How BritCham Singapore Reduced Member Management Costs with Glue Up

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How BritCham Singapore Reduced Member Management Costs with Glue Up

This success story is a result of feedback received from the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore where Glue Up won a Request for Proposal hosted by the Chamber calling for software solutions to bring together their existing isolated databases and provide a more streamlined platform for effective member management. The responses are a result of success with Glue Up tackling issues with a Chamber of Commerce’s membership management system, website, and member-facing tools.

BritCham Singapore Seeks New Innovations

The British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (BritCham Singapore) was founded in 1954 with the goal to strengthen business ties between the UK and Singapore by Building Networks, Connecting Businesses and Creating Opportunities.

BritCham Singapore’s issues with the management of data come down to 2 main problems:

Inneffective Membership Management & Collaboration Roadblocks

While BritCham Singapore is extremely effective in Singapore hosting over 80 events per year, the need for efficient data management became ever more apparent as the database of contacts grew. Among this, manual attempts to separate data lists based on certain attributes caused duplication and mis-matching of data that would ultimately confuse and frustrate staff when attempting to use them.


An All-in-One Solution for a Chamber of Commerce

The nature of the Glue Up platform is that it is an ecosystem of tools and best practices that orbit one core feature, the CRM, or contact management module. This module holds the entire database of the client, and can then separate them into separate “smart lists” that can update the original contact's profile. This removes issues of multiple lists, duplicate contacts, and other similar data mismatches that one might encounter with hundreds of events happening each year.

The true value of the platform is the other tools leveraged by the chamber. This would be the Event microsite hosting, event ticketing and registration, email campaigns, and more. These are the modules that interact with members and other contacts, which means that contacts are interacting and engaging with the chamber, feeding more data into the platform. The latest data received from the contact will update old data in that contact's profile. The platform further harbors collaboration as all lists, projects, websites, emails, and events can all be collaborated on by multiple users at once, creating a space for different ideas to coalesce into valuable content and structure.


Immediate Results with Glue Up

By the time BritCham Singapore implemented Glue Up's new website and moved their data to the EB Platform, immediate results were noticed as all team members could now collectively manage contacts in real-time. Old duplicates were merged together, and lists were compiled into one.

Merge tags and smart lists were then used to separate contacts into different categories, however, all updated contact data would feed the CRM firstly, before updating the rest of the lists, removing future issues of old data confusing new data coming in. Automatic replacement of old data with the latest data has come in and has updated years of old contacts into new processes member profiles.

The new microsite, as well as main website (a separate service provided by Glue Up) now, had a fully digital membership and registration sign up process that uses best practices in web form building and payments, where BritCham Singapore could effectively go paperless if they really needed to.

Among these immediate results, constant feedback from BritCham Singapore has lead Glue Up to update the platform further, enhancing their experience and making their internal and external event and membership problems a thing of the past.


“We joined Glue Up in late 2018, launching our website in early December. This was after a detailed RFP which shortlisted some of the big players in the market. Glue Up was able to offer solutions to many of our ongoing issues with assurances that any remaining questions were already being researched for improvements. The Glue Up team has been responsive and committed to achieving the results we expected.” 
Lucy Haydon, BritCham Singapore, Head of Marketing, Communication, and Partnerships

If you would like to explore how Glue Up can help your organization, contact us, and we'll show you what's under the hood.

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