A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Membership Form

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A Comprehensive Guide to Custom Membership Form

Content Strategist
8 minutes read
June 16, 2023

Custom membership forms are valuable tools for associations seeking to manage their membership base efficiently.

By tailoring membership forms to their specific needs, businesses, associations, clubs, or communities can streamline the enrollment process, collect essential information, and engage with their members effectively.

This comprehensive guide will explore the benefits of custom membership forms, provide insights into the tools available, and delve into the essential components for creating an effective form.

But first….

Quick Reads

What is a Custom Membership Application Form? How is it Different From A Generic Form?

A custom application form is a tailored document designed to collect specific information from applicants. These forms are unique to the organization or community that creates them and are designed with a particular goal in mind.

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When compared to a standardized application form, a custom membership form is indeed more valuable in terms of effectiveness. Here are several ways in which a well-designed custom application form can facilitate member registrations:

Streamlined Membership Process

By creating a custom application form, you can tailor it specifically to your association's needs.
This allows you to include relevant fields and questions that capture the necessary information for membership.

A streamlined and intuitive form reduces the friction of signing up, making it easier and more efficient for potential members to join.

Enhanced User Experience

user experience

Custom application forms provide an opportunity to create a user-friendly experience.

You can design a form that is visually appealing, easy to navigate, and responsive across different devices. Thus, it encourages individuals to complete the application process and increases the likelihood of them becoming members.

Relevant and Targeted Questions

It enables you to ask specific questions that are relevant to your association's goals, interests, or membership criteria.

By gathering this targeted information, you can better understand potential members and assess their compatibility with the association. This helps ensure that your association attracts individuals who align with its mission and objectives.

Automated Data Collection

Implementing a custom application form integrated with a membership management system allows for seamless data collection and organization.

Automating this process eliminates manual data entry and reduces the chances of errors. It also enables you to easily access, sort, and analyze member data, providing valuable insights for decision-making and member engagement strategies.

Personalization and Customization

A custom application form allows you to personalize the membership experience.

You can tailor the form to include personalized greetings, relevant instructions, and optional sections that cater to different types of members or membership levels. This adds a personal touch and demonstrates that your association values the individual member.

Efficient Communication

Incorporating contact information fields in the application form ensures that you have accurate and up-to-date details of potential members.

This enables you to establish effective communication channels from the very beginning, allowing you to send follow-up messages, updates, and relevant information to engage with them.

Improved Decision Making Through Data Analysis

data analytics

A custom application form can collect valuable data that can be analyzed to gain insights into member demographics, preferences, and motivations.

By understanding these patterns, you can refine your membership strategies, tailor your offerings, and improve overall member satisfaction. Thus, this data-driven approach helps in attracting and retaining members effortlessly.

What Should You Include in a Custom Application Form?

When creating a custom membership application form, be sure to include elements that gather relevant information while aligning with your organization's needs.

Here are some key components to consider:

  • Personal Information: Applicant's full name, email address, phone number, and mailing address
  • Membership Level/Type: Section where applicants can select their desired membership level or type. For example; individual, family, student, or corporate.
  • Background/Experience: Relevant background information or experience related to the purpose or focus of your organization. For example, if it's an industry-specific association, ask about their professional experience or qualifications.
  • Interests and Goals: Applicant's interests, goals, or reasons for wanting to join the organization.
  • Payment Information: Options for credit/debit card payments, bank transfers, or online payment platforms.
  • Terms and Conditions: Section where applicants can review and agree to your organization's terms and conditions or membership policies.
  • Consent and Privacy Statement: A statement describing how personal information will be collected, stored, and used, along with options for consent.
  • Signature/Date: A space to sign and date the application form, confirming that the information provided is accurate and complete.

Remember to strike a balance between gathering enough information to evaluate applications effectively and keeping the form concise and user-friendly. Customize the components based on your organization's unique requirements and industry-specific considerations.

Additionally, we recommend you test the form yourself or have a colleague or member review it before launching it publicly to ensure it captures all the necessary information.

Free Tools for Creating Custom Membership Application Forms

As an association manager, having access to online tools that allow you to create custom application forms is crucial. Here are four free sites where you can design and publish custom forms without any cost:

1. Google Forms

google forms

Google Forms is a popular tool for creating custom forms, mainly because it's free and extremely user-friendly.

