Multi-Chapter Organizations: Building a Connected and Engaged Mobile Community

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Multi-Chapter Organizations: Building a Connected and Engaged Mobile Community

Senior Marketing Associate.
4 minutes read
April 20, 2023

Multi-chapter organizations are associations that are structured into local chapters, each with its own leaders and members. As these organizations continue to grow in their reach and need for mobility, the need to keep members engaged and connected on the go is becoming more and more crucial.

The success of a chapter organization depends largely on the effective management of local chapters and the collaboration between them.

In this blog, we will explore the key elements of building a connected and engaged mobile community.

Managing Local Chapters

Effective chapter community management begins with the proper management of local chapters. Each local chapter should have a leader who is responsible for managing the chapter's activities and ensuring that its members are engaged and connected.

The chapter leader should have access to chapter management software that provides tools for managing events, communication, and member data. What's key here is that this software also offers a member community that is easily accessible via a mobile application.

Relying on traditional social media channels can be a good start, but it's often limited in its analytics and does not fully integrate with other chapter or member management tools.

Multichapter Association Management Software

multi chapter management software

Multichapter association management software is designed to help manage multi-chapter associations. This software provides tools for managing events, communication, and member data for each local chapter. It also provides tools for collaboration between chapters and central management of the entire association.

There are many options for multichapter association management software, each with its own set of features and benefits.

When selecting a chapter management software, be sure to think about the effect this can have on the experience offered to your members.

  • Does it have a community?
  • Does it provide all the tools you need?
  • Can me or my members access it anywhere?

Collaboration Between Local Chapters

Collaboration between local chapters is essential for building a connected and engaged mobile community. Chapters can collaborate in a variety of ways, including sharing resources, hosting joint events, and providing support to each other.

One example of successful community collaboration is the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. Relay for Life is a nationwide event that raises money for cancer research and support services.

Local chapters across the country organize their own Relay for Life events, and the national organization provides resources and support to ensure the success of each event. By collaborating in this way, local chapters are able to leverage the resources of the national organization while still maintaining their own unique identity and community.

Engaging the Community

engaged community

Engaging the community is the key to building a connected and engaged mobile community. It involves building relationships with members, providing value to the community, and connecting them to the mission and vision of your organization.

Read more: Multi-Chapter Organizations: Signs your Chapters Aren't Connected to Your Mission

Combining this with the right software then positions you to see increased engagement, renewals, and overall success.

One thing to keep in mind, after you’ve found the right software and positioned your organization to give your members a sense of belonging, make sure you assign a person or people to the difficult job of maintaining your community engaged.

Engagement in our experience is best achieved when you provide value and relevant information, not just about the organization, but about the industry. Educate your members on best practices, ways of making their careers more successful, industry trends, or news articles.

The trick is to always be learning. We recommend the stop, continue, and start method. What types of posts should you stop doing, what types of posts are seeing good engagement and should be continued, and lastly, what other ideas would be good to start implementing?


Building an engaged mobile community is achieved by two main factors, the way in which your chapter organization functions internally and the experience and tools it is able to provide its members to encourage them to stay engaged.

Having Chapter management software, such as Glue Up, can provide the tools needed to effectively manage local chapters and give your members an engaged and premium experience.

Successful community engagement involves building relationships with members, providing value to the community, and fostering a sense of belonging. By following these principles and examples, chapter-based organizations can build a strong and engaged mobile community.

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