Member Management + Community Engagement: Can One Software Do It All?

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Member Management + Community Engagement: Can One Software Do It All?

Content Strategist, Glue Up
7 minutes read
December 08, 2022

The most common confusion among organizations when it comes to managing memberships is the number of software to purchase. They need one for email campaigns, one for managing finances and one for engaging their communities. But what if we tell you that there is one software that can do it all for you?

Yes, Glue Up is an all-in-one engagement management solution that takes care of all your membership cycle processes, from member aquisition to renewals.

Quick Reads

The Robust Ecosystem

Glue Up is a cloud-based software that consists of several core modules, designed to increase engagement with your community while making your team more effective and flexible.

The powerful CRM in the platform connects all modules, serves as a main communication channel, and centralizes all your member data and processes.

In order to better understand Glue Up's robust functionalities, we will divide the membership management cycle into three phases:

  • Member Acquisition
  • Member Engagement
  • Member Renewal

Member Acquisition

The first step of membership cycle starts with member acquisition. Glue Up membership management module assists you in successfully implementing this step by:

Run Online & Offline Events

Glue Up helps you design eye-catching event pages that are optimized for maximum conversion.

Additionally, you can Set up VIP and other tickets, offer coupons or member discounts, and choose supported payment options. You can also customize the event registration form to collect all the information you need in the Glue Up CRM.

Make Custom Application Forms

registration form

You can create seamless member registration forms using form builder in the platform. These can be customized for each membership tier to collect relevant information for each group.

Moreover, all the information is automatically synchronized across the platform from the very start of the application process.

Automate Finances


With Glue Up, you can automate all payment processes from beginning to end without compromising security.

It allows you to enable secure and smooth payments with several digital payment gateways in more than 50 currencies. You can generate and manage invoices and deliver receipts automatically to increase compliance with less complexity.

It also tracks all your payments and centralizes its in the Glue Up CRM.

Member Engagement

Even if you successfully acquire members, there is no guarantee they will renew their subscriptions. The best way to ensure renewals is to offer your members a positive membership experience and engage them effectively.

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Glue Up ensures that your members have plenty of reasons to stay with you. It pampers your members with the premium experience they deserve by creating a sense of community and involvement.

Create and automate Email Campaigns

Glue Up simplifies your email marketing through automation and personalization. You can create newsletters, branded event invitations, and campaigns in just a few clicks using the easy drag&drop or HTML editor.

Once you have created your newsletters, you can save them as templates and send them to your members using smart lists in the CRM. Additionally, you can track unsubscribed emails, schedule campaigns in advance, and include social sharing buttons.

Manage Member Communities

Glue Up's private community fosters relationships between members by allowing them to share knowledge, create posts, and organize events.

The platform comes with two convenient apps, one for your organization and the other for your members and attendees. The first app, Glue-Up Manager allows you to manage your operations, view analytics, and sync your data to the cloud with just one click. My Glue Community app helps your members stay connected and informed.

Membership Renewal

There are two main reasons why members drop out. One, they don’t feel connected with your mission, and two, they don’t see the value in your membership.

If you effectively handle your member engagement, you will never lose a member due to the reasons mentioned above. They may, however, forget to renew their subscriptions, resulting in memberships lapse.

Automated Reminders & Push Notifications

Glue Up makes sure that your members get reminder emails and push notifications in advance. Thus, you no longer need to keep track of their subscription dates or send them emails manually since everything is taken care of by the platform itself.

Community Engagement

Member retention relies heavily on community engagement.

Glue Up community management solution is a tailor-made private social media platform designed to increase retention and boost engagement. Contrary to third-party social media, it keeps your community’s data private and secure.

Digital Space for Networking

Glue up gives your community a custom hub to share ideas, discuss relevant topics, and a place to socialize. Your members can engage with each other and discuss their goals, challenges, and ideas through Live Feed, comments and social sharing features. The platform also features a member directory that helps your members easily connect with one another.

Access to exclusive resources

gated content

The Glue Up community module allows you to create exclusive resources for your members including downloadable content, polls, events, and videos. These are available at their fingertips through a login id and a password. These login details can be used on both the desktop and the My Glue app to get access to resources and updates that are not available to anyone else.

While this feature helps you mainly in community engagement, it can also be one of your key selling points and drive more memberships for you.

Get Community Support

Your members can create groups based on similar interests, queries and goals. When a member needs help with something, they can turn to people who understand their unique challenges and have experienced similar challenges themselves.

Spark Meaningful Conversations

Glue Up community management software has advanced features like 1-on-1 chats and business cards to develop long-lasting relationships. Your members can access their digital business cards from the app once they have installed it. These cards have QR codes on them and can be shared with other members via 1-on-1 chats.

More Administrative Control

Glue Up gives you more administrative control than other social media or community apps. You can manage access to the community, create different groups and offer different range of functionalities to different membership tiers.

Enhance Webinars and Events

In addition to using it as a networking space, you can also run webinars and other online events directly from this all-in-one platform. Using the module, your attendees can access presentations and agendas related to the event as well as chat and connect with each other.

Analyze Interactions

As Glue Up consolidates your member data in one place, you can get valuable insights from all your members activities from events, email marketing, and finance.

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This data can be used to understand how members engage with your organization and each other, as well as identify areas of potential growth.

Gather Feedback


You can create and share surveys directly from the platform to gather your member feedback in real-time. This can help you identify their interests, improve their satisfaction levels, and member experience, and empower positive change in your organization.

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Building a successful member base is an ongoing process that requires engaging your members from the very beginning. Glue Up ensure that all your processes in the membership cycle are taken care of, from acquisition to renewal. It automates all your manual membership processes while replacing several apps with one software.

Now you dont need separate programs to engage and manage your members because Glue Up can do it all. Get a demo to explore the platform and begin your journey toward digital transformation.


What is meant by community engagement?

Community engagement is a process that involves working collaboratively with and through groups of people that have similar interests, backgrounds, or missions. It is a powerful tool for driving membership growth and fostering positive relationships with existing members.

What are examples of community engagement?

  • Developing or building a community e.g., social services, development research.
  • Participating in problem-solving, decision-making, or counseling e.g., education and health.
  • Improving service delivery or achieving goals e.g., charities, nonprofits.
  • Movements for social change or volunteering in community organizations.

What are the 7 core principles of community engagement?

The seven core principles of community engagement as identified by the Public Engagement Principles Project are as follows:

  • Careful planning and preparation (that clearly defines the community's purpose and needs).
  • Inclusion and demographic diversity
  • A shared purpose and collaboration
  • A commitment to openness and learning
  • Trust and transparency
  • Taking action and making an impact
  • Engaged and participative culture

What does membership engagement mean?

Member engagement refers to actively building, nurturing, and maintaining relationships with all segments of your audience (both potential and current members) to increase your membership base, value, and retention.

While community engagement involves member-to-member interaction in the community, whereas member engagement focuses on relationships between an organization and a member.

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