How to Use AI in Events: 20 Creative Ways

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How to Use AI in Events: 20 Creative Ways

Content Strategist
11 minutes read
August 25, 2023

Last updated: January 5, 2024


AI has the power to enhance every aspect of event management, from planning and marketing to execution and evaluation. It transforms not only how events are planned but also how they are experienced.

If you're keen on harnessing the capabilities of this emerging technology but aren't sure where to start, keep reading. In this article, we will discuss 20 ingenious methods to integrate AI into events and fully realize their potential.

Let’s get started.

Key Takeaways

  • AI can match attendees based on shared interests and backgrounds to improve networking opportunities.
  • AI-powered chatbots can provide real-time answers to attendee questions and event information.
  • Glue Up AI Copilot is the first AI-enabled community platform that creates engaging event pages, drafts email campaigns, and writes appealing survey descriptions to boost community engagement.
  • You can use AI to identify trends and patterns in attendee data to anticipate needs and tailor future event marketing and content strategies.
  • Advanced AI features like automated registration and ticketing can streamline tasks, allowing staff to focus on critical event areas and enhance attendee satisfaction.

Improve the Attendee Experience with Artificial Intelligence

From personalized experiences to efficient networking, AI offers a spectrum of solutions to enrich the event-going experience. Let’s dive into the various ways AI is revolutionizing the attendee experience:

1. Match Attendees with Similar Interests

One of the primary challenges in large events is helping attendees find like-minded peers.

Through AI algorithms, it's now possible to analyze attendees' profiles and match them based on shared interests or professional backgrounds. This fosters networking opportunities, making events more engaging and valuable.

Additionally, these AI-driven connections can be deepened through curated meet-ups or dedicated networking zones, ensuring attendees build lasting relationships.

2. Use Chatbots to Answer Questions and Provide Information

Imagine an event where attendees have instant access to event schedules, speaker bios, or FAQs through a virtual assistant. Chatbots, powered by AI, can provide real-time answers, ensuring attendees spend less time searching and more time engaging.

It not only improves the event's efficiency but also reduces the burden on event staff, streamlining information dissemination.

3. Personalize the Attendee Experience

By analyzing data from past events and attendee preferences, AI can curate a personalized event journey. This might mean suggesting specific breakout sessions, arranging one-on-one meetings, or even customizing digital swag for each participant.

Beyond this, AI can also recommend dining options, local attractions, or evening activities based on attendee preferences, creating a comprehensive event experience.

4. Remove Language Barriers

AI-driven real-time translation tools can bridge language gaps, ensuring every participant feels included and informed. These tools can be seamlessly integrated into event apps or audio systems, providing instantaneous translations during presentations, panels, or breakout sessions.

5. Create Virtual Events

AI can elevate the virtual experience, using algorithms to optimize streaming quality, manage attendee interactions, or even craft virtual spaces that replicate physical venues. Furthermore, you can use AI to analyze virtual engagement metrics for suggestions to make subsequent events even more successful.

6. Generate Leads and Sales

AI-driven data analytics can highlight attendees showing interest in specific products or services, enabling exhibitors to make timely and relevant pitches. This proactive approach can lead to increased sales and lead conversions, helping sponsors maximize their return on investment.

7. Gather Feedback

ai copilot for surveys


Instead of traditional surveys, consider deploying AI tools that can gather real-time feedback from attendees, analyzing their behavior, facial expressions, and even direct feedback.

Such instantaneous insights allow event organizers to make on-the-fly adjustments, ensuring continuous improvement during the event itself.

Glue Up AI Copilot can help you write survey descriptions that are clear and appealing to the intended audience. You simply have to enter the subject of your survey and let the Copilot do the work for you. 

8. Create Post-Event Reports

You can leverage AI to auto-generate detailed post-event analytics, capturing insights like peak attendance times, most popular sessions, and overall attendee sentiment.

With this data-driven approach, you can effectively tailor your future events to meet the needs and preferences of attendees.

Improve the Event Planning and Management Process with Artificial Intelligence

Harnessing the innovative power of AI in event management can be transformative for your association. Here's how you can use AI to streamline the planning process and enhance the member experience:

9. Automate Tasks, Such as Registration and Ticketing


Automating the registration and ticketing process can relieve your staff of tedious administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on more critical areas of the event. AI-driven platforms can also provide real-time support to attendees, handling everything from inquiries to payment confirmations.

Furthermore, such automation leads to increased accuracy, minimizing registration errors and enhancing overall attendee satisfaction.

