How to Increase Data Security and Personalization for Greater Member Loyalty?

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How to Increase Data Security and Personalization for Greater Member Loyalty?

Content Writer, Glue Up
5 minutes read
March 06, 2023

We all know that personalization is one of the strongest drivers of member loyalty. It makes them feel valued and more connected to your mission. However, it also comes with serious privacy and confidentiality risks as you collect and leverage your members' information. As a consequence, organizations struggle to find a balance between the two.

In this article, we are going to discuss the importance of data security and personalization for boosting member loyalty, the potential conflicts between them, and how you can strike a balance between the two.

Quick Reads

Personalized Experiences Drive Loyalty for High-Value Members

According to Salesforce65% of customers stay loyal to the companies that offer a personalized experience for them. Also, 90% of them are happy to share their data with brands to receive exclusive discounts on products they’re interested in.

The data shows that personalization has a major impact on members' retention and loyalty. Furthermore, tailored communication can drive member loyalty and membership growth by 10%-30%.

This is because it helps create a stronger emotional connection between the member and the organization. It shows your members that they are valued, understood, and appreciated.

By understanding your members’ preferences, you can provide them with relevant and useful information, personalized recommendations, and customized services that cater to their unique needs.

This, in turn, grabs their attention, keeps them interested, and encourages them to interact with the organization more frequently.

Does More Personalization come with Greater data Security Risks?


More personalization requires more data which means there is always a threat of information breach.

A majority of customers expect brands to utilize their data to provide more relevant customer service, with over 60% expecting brands to respond instantly with the most accurate information.

This shows that your members are willing to give you their data if you provide them with an experience that is tailored to their needs.

However, data privacy is important for them too. According to McKinsey71% of people express concern regarding their information and if the organization would give away data without permission.

While it expresses concerns for an organization, it can be turned into an opportunity to foster loyalty. This is supported by a Salesforce study that showed that 76% of consumers say that companies that provide data security will encourage their loyalty.

But what can you do to protect data and privacy while providing personal member communications?

Here is the answer…..

Top 5 Ways to Balance Data Safety and Personalization for Greater Member Loyalty

The following solutions will help you increase member loyalty by balancing personalization and data security.

#1 - Design a data protection strategy

data security

Ensure privacy and security measures are incorporated into all your systems and application designs. Develop a data protection strategy that describes what data you are collecting, how you are using it, and what software you are using to secure it.

Make these policies accessible to your members and explain to them how you collect and store their data. In turn, your members will feel more trusted and loyal to you, resulting in a better member experience.

#2 - Use data insights to create targeted experiences

Data insights can be incredibly valuable when it comes to creating experiences that resonate with your members. By analyzing your members’ data, you can gain insights into what their customers want and need, what their pain points are, and how they interact within your community.

Your AMS can be the best way to collect and leverage their data. You can create member profiles and thus analyze their experiences, interests, and interactions from there.

However, make sure that your members are aware of this activity and how you are using it to provide them with personalized benefits that better meet their needs. For example, you can create events based on their interests. Also, you can suggest new industry reports or offerings depending on their preferences.

#3 - Use advanced preference options to obtain consent

preference center

Using advanced preference options gives your members the choice of choosing how they want to share their data. This online portal not provides you with more data but also shows your members that you adhere strictly to the data privacy laws.

Furthermore, using a preference center also helps you meet regulatory requirements like the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA).

#4 - Ensure accountability and transparency

Focus on being transparent about their data collection and processing practices, as well as the steps you take to protect personal data.

Make your policies easily accessible, provide clear and understandable information about data collection and processing, and be accountable for any security incidents that happen.

#5 - Replace manual sheets with member-first software


It's hard to store and share data safely when you have dozens of manual sheets in different places with access provided to several staff members. Also, using more than one application poses a security risk since you have to input data into each one. You can securely store all your member data by using a consolidated platform such as an AMS.

association management software

An association management software features advanced personalization capabilities that allow you to develop a deep emotional connection with your members.

It features a CRM that acts as a communication link between all the modules, so you don't have to input data every time you use one. Plus, it allows you to provide various access capabilities to your staff members to keep your members’ data protected.

If you are looking forward to providing your members with a great experience while keeping their data 100% secure, contact our team today and discover more about personalization and data encryption.

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