59+ Membership Form Templates For Associations

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59+ Membership Form Templates For Associations

Content Writer, Glue Up
8 minutes read
October 07, 2022

Looking for some impressive membership form templates for your association? We’ve got you covered!

This article includes both universal and industry-specific samples from some of the world’s largest associations.

Here’s a tip: Click Ctrl+F and enter keywords pertaining to your industry name for finding a registration form sample for your association. Alternatively, if you're looking for universal templates with unique tactics, keep reading.

We also recommend you read our guide on how to create a membership form in 3 minutes to design your own application form without any coding using the templates below.

1. Georgia Association of Chamber of Executives (GACCE) - Universal Form

The GACCE membership form is the best template to get all the information you need from newcomers without overwhelming them.

It makes sure to cover all the mandatory fields in your form. Additionally, it is available in both online and offline forms for the convenience of its members.

gacce membership form template gacce membership form template 2

Click here to download the GACCE membership form template.

2. Community Associations Institute (CAI) - Calculate Your Membership Dues

Each Community Associations Institute (CAI) form has a unique section called Calculate Your Membership Dues that breaks down your membership dues into different parts.

There is also a small description for each part at the end that explains where your money is actually invested in.

cai membership form template

Click here to download the CAI membership form template.

3. Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce - User-Friendly Design

The member application form of the Inland Empire Regional Chamber of Commerce is divided into separate segments for a seamless user experience. The link to the terms and conditions is added at the bottom of the page to avoid cluttering.

iercc membership form template iercc membership form template

The application procedure is itself divided into 4 steps so you can easily move back and forth during the process.

iercc membership form template

Note: This form is created on Glue Up AMS using its drag-and-drop form builder.

Read more: Why Inland Empire Chamber Switched to Glue Up from Chamber Master?

4. Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) - Select Your Division

The Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE) has a unique membership form that asks its members to select their divisions.

This kind of template is perfect for you if you have several local chapters or if your members are from different departmental units.

acte membership form sample

You can find the complete ACTE form here.

5. American Alliance of Museums - Template for Online Sign-Up Form

Many associations have online sign-up forms that require members to create their profiles on their sites.

By doing so, they can maintain their membership records as well as keep track of their member profiles from the very beginning.

To make the process seamless, the form is divided into four parts:

  • Profile
  • Contact Details
  • Demographics
  • Username / Password

american alliance of museum for image

This makes it easier for people to fill out the form without feeling overwhelmed by the cluttered layout.

Here is their member information form sample as an inspiration for your association.

6. American Association for State and Local History (AASLH) - Choose Your Membership Type

When you have more than five membership tiers, it’s best to describe each of them on your membership profile or application form.

aashl form image 1
aashl form image 2

This is what AASLH does in its member registration form - describing member benefits for each tier and then giving the option to select one. The way AASLH does this is pretty interesting as all the fields are neatly listed with checkboxes to select them.

Get the template here.

7. Christian Alliance for Orphans - Creative Registration Form for More Conversions

The process of filling out an online registration form can seem lengthy to many people since a lot of information has to be entered at once.

To make it easy, you can break it down into different steps and make it more creative with a user-friendly design. Here's an example of a Christian Alliance for Orphans registration form.

cafo membership form 1

cafo membership form 1

cafo membership form 3

As you can see in the images, the form guides its members through each step of the application process. Furthermore, the thumbnails are large and clear, so members don't have to strain to read them.

8. International Astronautical Federation (IAF) - Open-Ended Registration Form

Some registration forms require open-ended information from the members. For example, questions like, “why would you like to join the organization?” can help associations understand the expectation of their customers.

iaf member application form

The IAF's application form is a good sample if you are considering including these questions in your member information form. You can get your template by clicking here.

9. Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA) - A Creative Table for Membership Dues

Explaining membership dues to your members can be tough sometimes. WSNA has a creative way of explaining it through a table. This is how it looks.

wsna application form

This membership form template is particularly helpful for associations with 5 or more tiers.

10. American Grassfed - Introduce Location Tagging

Associations that hire business members (like farmers, restaurants etc) also have to keep track of their members’ location.

In such cases, adding the Google’s location auto-suggestion on your application form can be a useful strategy since you can use an AMS with geo-tagging integrations to identify where your members are most populated.

location in application form sample

Here is an example from American Grassfed Association form for your inspiration.

11. Nevada Restaurant Association - Give Options for Membership Investment

Many associations offer investment options to their members. In such cases, including them on the application forms remind members that they can utilize this offer in addition to the original subscription option.

nevada association form

Use this Nevada Restaurant Association member registration form template if you also offer such options to your members.

12. Eastport Civic Association - Compact Membership Application Form

Compact application forms can sometimes be the most effective. They simply begin with the option of choosing their desired membership package and then information fields to enter their contact details.

eca membership form

Here is the example of a compact application form from Eastport Civic Association.

