How Tempe Chamber is Keeping Members Engaged with Glue Up

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How Tempe Chamber is Keeping Members Engaged with Glue Up

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Last updated: February 01, 2024

This success story is a result of feedback received from the Tempe Chamber of Commerce in Tempe, Arizona where a solution was needed to help streamline event management, membership communication, and general digital chamber management. The responses are a result of success with Glue Up tackling Tempe Chamber’s challenges by using a plethora of tools, professional templates, and smarter member management.

From Clunky to Funky

Tempe Chamber for a long period of time had relied on other chamber management platforms before being introduced to Glue Up, and so is a new type of success story that Glue Up has the pleasure of delivering to you. While their past chamber management software solution was viable as a chamber solution goes, it was lacking in UI, tools, and overall felt clunky to the client, leaving some gaps in communication or overall became a time-sink.

Some of Tempe Chamber’s issues before adoption of the Glue Up platform included:

  • Poor user experience
  • Integration headaches
  • Elongated event management steps
  • Lack of necessary tools

The Results

Tempe Chamber was introduced to Glue Up via news of our scholarship program, and soon took on the product as a solution not to its chamber management, but to replace an oftentimes clunky software they were using at the time. With Glue Up perfectly integrating not just with their current tools, but also natively integrated with the internal tools of the platform.

Glue Up takes these necessary tools and combines them into an easy-to-use platform where all the modules and features are integrated internally, and operate off of one, and only one database. Leading to a healthier contact list that is updated frequently without splitting up contact lists across different tools.

These tools include: CRM, Event Page Builder, Email Campaigns, Payment processing, Mobile Membership management, and much more. While other solutions may include these tools, the value Glue Up brought to the table for Tempe Chamber’s challenges was that each tool shares information and data between them, and it automatically updated based on actions taken by the chamber, or by members & attendees. This also allows the chamber to communicate effectively with members using email campaigns, through notifications on the website or mobile app and even automatically reminding members that their membership is almost expiring.

In response to using Glue Up, Tempe Chamber has only praise for its user-friendliness, and ability to harmonize their communication into one place, saving time, energy, and headaches for the chamber, no matter how big or complex the event or promotion campaign may be.

About Tempe Chamber of Commerce

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce represents nearly 600 businesses with more than 70,000 employees. For more than a century, the Tempe Chamber has been dedicated to sustaining Tempe’s quality of life and keeping our community and economy vibrant. Our strength is derived from our members. Those who invest in the community through membership in the Tempe Chamber support initiatives in education and workforce development, public policy, and business development. Together we provide a unified voice for business and support a stronger economy and an improved quality of life.

If you would like to explore how Glue Up can help your organization, contact us, and we’ll give you a tour of all our modules, automation solutions, and other great features.

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