Glue Up vs Billhighway: Which Alternative to Choose?

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Glue Up vs Billhighway: Which Alternative to Choose?

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7 minutes read
April 07, 2022

A membership management software offers a unified system that lets you manage the organization's administrative requirements and meet the expectations of members.

It helps you process member registration, store contact information, and track membership dues and invoices in one place–making all important data readily accessible.

Are you looking for a one-stop resource for keeping and analyzing reports when making data-driven decisions? If your answer is yes, we recommend using a membership management software that automates processes seamlessly and efficiently in your organization.

However, choosing the best platform to serve your needs may be challenging when many options are available. This article will compare two membership management software: Glue Up vs Billhighway.

Get to know their essential features and learn more about their advantages and disadvantages. In the end, you will have a deeper understanding of both software and be more confident in choosing the one that can serve you best.

Glue Up vs Billhighway

Glue Up Billhighway screenshots

Source: Capterra

Glue Up

glue up membership management software

Glue Up is a membership management software with an ecosystem of modules designed to automate and streamline your processes. You can easily enhance membership engagement with its solutions for events, memberships, email marketing, finance, and CRM as an all-in-one software.

Its easy-to-use interface allows members to learn the platform quickly and navigate effortlessly. You can create professional-looking online application forms and set different membership types that can be customized for other devices. After submission of application, all information will be automatically synchronized across the platform.

In addition, it can help you improve membership retention in an organization. For instance, its key automation features drive revenue with membership renewal workflows ideal for boosting productivity.

You can even notify members with a gentle reminder that the renewal data comes up through push notifications and automated emails.

Furthermore, launching unique events is also possible. It can even help you maximize its ROI with its event management feature that you can optimize along with organization branding.

You can boost your online presence with its website builder that lets you create a professional, mobile-responsive website that you can seamlessly integrate with the Glue Up platform. You can even start to offer different event ticket types to prospects that can help drive registrations and create a more curated experience for members.

Streamlining your email marketing strategy is easy in just a few clicks with Glue Up. With a drag and drop editor, you can personalize communication and grow your organization with branded newsletters, invitations, campaigns, and targeted messages.

Pros and Cons of Glue Up

The advantages of using Glue Up’s Chapter Management:

  1. Two-click management system. A two-click management system allows you to easily check the health of your organization, which simplifies data management and increases productivity.
  2. Administrative oversight. It comes with an access control that regulates who or what an individual can do.
  3. Secure online payment processing. With an AES-256 encryption, payment gateways are compliant with PCI DSS.
  4. Event calendar. A calendar for events can further entice members or audience to check the event schedule and encourage them to participate.
  5. All-in-one platform. Glue Up is a Community Engagement Platform with robust membership and event management tools.
  6. Ease of use. Intuitive interface that allows members to easily navigate through the platform.
  7. Ease of setup. Create a member database and store data in one place with ease.
  8. Automatic event reminders. Get outstanding payment notifications and send renewal reminders through automated emails and push notifications.
  9. Email marketing solution. Streamline event marketing and send newsletters, branded invitations, and other emails to your target audience using automated notifications.
  10. Analytics. Easily add member information, view history of engagement, and monitor membership status that helps in making better decisions.
  11. Customer support. A customer representative can be reached 24/7. You also have access to technical support through email, FAQs, knowledge base, phone, or live chat.
  12. Excellent website builder. It comes with an intuitive drag-and-drop website builder with unique templates to choose from.
  13. Multilingual software. Glue Up supports English, Korean, Chinese, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese languages.
  14. My Glue. It comes with My Glue–an all-in-one app available on all devices that allows you to engage and receive important information from anywhere.

Glue Up's only drawback is you cannot try its basic features for managing members because it doesn’t offer a free version.


Billhighway main page

Billhighway is a membership management solution that offers technology tools to help organizations with multiple chapters, clubs, sections, networks, components, and divisions boost member engagement and perform better, increasing ROI using analytics.

Moreover, it’s focused on offering solutions in line with finance and member management. It simplifies administrative tasks through automation, enabling organization leaders to focus more on their priorities. It stores data about chapter members and performance in a system, which allows you to understand member insights.

The solution lets you view membership renewals in real-time to improve member engagement. There’s also a way to see individual activities that can help you reach out more, especially to those who lack engagement.

However, unlike Glue Up, Billhighway is not an association management software. The platform can only be integrated with a member management system or a database.

Pros and Cons of Billhighway

Here are the advantages of using Billhighway:

  1. Chapter banking. Consolidated banking is a solution that solves bank account signor issues.
  2. Chapter performance metrics. Aggregates data related to events, member engagement, finance, and more.
  3. Move funds & data. Automatically reconcile and move funds and data between National and chapters through a process that isn't manual and time-consuming.
  4. Renewal process. Give your local chapters the power to accept and file membership dues and membership renewals.
  5. In-person payments. It offers a cashless payment solution that lets members and donors pay how they want.
  6. Chapter websites. Build or provide dynamic websites for local chapters that you can update and maintain with plug-and-play templates.
  7. Event management. It comes with a solution that automates event registration and payment processes.

Billhighway comes with a few drawbacks too:

  1. Challenges in customization. Individual groups are hard to customize but have to be done throughout the platform. (Capterra User Review)
  2. Difficulty of navigation. It is sometimes difficult to navigate and understand how to pay for beginners. (G2 User Review)
  3. Complicated features. It can be a challenging platform at first use. It takes time to get comfortable with all the different features. (G2 User Review)
  4. Platform confusion. Users are being overwhelmed by the platform, especially when setting it up due to customization options. I think that can be overwhelming (Software Advice User Review)

Membership Management Solution that Offers the Best Value for Money

To help you choose the one that provides the best value, here are the pricing plans of the two membership management software.

The Cost of Managing Memberships With Glue Up

Managing memberships using Glue Up does not cost much money. Starting at $125/month, it’s affordable but enough, especially when you’re just a new organization in the industry. However, Glue Up comes with scalable options billed yearly that can meet the requirements of growing organizations. This enables the organization and new members more allowance for virtual events or speed networking sessions. The onboarding process with Glue Up is personalized and can support every organization’s unique needs.

Glue Up’s pricing is customizable and value-based because every organization has different requirements. Small to medium-sized associations with around 1,000 members spend around $1500-$2500/year for the all-in-one Membership Management Software that comes with two free mobile apps.

The Cost of Managing Memberships With Billhighway

Managing memberships starts at $1.00per month. Billhighway doesn’t have a free version nor a free trial.

Contracts and agreements can be customized depending on customer needs, functionality, and features, functionality, and volumes. Pricing varies across organizations or clients.

The Best Software Solution for Managing Chapters = Glue Up

Glue Up Chapter Management Solution page

A reliable membership management software helps streamline processes, reduces administrative tasks, and can help cultivate strong relationships across organizations. Therefore, choosing the right one is crucial.

It's essential to reevaluate your chapter’s requirements and preferences before deciding on what software to get to ease your burden. Weighing the advantages and disadvantages of membership management software is necessary to make objective, considered decisions.

If you want a cheap starting point to manage memberships quickly, Billhighway might be a good option. On the other hand, if you're looking for excellent features that can offer value within your budget, you should go for Glue Up.

Do you want to check your chapter's performance and affiliates with just two clicks? Learn more about Glue Up's Chapter Management software and spend more time doing other tasks that matter most.

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