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CPE/CPD Credits

CPE/CPD Credits

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“The seamless process of arranging an online training and then dispensing the professionals their earned credits is what makes Glue up our first choice for training and development within our organization.”
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Do It All From One Place
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Automate Manual Tasks
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Make It Simple For Everyone
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Sell Out Your Courses

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What is CPE?

CPE stands for Continuing Professional Education. It is a requirement for many professionals to maintain their certifications and licenses. CPE credits are earned through participation.

Why is CPE important?

CPE helps professionals stay current on the latest trends and developments in their field. It also lets you improve your skills and knowledge, leading to better job performance and higher wages.

What are some examples of CPE activities?

CPE activities (certificate issuance) may include attending conferences, taking online courses, reading books and articles, and participating in webinars. Professionals can also earn CPE credits by volunteering, serving on professional committees, and giving presentations.



How can Glue Up help with CPE?

Glue Up can help associations, chambers, and membership organizations design and deliver CPE courses, accept online payments for those courses, and issue and distribute certificates.



What are the benefits of using Glue Up for CPE?

Glue Up makes managing all aspects of CPE easy, from course creation and registration to payment processing and certificate issuance. It also provides a central location for members to access their CPE records and track their progress.



How much does Glue Up cost?

Glue Up offers a variety of pricing plans to meet the needs of organizations of all sizes. For more information, visit our pricing page.

What kind of support does Glue Up offer?

Glue Up offers a variety of support options, including email, phone, and live chat. For more information, visit our contact page.

How do I get started with Glue Up?

Schedule a free demo to learn how Glue Up can help you design and deliver CPE courses.

How can I promote my CPE courses to my members?

You can promote your CPE courses to your members through your website, email newsletter, and social media channels. You can also collaborate with other industry organizations to promote CPE courses mutually.

How can I ensure my CPE courses are of high quality?

When designing your CPE courses, make sure they are relevant to your members' needs and that qualified instructors teach them. You should also collect feedback from your members after each course to ensure they meet expectations.

How can I track my members' CPE progress?

Glue Up provides a variety of reports that you can use to track your members' CPE progress. For example, you can see which members have completed their required CPE credits and which members still need CPE credits to receive their certificate.

How can I make it easier for my members to pay for Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses?

Glue Up allows you to accept payments online for your CPE courses. This makes it easier for your members to sign up for courses and pay for them without having to send a check or money order.

How can I issue and distribute certificates to my members?

Glue Up allows you to issue and distribute certificates electronically to your members. This saves you time and money and provides your members with a convenient way to access their certificates.