10. Analyze Data to Identify Trends and Patterns

AI can analyze vast amounts of attendee data, identifying trends and patterns that might go unnoticed by human analysis. This information can be used to anticipate member needs, predict future behaviors, and tailor marketing and content strategies.

For example, identifying a rising interest in a particular subject might lead you to host a dedicated session or workshop, increasing member engagement and value from the event.

11. Make Better Decisions About Event Logistics and Marketing

ai copilot for events

AI's ability to sift through complex data allows for targeted marketing and logistical decisions. It can help identify the best channels to promote your event, the ideal time to send invitations, and even the most suitable venue layout based on predicted attendance.

These insights not only save time but also optimize your budget, ensuring resources are allocated where they can have the most impact. 

You can also use advanced AI tools like Glue Up AI Copilot to streamline your event pages. It transforms provided event information into SEO-optimized, engaging pages that boost audience registration. The tool can also assist in generating event titles, descriptions, and summaries. 

Read more: How to Enhance Member Engagement with AI-Powered Event Descriptions?

12. Create Personalized Welcome Messages for Attendees

A warm, personalized welcome sets the tone for a memorable event experience. AI can help create individualized welcome messages, utilizing member data such as past attendance, preferences, and professional interests.

By making members feel recognized and valued, you foster a sense of community and engagement that resonates throughout the event.

13. Recommend Sessions and Speakers to Attendees

Recommendations for sessions and speakers based on individual interests and professional needs can enhance attendee experience and satisfaction. AI can analyze attendee profiles to curate personalized agendas, ensuring members find the most relevant and valuable content.

This leads to increased engagement, as attendees are more likely to participate in sessions aligned with their goals and interests.

14. Identify Potential Sponsors and Partners for Your Event

Finding sponsors and partners that align with your association's values and event goals can be a time-consuming task. AI can expedite this process by analyzing potential sponsor profiles, industry trends, and even past sponsorship engagements.

By identifying the perfect match, you create meaningful partnerships that not only support your event financially but also add intrinsic value and credibility.

15. Track Attendee Engagement and Satisfaction

Real-time tracking of engagement and satisfaction provides actionable insights that can lead to immediate improvements.

Whether monitoring social media mentions, session participation, or app engagement, AI's ability to process vast amounts of data provides a nuanced understanding of attendee sentiment. This responsiveness enhances the member experience and helps you adapt to their needs quickly.

16. Create a Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality Experience for Your Event


Integrating Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) adds a futuristic dimension to your event, creating engaging and immersive experiences.

AI-driven VR and AR applications can provide virtual tours, interactive demonstrations, or even remote attendance options. These technologies make your event more accessible and engaging, offering unique experiences that set your association apart.

17. Identify Areas for Improvement in Future Events

AI's meticulous analysis can uncover areas for improvement that may be overlooked in traditional evaluations. By dissecting every aspect of the event, from planning to execution, AI provides a detailed roadmap for refinement.

This process fosters a culture of continuous improvement, guiding you to create events that not only meet your association's standards but continually elevate them.

Improve Event Marketing with Artificial Intelligence

By using AI, you can generate actionable insights, deliver tailored experiences, and strengthen relationships with your members. Here’s a look at how AI can refine and revolutionize your event management strategy.

18. Create Targeted Marketing Campaigns

ai copilot for campaigns

It's no secret that every member brings unique expectations and interests to the table. AI can help you meet and exceed these expectations.

By sifting through data points such as past event attendance, member feedback, and online interactions, AI can offer insights into what your members truly desire. This allows you to design events that speak directly to those desires, crafting experiences that resonate deeply and boost member satisfaction.

You can also save time drafting campaigns and emails by using the Copilot to instantly generate natural language text blocks and email copy based on your prompts. This allows you to scale communications while maintaining quality.

To learn how to use AI Copilot for your email campaigns, check out our comprehensive guide here.

19. Identify Potential Customers Who Are Likely to Be Interested in the Event

Predicting attendance is often a shot in the dark, but artificial intelligence can shed some light on what to expect. The technology analyzes past behaviors, engagement rates, and other relevant metrics to forecast which members are more likely to attend specific events. This predictive insight ensures you're never underprepared or overextended.

You can allocate resources efficiently, manage venue capacities, and even tailor event content to the anticipated audience, all contributing to smoother and more successful events.

20. Elevate Opportunities for Networking and Collaboration


The events you host serve as a forum for networking, learning, and collaboration. AI can make these connections even more fruitful.

