Spanish Chamber of Commerce South Africa Improves Member Engagement with Glue Up’s Membership Management Suite

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Discover how the Spanish Chamber of Commerce South Africa increased member engagement with Glue Up’s Membership Management Suite

About the Spanish Chamber  of Commerce South Africa

The Spanish Chamber of Commerce in South Africa is a non-profit private entity that seeks to promote commercial, economic and industrial relations between Spain and South Africa. They are a group of people working together toward strengthening trade and business relationships between Spain and the Republic of South Africa.

The SCC’s primary objective is to create a fertile ground for business prosperity for both countries and companies. Through facilitating conferences with influential policymakers, government officials, and directors of companies, the chamber utilizes platforms for sending information about economic and social climates in Spain and South Africa to members.

The SCC hosts different events every year, attended by members and other companies to promote trade and cooperation agreements. The chamber focuses on improving the cultural and friendly relationship between the Spanish and South Africans.

Sharing the journey towards improving their member experience with Glue Up was the Spanish Chamber of Commerce South Africa team. Here’s what they had to say:

Membership Management  Before Glue Up

We used Mailchimp CRM to help us manage our communication with members and other membership management tasks. We were struggling with our communication when sending email campaigns to segmented groups. We needed customized messages sent to different membership tiers. Using Mailchimp to manage these tasks was time-consuming due to several man-hours on manual data entry. Keeping our membership data and information up to date was no easy task. We would often experience missing member data, poor membership management on renewals and payments. Thankfully, Glue Up’sall-in-one Membership Management Software with CRM solved these pain points. Our team can now manage our members and other activities in an efficient and centralized manner.

Membership Management with Glue Up

We were spending a great deal of time managing relationships with our members with the previous solution–from inputting member registration, updating member data, billing, and invoicing membership fees to coordinating events. It was quite intensive work for us, given our lean team. We can now organize, categorize, and segment our contacts intelligently and build as many lists as we like. What’s more, we can access all modules: events, renewal automation, and campaigns. The software has enabled us to process online transactions, manually enter offline payments, and track member payment statuses to ensure they’re paid on time and in full. With Glue Up helping us automate these tasks, we now have more time to strategize on how to improve our member acquisition and retention plans.

Enhanced Member Engagement

Our member engagement and communication have improved. The software is equipped with various marketing and communications tools to launch mass email campaigns, target specific subsets of members, and set up automated and triggered email content. The campaign reports are also comprehensive and shed light on how our members engage with the content we sent their way. Email open and click-through rates, renewal status, and social media engagement can all be viewed. We are also excited to use the new add-on feature, Membership Engagement Score Card. It can help us assess member engagement over time and guide initiatives to improve customer retention and loyalty. We have noticed there is more interaction with the content and readership of our newsletter.

Innovative Event Management Platform

European Chamber Webinar Wednesday- Headlines From The Future One Year Into Covid-19

Our event management has tremendously improved. The Zoom integration has helped us a lot since its inception. As you know, all countries were on lockdown, and we could not have in-person events as often as we would like. Through the Event Management Software, we have been able to keep our members engaged with training webinars and other virtual conferences. The event templates also align with how we would like our brand represented. Moreover, members can register for our workshops, seminars, and conferences easily.

Reliable and Accurate Financial Reporting 

We no longer dread pulling reports. We can now access the information needed to build a strong organization. We have insight into membership growth and renewal trends, can compare historical membership data over time, create new member lists for effective onboarding, and monitor campaign performance. Our finance department has an easier time tracking finances. It also allows members to view their invoices consolidated from all modules, including events, online payments, and manual payment entries.

Message to Other Chambers of Commerce

Spanish Chamber of Commerce, South Africa team

"We are extremely happy with Glue Up’s CRM software. We can now easily pull reports and get valuable insights that guide our Key Performance Indicators. The return on investment has been quite significant. We were so impressed with the platform that we recommended Glue Up to other chambers of commerce, such as the British and Belgium chamber which is now your customer. We are looking forward to growing our membership with Glue Up."

Spanish Chamber of Commerce, South Africa team

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Spanish Chamber of Commerce improves it's member's engagement with Glue Up's Membership Management Suite