businesses
  2. Provide access to cutting-edge tools and resources for business growth
  3. Foster stronger connections within the Hispanic business community
  4. Facilitate knowledge sharing and best practices among members
  5. Drive innovation and competitiveness in the global marketplace


The United States Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (USHCC) actively promotes the economic growth, development, and interests of more than 5 million Hispanic-owned businesses that contribute over $800 billion to the American economy annually. The USHCC advocates on behalf of its network of more than 260 local chambers and business associations nationwide and partners with major American corporations.

The USHCC's mission is to provide valuable resources to Hispanic Business Communities, offering a framework to improve customer engagement and expand business opportunities. Their primary focus is to stimulate the Hispanic economy while maintaining a positive balance between growth and social equity.

About Glue Up

Glue Up is the leading membership management software with the first AI-enabled SaaS platform for associations. The company's mission revolves around empowering organizations to foster stronger communities, streamline operations, and drive growth through innovative technology solutions.

Glue Up's modern, user-friendly platform is used by numerous organizations worldwide, including chambers of commerce, trade associations, professional societies, charities, agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations. With a global presence and a commitment to innovation, Glue Up continues to push the boundaries of what's possible in association and community management.

Looking Ahead

This partnership between Glue Up and the USHCC represents a significant step forward in promoting economic development and entrepreneurial spirit within the Hispanic community.

As both organizations work together to implement new initiatives and leverage AI-powered solutions, the future looks bright for Hispanic businesses across the United States.

Both Glue Up and the USHCC are excited about the potential of this collaboration and look forward to the positive impact it will have on the Hispanic business community. Stay tuned for upcoming announcements about new programs, resources, and opportunities that will arise from this innovative partnership.

To learn how your organization can benefit from Glue Up's AI-powered solutions, please get a demo here or contact our team of experts.

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