By understanding the interests, expertise, and aspirations of attending members, AI can suggest potential collaborations, panel discussions, or breakout sessions. It can also identify members who might be keen on taking up leadership roles or presenting at events.

This not only enriches the event experience but also fosters a sense of ownership and active participation among members, driving the association's mission forward.

Streamline Your Events with Glue Up’s Advanced Automation Features

event management software

As an association manager, your role in delivering successful events is pivotal.

Glue Up's AI-powered engagement management software offers a revolutionary solution to optimize all aspects of your event planning and execution. Its comprehensive toolkit centralizes all event management functions, simplifying tasks and fostering a sense of connection among attendees. Notably, Glue Up ensures a premium user experience, allowing you to focus on delivering value without logistical distractions.

Here are five ways Glue Up’s advanced AI and automation features can transform your event management:

  • Effortless Event Setup: With Glue Up, tasks like creating branded event pages, managing tickets, and customizing forms become a breeze, saving you time and effort.
  • Seamless Promotion: Streamline your event promotion through email marketing, newsletters, and branded invitations, all achievable with just a few clicks.
  • Enhanced Email Visibility: Utilize AI to enhance the visibility of your event emails, ensuring they reach the right audience at the right time.
  • Captivating Email Titles and Summaries: Craft attention-grabbing email titles and concise summaries that drive higher open and engagement rates.
  • Mobile Management: Manage registrations, payments, and check-ins on the go, giving you the flexibility to oversee multiple events from your mobile device.
  • Enhanced Networking: Glue Up's networking features enable attendees to manage connections effectively, fostering meaningful interactions and business opportunities.
  • Event App Excellence: Impress your attendees with a dedicated event app that provides real-time updates, networking capabilities, and essential event information.

If you are looking forward to experiencing the transformative power of Glue Up's AI-driven event management firsthand, get a demo today and harness the power of AI to reshape your association's event management landscape.


How can AI improve networking at events?

AI's ability to analyze and match attendees based on shared interests or professional backgrounds has revolutionized networking at events. By using advanced algorithms, AI can quickly identify commonalities among participants, creating more meaningful connections and fostering productive interactions.

This approach maximizes networking opportunities and allows participants to connect with like-minded individuals, enhancing their overall experience at the event.

Is the real-time translation accurate?

Real-time translation, powered by AI-driven tools, has made significant strides in accuracy. Although not flawless, these tools utilize advanced machine learning models that constantly learn from vast language datasets, reducing errors and providing more nuanced translations.

Especially in diverse international events, AI-driven translation tools prove invaluable, breaking down language barriers and facilitating smoother communication among participants.

Can AI replace the need for human event planners?

While AI can automate many logistical and administrative tasks in event planning, it cannot replace the human touch, creativity, and relationship-building that are integral to a successful event.

AI should be seen as a tool that complements human expertise by handling repetitive tasks, freeing up human planners to focus on more strategic and creative aspects of the event. The collaboration between human insights and AI capabilities creates a more dynamic and engaging event experience.

How secure is data when using AI tools for events?

Security is of the utmost importance when using AI tools for events. Reputable AI platforms prioritize data protection and compliance, implementing robust encryption and cybersecurity measures.

It's crucial to select platforms with transparent security protocols and adherence to relevant legal regulations to ensure that attendee information and other sensitive data are kept secure.

How can AI help in post-event analysis?

AI can significantly enhance post-event analysis by auto-generating detailed analytics and capturing insights on attendance, engagement, sentiment, and more. By using AI to analyze large volumes of data quickly, event organizers can gain a comprehensive overview of an event's success.

Insights gleaned from AI-driven analysis help in understanding audience behavior, preferences, and areas for improvement, enabling more tailored and effective future events.

What's the future of AI in events?

The future of AI in events is promising and full of possibilities. Continuous advancements in technology are leading to more personalized experiences, real-time adjustments, and perhaps even AI-driven virtual hosts or presenters.

The integration of AI allows for more interactive and immersive experiences, driving innovation in the event industry. As AI technology evolves, it will continue to reshape how events are planned, executed, and analyzed.

Can small events benefit from AI?

Absolutely! Small events can indeed benefit from AI. While large events might harness the full spectrum of AI tools, smaller events can utilize targeted applications like chatbots, personalized recommendations, or post-event analytics.

Even with limited resources, small event organizers can leverage AI to enhance the attendee experience, streamline processes, and derive valuable insights. AI's scalability makes it a suitable and impactful solution for events of all sizes.

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