You can customize questions, format text, and choose from a variety of themes to match your brand. The data collected from the form is automatically organized in a Google Spreadsheet, making it easy to analyze and manage.

Additionally, as it's a part of Google Workspace, sharing and collaborating is straightforward.

Looking for membership templates to inspire you? Read this blog for over 50+ industry-specific form templates

2. JotForm


JotForm allows you to create custom application forms using its drag-and-drop form builder.

Even on their free plan, you can enjoy features like conditional logic, embedded forms, and integration with popular platforms like Google Drive and Dropbox.

The free plan comes with a limited number of submissions per month.

3. Typeform


Typeform is known for its user-friendly interface and the ability to create highly interactive forms. It offers a wide range of question types, and you can customize the design to fit your branding.

Typeform's free plan includes up to 10 questions per form and a limited number of responses per month.

4. SurveyMonkey

survey monkey

While commonly associated with surveys, SurveyMonkey can also be used to create custom application forms. It has a range of customizable templates and allows for conditional logic. You can view the responses in an analytics dashboard, which offers insights and data visualization.

The free version has some limitations regarding the number of responses and questions per form.

Remember that while these tools offer free plans, they do not offer the advanced features and capabilities of Association Management Software (AMS).

Glue Up - An Intuitive Platform for Creating Custom Membership Application Forms

Glue Up

Glue Up is all-in-one engagement management platform for associations nonprofits, and event-driven organizations. It offers several unique advantages that can make it a more beneficial choice for managing your association, particularly in the context of creating custom membership application forms.

Here are four reasons why:

1. Comprehensive Member Management

Unlike standalone form builders, Glue Up is an integrated platform that offers comprehensive member management features.

When you create a membership application form with Glue Up, you're not just gathering data, you're feeding this data into a system designed to help you manage your members effectively.

This includes automated membership renewals, member engagement tracking, and extensive membership analytics that go far beyond what you can get from basic form builders.

2. Integrated CRM Capabilities

Glue Up’s CRM provides more seamless and efficient management of member data.

This integration means that data from your custom application forms will automatically feed into your CRM, ensuring all member information is stored, organized, and utilized optimally.

Free form builders, on the other hand, often require you to manually export data to a separate CRM system, which can be time-consuming and inefficient.

3. Enhanced Customization and Automation

While free form builders offer a certain level of customization, Glue Up allows for even more advanced customizations for your application forms.

This includes custom branding, diverse question types, conditional questions, automatic member categorization, and more. Moreover, it enables automated responses (including invoice generation), ensuring your members get immediate engagement from your organization.

4. Event Management Features

Being a comprehensive platform, Glue Up has event management features too. This means you can easily manage events directly from the same platform you use to manage membership applications.

This allows you to track which attendees decided to join your organization. Additionally, you can nurture them through email campaigns, helping you gain more members efficiently.

Steps to Create a Custom Member Application Form with Glue Up

Creating a custom membership application form with Glue Up is a straightforward process. Here's a simplified guide to get you started in four steps:

Step 1: Access the Form Builder

create new form

Log in to your Glue Up dashboard. Navigate to the "Membership" section in the main menu, then click on "Application Forms". Once there, you'll find an option to create a new form.

Step 2: Customize Your Form

give name

Click on "Create a New Form". You'll be taken to the form builder, where you can start customizing your membership application form.

create form

Here, you can add fields, design the layout, and customize the look and feel of your form. There are a variety of question types you can add, such as multiple choice, checkboxes, drop-down menus, and text boxes.

Step 3: Publish Your Form

Once you're happy with your custom form, you can save it by clicking the “Save” button.

Once your form is live, you can share the link on your website, social media, newsletters, and anywhere else you'd like to attract potential members.

These are the general steps, but keep in mind that the specifics may vary based on your unique needs and how you have your Glue Up platform configured.

As always, it's important to test your form thoroughly before sharing it publicly to ensure it's working as intended and providing a good experience for potential members.

Now that you have a better understanding of the custom membership forms, you can amplify your impact by creating one for your association. If you're interested in learning more about Glue Up's membership form-building capabilities, click here to get a demo today.

Explore a range of creative templates and discover numerous other exciting features to promptly create an exceptional member experience!

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