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Glue Up 2021 Year-in-Review

Eric SchmidtCEO & Co-Founder

Eric Schmidt,

CEO & Co-Founder

Jan 27, 2022

2021 was another incredible and productive year for us with our dedicated team and high-performing organizations that grew their businesses with us. Thank you for putting your trust in Glue Up and choosing to share your significant moments with us while being an integral part of our growth.

Take a look at our annual Glue Up Year-in-Review and see how much success we have achieved in this year alone.

Celebrating Our 1st Anniversary as Glue Up

Glue Up 1st Anniversary

August last year marked a special month for the Glue Up team. Formerly Eventbank, August 24th marked our one-year anniversary since we rebranded to Glue Up. With a fitting theme, “Glue Up, Grow Up”, we celebrated the exponential growth of our team since 2013, the strength of our solutions and our commitment to helping organizations around the world grow their professional communities through events, memberships, and other digital tools.

Our offices across the world in Beijing, Shanghai, Virginia, and Nairobi marked the occasion with good food, drinks, and a fun global speed networking session.

Virginia Team Glue Up

The US team at our new office in Tysons, Virginia

Shanghai Team Glue Up

Glue Up team members at the Shanghai office in China

Africa Glue Up Team

The East Africa team at the Kenya office in Nairobi

Beijing Team Glue Up

Glue Up team members at the Beijing office in China

Guided by our vision to create a world where every person and organization uses our technology to create opportunities for success, we are continuously evolving to serve and support our customers better. In 2021 alone, we added four new features to our robust engagement management ecosystem.

As we reflect on our growth and development milestones, we recognize the contribution of our growing global team, our partners, and our customers to our success and are truly grateful for it.

Glue Up’s Evolution in 2021

Glue Up New Features

Driven by our vision and commitment to serving you better, we have experienced a year of innovation, success, and excellence. We rolled out awesome new features including:

  1. Corporate Meetings and Events Suite
  2. Chapter Management
  3. Member Engagement Scorecards
  4. Smart Networking

Run Effective Meetings and Successful Events with Glue Up’s Corporate Meetings and Events Suite

To help your organization improve its event management, run more effective meetings, and build a more engaged community with ease, we are now offering our Corporate Meetings and Event Suite–a solution that can fit into your existing processes and provide results you can measure.

With its excellent collaboration tools, you can increase engagement and collaboration through public & private groups, social media sharing, and mobile app. It’s perfectly suited for organizations that aim to generate discussions and share knowledge wherever they may be.

What’s more, this event management solution can serve as your toolkit for both in-person and online events. It lets you easily create an event page, customize registration forms, and automate check-ins for successful planning and execution.

Make Every Click Count with Chapter Management

Glue Up recently added its two-click management tool, Chapter Management, to its robust engagement ecosystem. This cutting-edge feature is a digital framework that allows multi-tiered organizations like associations, chambers of commerce, and NGOs to check the health of all of their chapters and affiliates with just two clicks.

Chapter Management is designed to easily transfer information across organizational lines, streamline management processes, and provide a bird’s-eye view of all operations. Its launch signaled the next step in our goal to connect communities through engagement management technology.

The two-click management feature also makes it easy for multi-tiered organizations to streamline their processes, efficiently disseminate information, and create a deeper sense of community like never before.

Create a Narrative of Success with Member Engagement Scorecards

Glue Up's all-in-one ecosystem of interconnected modules is enabling member-based organizations around the globe to increase their engagement rates, automate their processes, and streamline their membership renewals.

With the beta release of Membership Engagement Scorecards (MES), you will now be able to analyze member engagement over time, modify your community initiatives, boost member acquisition and create a narrative of success.

Network More Effectively with Speed Networking 2.0

Enable your attendees to network virtually and create long-lasting business relationships with Speed Networking 2.0!

With smart matching technology, Speed Networking 2.0 is an upgraded version that uses computer logic to match people based on their commonalities and interests. Participants can attend timed 1-on-1 sessions, depending on the selected criteria set by the organization during registration prior to the speed networking event. This leads to effective communication among participants that strengthens business connections.

It’s time to build meaningful relationships with people wherever they are and recreate networking events without limitations!

Speed Networking 2.0 enables:

  1. 1-on-1 networking sessions
  2. Smart Matching
  3. Digital business card exchange
  4. Post-event meetings booking
  5. Community hub - a private social media platform for attendees and many more

Platform Updates

Glue Up New Login Experience

To enhance user experience, we want to offer better platform navigation and access. Our recent updates include a newly improved registration page, a magic link for an easy login process, and account pairing for your multiple Glue Up accounts.

Registration Page

Our newly updated registration page has an intuitive interface that allows you to link your social media accounts easily and securely. You can now also log in using your Apple ID, Twitter account, Google account, and LinkedIn account.

Magic Link

Magic Link is an added feature that creates easy access to the Glue Up platform without requiring a password. All you need is to use an email associated with your Glue Up account to request a passcode or a magic link at any time.

Account Pairing

If you have two or more accounts on the Glue Up platform, you can add the accounts to one profile. This will help you expedite future access instead of requiring multiple logins. If at any point you no longer use one of your accounts, you can unlink it from your profile.

Enhanced Direct Messaging Feature on My Glue for Better Communication

Enhanced Feature Glue Up

It is our mission to transform the way professional communities enable and enrich relationships. Our products are geared towards offering more value to communities. To help organizations communicate more quickly and effectively, we now offer an enhanced Direct Messaging feature on My Glue for web and mobile apps.

The Direct Messaging add-on on My Glue’s right sidebar displays all your ongoing conversations with other members. What’s more, it’s a great way to send meeting requests, block unwanted messages, delete unimportant messages or eliminate spam.

