Glue Up 2023: A Year in Review and Annual Awards Highlights

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Glue Up 2023: A Year in Review and Annual Awards Highlights

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6 minutes read
March 07, 2024

Over the past year, Glue Up has made significant advancements in artificial intelligence research and development, establishing itself as an industry leader in this emerging field.

The company has launched the world's first integrated cloud platform designed specifically for AI-powered community management, receiving positive feedback from customers globally.

These achievements have earned Glue Up prestigious awards from leading international organizations, validating the innovation and impact of its work.

As we retrospectively analyze Glue Up's journey over the past year, let’s discover the numerous "highlight moments" that illustrate the company's key achievements.

1. Best Ease of Use 2023 from Capterra

best ease of use

Capterra, the world-renowned software discovery platform, awarded Glue Up the 2023 "Best Ease of Use" medal.

These awards are awarded based on verified customer reviews on their platform, which is a rigorous process for customers due to Capterra's high standards for their reviews.

 capterra review glue up

Glue Up's overall rating on Capterra is 4.5 (out of 5). Glue Up won the "Best Ease of Use" award mainly due to the following points:

All-in-One Solution

Glue Up integrates membership management, event management, email marketing, invoicing and payments, mobile apps, and communities to allow you to simplify and efficiently manage your association or organization.

Flexible Customization

Glue Up allows you to customize your website, event pages, email templates, and membership forms to suit your needs and brand style, offering various design and functionality options.

Intelligent Automation

Glue Up can help you automate your daily workflow, such as sending welcome emails, updating member information, sending invoices and receipts, tracking event registration and attendance, etc., saving you time and energy.

Friendly User Experience

Glue Up’s user interface is simple, clear, easy to operate, supports multiple languages and currencies, and adapts to different regions and markets.

The software also offers a mobile app to keep you and your members connected and engaged anytime, anywhere.

2. Best Functionality & Features 2023 from GetApp

best functionality and features getapp

GetApp has more than one million verified user reviews, and this award is based on high user reviews of the software and recognizes the highest-rated products in a specific software category.

It represents the high level of recognition for the product's functionality and features among software users.

glue up review get app

Glue Up has demonstrated its exceptional ability to fulfill user requirements and enhance work productivity, as evidenced by its impressive 4.4/5 rating on GetApp.

As an all-in-one solution, Glue Up seamlessly integrates various applications, offering a wide array of features such as event management, member management, community management, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, financial tools, and project management.

Thus, this comprehensive suite of tools delivers a more streamlined and efficient user experience, empowering organizations to optimize their workflows and achieve their goals with greater ease.

We pride ourselves not only on our functionality but also on our outstanding results in event retention. By using Glue Up, users can create campaigns faster, and our average campaign retention rate is an astonishing 82%.

This is an affirmation of our event management capabilities and a reflection of our continued high-quality service.

3. Best Value 2023 from Capterra

Best value capterra 2023 award

Glue Up was recognized as a "Best Value" based on its aim to deliver high-quality service and advanced solutions to users.

glue up review

The platform offers a range of features including event management, membership management, community management, customer relationship management (CRM), email marketing, financial tools, and community management.

This comprehensive set of tools is designed to provide users with a centralized and streamlined work experience.

4. Users Love Us, Leader Summer 2023, Momentum Leader Summer 2023 from G2

g2 awards for glue up

G2 is another prominent business software evaluation organization that recently recognized Glue Up with several awards including Users Love Us, Leader Summer 2023, and Momentum Leader Summer 2023.

  • Users Love Us: This award is based on satisfaction scores from actual users, indicating a level of trust in Glue Up's products and a willingness among users to recommend them.
  • Leader Summer 2023: Glue Up received this award for its performance in the summer quarter of 2023. Products that receive this award typically have a degree of visibility and user satisfaction in the market.
  • Momentum Leader Summer 2023: This award acknowledges Glue Up's growth in areas such as network, social media presence, user reviews, and employee headcount during the summer of 2023, suggesting positive growth trends for the company.


glue up review

Overall, these three awards not only prove the outstanding innovation, hard work, and dedication that our team has demonstrated over the years but also reflect the high level of customer satisfaction with Glue Up cloud solutions across the globe.

5. “2023 Tech 100 Honoree” Award from NVTC

nvtc tech 100

For the fifth consecutive year, Glue Up was recognized as an NVTC Tech 100 awardee at the Northern Virginia Technology Council's prestigious Tech 100 Celebration.

The Tech 100 awards highlight organizations and individuals across cybersecurity, cloud computing, AI, software development, data centers, government IT, and other cutting-edge sectors that are implementing new solutions for customers and leading regional growth.

6. “Executive Honoree” Award from NVTC

nvtc tech awards

In addition to the company's honors, Glue Up co-founder and CEO Eric L. Schmidt received an "Executive Honoree" award, a designation given by the NVTC Tech 100 to outstanding executives who are driving their companies and the broader technology community. played a leadership role in development.

“We are happy to be recognized as a leading tech company in the Greater Washington area,” commented Eric L. Schmidt, CEO of Glue Up. “The NVTC Tech 100 recognition is proof of our continuous customer-focused development, and we will not slow down,” Eric concluded.

7. "Top 30 Global People Going Abroad" Award from Forbes China

Top 30 global people

Forbes China recently released its "Top 30 Global People Going Global" list, which recognizes companies that have demonstrated strong growth and pursued innovation on the global stage.

This achievement of Ms. Ji Jingshu not only demonstrates her leadership in globalization strategy but also reflects Glue Up’s influence on the international stage.

Forbes China mentioned in the selection: "Olivia Jingshu Ji is the founder and president of Glue Up, the world's leading integrated cloud technology company for artificial intelligence community management. As the soul of the enterprise and an expert in the field of artificial intelligence, she has led the team to successfully go overseas and create The world's first integrated cloud for artificial intelligence community management currently has teams in 14 countries around the world, with customers in more than 70 countries."

Over the past year, Glue Up has made significant breakthroughs in product innovation, especially with the launch of the first global AI-powered community management cloud.

Our advancements have not only been warmly received but have also garnered widespread recognition for their brilliance and transformative potential.

To experience firsthand the power of Glue Up's innovative solutions, schedule a demo with our team of experts. Discover how our cutting-edge products can revolutionize your organization's processes, enhance efficiency, and drive unparalleled success.

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