Transforming Traditional Operations: How Glue Up Empowered IMPA to Thrive in the Modern Era

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Discover how International Maritime Pilots' Association (IMPA) revolutionized their processes and fostered a sense of community with Glue Up

In the age of digital transformation, even the most traditional organizations must embrace innovative solutions to optimize their operations and enhance member engagement.

This is the inspiring success story of the International Maritime Pilots' Association, IMPA a membership body that recognized the need for change during the pandemic. By harnessing the power of Glue Up, they revolutionized their processes, fostered a sense of community, and propelled their mission into the future.

Join us as we delve into their journey, highlighting their values, challenges, and remarkable achievements.

Embracing Change for Operational Optimization

IMPA, known for its traditional approach, realized the urgency of optimizing its internal processes and operations. With a dedicated team member handling renewals and operational tasks, the association sought a tool that could streamline their operations and empower them to adapt to the modern world.

The idea of adopting Glue Up emerged during the pandemic, a time when the need for efficient operations and seamless communication was paramount.

Delivering Value and Enhancing Engagement

impa page

Recognizing the need to connect with their membership amidst the challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic, the association found the community hub as a great tool to facilitate communication among its members.

In the post-pandemic landscape, the community hub has evolved into the association’s central intranet and primary communication channel. At the same time, it has enhanced the feeling of community among their members.

Overcoming Traditional Barriers

Building engagement within a traditional organization posed a challenge for IMPA. While member adoption of the Glue Up platform was initially slow, the association utilized updated features, such as getting messages directly to members' inboxes, to drive participation in the community hub.

By highlighting the value and benefits of the platform, IMPA gradually witnessed increased engagement and connectedness among its members.

Championing Technological Adoption

To convince the organization to adopt new technology, IMPA's dedicated team member crafted an internal presentation and showcased Glue Up's features and benefits. The presentation extended to conferences, where the team shared insights on profile updates, individual member addition, and the overall value proposition of the platform.

In addition, IMPA developed a comprehensive guide on how to use Glue Up, as well as arranged one-to-one video conferences, which simplified the onboarding process for their members.

Key Features That Catalyzed Transformation

The introduction of Glue Up's new website proved to be a game-changer for IMPA. With an enhanced digital presence, the association created a space where members could promote national events and connect on a deeper level.

This newfound community hub became instrumental in fostering a sense of belonging and facilitating meaningful interactions among members.

Exceeding Expectations and Driving Growth

impa events

While IMPA had high expectations of Glue Up, they identified areas for improvement. As a membership organization working with different sizes of corporate members, IMPA aimed to streamline invoicing processes to accurately reflect the charges for each member category.

Nonetheless, Glue Up's comprehensive functionalities far exceeded their initial expectations, enabling IMPA to modernize their operations and redefine their image.

Driving Member Retention and Achieving Success

IMPA boasts an impressive 100% retention rate, a testament to their niche industry and the value they provide to their members.

Their biggest hurdle was effectively engaging members and aligning them with the organization's mission. Glue Up proved to be instrumental in showcasing the value of IMPA, leading to increased member satisfaction, loyalty, and a positive shift in perception.

Operational Excellence and Growth

Glue Up has significantly improved IMPA's operations across various aspects, including streamlined membership processes, enhanced event management, seamless communication, and efficient data management.

Access to consolidated contact details has saved valuable time, while the utilization of membership IDs has facilitated easy identification of payments, further streamlining operations.

Celebrating Key Achievements

IMPA's adoption of Glue Up has been a transformative experience, even resulting in the promotion of the dedicated team member who spearheaded the initiative.

By embracing this revolutionary software, IMPA successfully aligned itself with the modern world, redefining their approach and positioning themselves as a more progressive organization.

Envisioning a Growth-Focused Future

Having implemented the Glue Up platform, IMPA is poised for further growth and success. Leveraging the platform, the organization plans to expand its event offerings, creating more opportunities for member connection and collaboration. They also intend to brand their educational webinars with Glue Up and utilize the campaigns module for efficient newsletter distribution.

With a growing community, IMPA envisions creating specialized groups, such as a platform for female members, to promote inclusivity and better understand their unique experiences.

A Partnership Rooted in Proactive Support

IMPA's experience working with Glue Up's staff has been remarkable. Proactive, responsive, and friendly, the team, including Kseniia, Ivan, and Frederic, assisted IMPA in website development and provided ongoing support, ensuring a seamless transition to the new platform.

Recommendation for Optimal Operational Efficiency

IMPA wholeheartedly recommends Glue Up to organizations, particularly small associations seeking to optimize their operations and establish a professional, efficient image. With Glue Up's comprehensive toolset, associations can effectively streamline processes and elevate their member experiences.


“Glue Up has offered our organization a great tool - The Community Hub - to effectively communicate and engage with our esteemed members from around the world.”

Eliane Blanch, Relationship & Operations Manager at International Maritime Pilots Association


The success story of IMPA serves as an inspiration for traditional organizations seeking to thrive in a digital era. By embracing Glue Up, they transformed their operations, enhanced engagement, and reaffirmed their mission in the maritime industry. IMPA's remarkable achievements and future growth plans stand as a testament to the power of innovation, technology, and strategic partnerships in driving lasting success.

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