This function is available for those who have purchased Webinar Engagement Solution or Community Engagement Solution add-ons. It allows one-to-one, real-time messaging for members or attendees.

Make the Payment Process Easier for Members with Recurring Payments

Glue Up Recurring Payments

Recurring Payments is a new feature that many of you have been asking for. It's now much easier for members to pay for their memberships on a continual basis stress-free. In return, you can boost member retention with this convenient renewal process.

Once you activate the Recurring Payments for each of your membership types, you can opt to make it either optional or mandatory for members to choose this type of payment.

They will then be required to save their credit card details in the system under their Glue Up accounts.

Improve Event Attendee Engagement With the New Webinar Engagement Solution

Webinar Engagement Solution Glue Up

Are you looking to enhance audience engagement and create a better experience for attendees, speakers, and hosts alike? Glue Up’s newly updated Webinar Engagement Solution has you covered.

Our latest Webinar Engagement Solution now allows attendees to talk to each other, discuss ideas, and express their thoughts with panelists during webinars or virtual conferences.

Other added key features:

  1. Screen sharing for real-time communication with speakers and other participants across multiple locations
  2. Real-time voice and video conferencing that are clear, safe, and secure
  3. No need to pay for third-party software like Zoom during events on top of your subscription.

It’s time to offer your community premium and seamless access to agendas, presentations, and more. Inspire your attendees to interact and create the best attendee engagement experience with this new solution.

Learn how you can run successful webinars on the latest Webinar Engagement Solution today.

Simplest Way to Upload and Share Files with Community Engagement Solution’s ‘Files'

GLue Up Files

Files in the Member Community allows your organization to manage and store documents and files seamlessly into one place.

So whether it’s a New Member Kit, documents to sign, brochures, or multimedia content like videos and pictures, uploading files and collaborating with active members in real-time is made easy.

This feature will allow you to keep all the relevant materials for members securely and encourage them to engage in the Community.

Get Connected With Your Community Using the My Glue App

My Glue App Glue Up

The My Glue app enhances the community experience on mobile. It provides a virtual space where business can happen while reinventing the app as an engagement and networking space.

The all-in-one mobile app can help you create and manage different groups, allow and restrict access, or offer excellent functionalities to paying members of your community.

What are the benefits you can set for members only?

  1. Membership Directory
  2. Community Engagement Solution
  3. Member-only subscriptions and committees
  4. Member-only events and discounts

Glue Up Received Numerous Awards in 2021

Glue Up Awards

Did you know that Glue Up has received the G2 High Performer, Easy to Use, APAC Leader, SMB Leader continuously since 2018?

We are extremely grateful to G2 for the recognition. The world’s largest tech marketplace recently named Glue Up the ‘Easiest to Use’, 'High Performer', and 'Leader' for Fall 2021.

When it published Spring 2021 report, we were thrilled to receive the ‘Easiest To Use Software’ and ‘High Performer’ awards for Association Management and Event Management categories.

We also got the ‘Users Love Us’ recognition for the user reviews we received. We are consistently ranked highly on G2 for our ease of use, ease of setup, quality of support, among other things.

Additionally, Glue Up was named Best Event Management Software & Membership Management Software of 2021 by Digital.com. And we are honored to have received the Northern Virginia Technology Council's Tech 100 companies award for the third time in a row.

Feel free to check out Glue Up's other recognitions and awards here.

Glue Up Showcased at IMEX America and Sponsored the 12th Annual World Chambers Congress in Dubai

IMEX and WCC Events

We attended and exhibited at IMEX America last November 9-11 in Las Vegas. It was an excellent opportunity for us to meet thousands of professionals from every sector of the global meetings industry. With 3,500 plus exhibitors from 155 countries, attending IMEX America allowed us to meet international event organizers on one floor.

Glue Up was a Silver sponsor during the 12th World Chambers Congress (12WCC) organized by the Dubai Chamber in cooperation with the World Chambers Federation (WCF) and the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) last November 23-25 in Dubai.

With the theme “Generation Next: Chambers 4.0”, more than 1200 participants from international organizations representing 100 countries worldwide were brought together to attend the one-of-a-kind three-day event.

We Have Moved to a New Office!

Glue Up Virginia Office

We recently moved to our new office in Washington, D.C. last year, that’s equally inviting and beneficial to our staff and clients.

To offer a work environment that projects positive energy and improves productivity, we chose a unique and modern workplace that gives generous amounts of daylight in all workspaces—whether when working alone or in teams.

The collaborative office design has private offices, conference rooms, a reception area, among others, where employees can find some peace and quiet every time they work or relax.

Glue Up Library: Read Our Success Stories and Top Articles

Glue Up Success Stories

In 2021, we also had the opportunity to interact with many of our customers and got to hear about their experiences with our solutions. Here are some of our top success stories in 2021:

The Payments Association EU Exponentially Grows Its Membership Base With Glue Up

Learn how Glue Up was instrumental in positioning the Payments Association EU for success.

DNPs of Color Fosters Community-Led Growth By Streamlining Communication, Event, and Membership Management With Glue Up

Read more to learn how the DNPs of Color is growing its community exponentially through effective communication and events.

CIO AFRICA's Big Wins with Glue Up

Learn how CIO AFRICA continues to win big and manage events seamlessly with Glue Up's all-in-one Event Management software.

Spanish Chamber of Commerce South Africa Improves Member Engagement with Glue Up’s Membership Management Suite 

Discover how the Spanish Chamber of Commerce South Africa increased member engagement with Glue Up’s Membership Management Suite

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