13. Botanical Society of America (BSA) - For Marketing Data Analysis

In many cases, businesses want to know how their members are hearing about them. In this way, they can:

  • Determine which platform is driving the most memberships .
  • They can use this information to retarget their audience through the right platform.

In such instances, adding this question from BSA's membership form is an excellent approach.

Check this out:

BSA membership form template

Industry Specific Membership Form Templates

13. British Association of Clinical Anatomists - Application form Template for Medical Associations

baca form

Get the template here.

14. UMKCRA - For Retirees Association


Get the template here.

16. Federation of Ontario Cottagers' Association - Form Farmers'and Cottagers' Associations

foca association form

Get the template here.

17. Whitney Baptist Church - Form For Church Associations

church association form sample

Click here to get the complete form.

18. Association of Anglican Musicians (AAM) - For Associations of Angeloc Musician

aam registration form

Click here to get the form.

19. Women for Water Partnership - Association for Uniting Women Leadership

wfw application form template

Get the template here.

20. Steadfin - Association for Investment Solutions

steadfin member application form

Click here to get the complete registration form.

21. Waitakere Gymnastics Member Registration Form

gymnastic membership form

Get the sample here.

22. American Society of Interior Designers - For Architechs and Interior Designers' Associations

asid member registration form sample

Download the form here.

23. Newport Beach Association Of Realtors - Membership Form Template for Realtors

nbaor member application form template

Download the form here.

24. National Association of Police Organizations (NAPO) - Application Form Template for Police Associations

napo application form

Click here to download the complete application form.

25.Special Libraries Association (SLA) - For Information Professionals Associations

sla member sign up form

Download the complete form.

26. Mountain Brook Art Association - Ideal for Arts Association

art association form

Download the form here.

27.Oregon Education Association - Membership Form Sample for Educational Associations

education association member application form templates

Display full version here.

28.United Spinal Association- Template For Disabled Welfare Association

subscription form template for disabled welfare association

Find complete membership form here.

29.Global Industrial Cooperation Association- Ideal For Corporate Associations

gica membership application form template

Click here to display complete membership form.

30. American Association of Family and Consumer Sciences - Best for Science Associations

consumer association joining form form template

Click here to download the sample.

31. International Network of Research Management Societies- For Research and Development (R&D) Societies

inorms membership form template

Click here to dowload the template

32. Fairfax Bar Association - For Legal Communities

legal association form template

Get the template here.

33. Texas State Teachers Association (TSTA) - Membership Application Form for Teachers' Associations

texas state membership form template

Get the complete form here.

34. United States Hunter Jumper Association - Sample for Equestrians' Associations

Hunter Jumper Association Form

Click here to get the form.

35. American Library Association (ALA) - For Library Services

personal libraries association form

Get the membership form sample here.

36. Association of Fundraising Professionals (AFP) - For Fundraising Associations

afp member application form

Click here to get the form.

37. Council for Leaders in Alabama Schools - For Schools

cla membership form template

Get the template here.

38. Nassau Community College Alumni Association - For Alumi Associations

nassau alumni association application form template

Get the template here..

39. American Simmental Association

simmental association form

Get the template here.

40. Noshua River Watershed Association - For Environmental Organizations

environmental association membership form

41. Kansas Corn - For Corn Grower Associations

kcg membership form

Get the template here.

42. National Head Start Association (NHSA) - For Early Childhood Development and Education

nhsa association application form template

Get the template here.

43. National Art Education Association - For Art Association

naea membership form template

Get this template here.

44. California Faculty Association - Perfect Sample for Faculty Rights Associations

cfa member application form template

Get the template here.

45. Michigan Association of Secondary School Principals - Application Form Template for Principal Associations

massp application form download

Get the application form sample here.

46. Association for Behavioral Healthcare

association form template

Get the template here.

47. American Dairy Goat Association - Dairy Goat Registry Association

adga members application form

Get the template here.

48. National Association for Gun Rights

nagr application form

Get the template here.

49. Tripoly Rocketry Association - For Rocket Science Associations

tra rocketry association form

Get the template here.

50. Lake Superior Art Association Membership Form

lake superior art association signup form sample

Click here to access the complete application form.

51. American Ferrier's Association Form Sample

afa membership form template

Get the template here.

52. National Funeral Directors Association Form Template

nfda membership form

Get the template here.

53. Federal Education Association Application Form Sample

fea association form template

Get the template here.

54. India International Chamber of Commerce - Sign Up forms for Chamber of Commerce

iocc application form

Get the sign up form here.

55. NJ Center for Nonprofits - For Nonprofits Associations

nj center of nonprofit form template

Get the signup form here.

56. University Women's Club Membership Form

uwc application form

Get the template here.

57. Uganda National Chamber of Commerce & Industry Application Form


Get the form here.

58. Eglin Yacht Club Member Information Form Sample

eglin member application form

Get the sample here.

59. Cat Writers' Association - Member Information Form Template for Writers' Association

cwa template

Get the sample here.

60. Indian Medical Association Form Template

medical association member information form template

Get the sample here.

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