Black Brilliance Unleashed: Empowering Professional Communities with Technology—Event Recap

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Black Brilliance Unleashed: Empowering Professional Communities with Technology—Event Recap

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Last updated: June 28, 2024

On June 18, 2024, we hosted a dynamic virtual event that gathered leading experts and innovators to discuss the empowering role of technology in African American professional communities. The discussions delved into digital empowerment, showcased success stories from African American-led associations, and examined the unique challenges and opportunities in this space.

For those who couldn't attend but are interested in how technology is revolutionizing professional communities, we’ve compiled the key insights and takeaways for you.

Juneteenth’s Impact on Black Employees and Business Owners

“It’s all emancipation. What connects us is not only the people, but technology actually connects us also because we’ve been able to go on Facebook, social media, email, all of these different platforms and share the word.”
“What many people don’t know is that our ancestors were kidnapped because of their knowledge of how to control water and manage the land. It was rice before cotton and tobacco. When we think of the peculiar institution of slavery, we think we were brought because of our brute labor and our ability to bear the next generation. It was technology; we were owners of the technology to grow rice.”

Marilyn Hemingway

Marilyn Hemingway, CEO/President, Gullah Geechee Chamber of Commerce
“Juneteenth really started out as a Texas thing because people were unaware of that being celebrated, but of course over time, it’s become more celebrated around the country and more or less looked at as a second emancipation.”


Christopher Harris, Executive Director of Unhyphenated America

Empowering Growth Through Technology

“We developed, an online platform that is our national onboard directory for black businesses across the country. Corporate partners, federal agency partners, and others said they couldn’t find black businesses, so we created this platform to take that excuse away.”  “The difference that technology gives us is the global connections in a way that we could not have before. Now we don’t necessarily have to think about just the US, we can think beyond that.”

Alisa Joseph

Alisa Joseph, COO/Director of US Black Chamber

Challenges and Opportunities in the New Era of Technology

“How do I have my employees leverage the use of AI and what they’re doing on a day-to-day basis as a useful tool as opposed to them being fearful that I’m going to replace their job?”

Alisa Joseph

Alisa Joseph, COO/Director of US Black Chamber “We can’t be owners of a technological future if we don’t overcome the trauma that is still with us. Part of this is awareness and making the decision to get on a healthier path.”

Marilyn Hemingway

“As technology continues to evolve, individuals like ourselves should also be willing to learn new skills, do some training, and be visible, so we can mentor and provide guidance to incoming students or young adults.”

Monica Pemberton

Advice for Young Aspiring Leaders

“Technology is the future, embrace it or be left behind. There will be challenges, and it won’t be easy, but it’ll be worthwhile.”

Christopher Harris

Christopher Harris, Executive Director of Unhyphenated America “Gaining exposure is extremely important. The downside of technology is the face-to-face communication, so work on the networking and in-person meetings, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone.”

Monica Pemberton

Monica Pemberton, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at American Council on Education

The Future of Black Representation in STEM

“It starts with exposure in the K-12, because that’s all where it starts. You will have those students who don’t have that support at home, so who can they have as a mentor or who can they talk to, to know what their options are.”

Monica Pemberton

Monica Pemberton, Vice President and Chief Information Officer at American Council on Education

Looking Ahead

As technology continues to revolutionize professional communities, there's a shared dedication to fostering innovative and empowering practices. With the Glue Up platform, you can stay informed about these developments and make strategic decisions in this ever-evolving field. Sign up for a demo to experience these advancements firsthand and look out for more insights from leading experts in our upcoming events, as we explore the dynamic impact of technology on professional communities.

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