Glue Up Recognized as Exclusive Keynote AI Technology Sponsor for ASAE AI Summit

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Glue Up Recognized as Exclusive Keynote AI Technology Sponsor for ASAE AI Summit

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Last updated: March 08, 2024

Glue Up, the leading membership management software and first AI-enabled community SaaS platform is proud to announce its role as the Exclusive Keynote AI Technology Sponsor for the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) AI Summit.

The ASAE AI Summit, scheduled for January 30-31, 2024, is a two-day virtual event focused on educating association professionals on artificial intelligence and its potential to transform associations. As the Exclusive Keynote AI Technology Sponsor, Glue Up will present its revolutionary AI Copilot during the event’s keynote sessions.

The Summit: Uncovering AI's Potential in Associations

The ASAE AI Summit will provide a unique platform for experts and thought leaders to converge and disseminate insights on AI in the association sector.

The summit will focus on the latest AI trends, ethical considerations, and practical applications, providing a platform for knowledge exchange and networking among experts and enthusiasts in the field.

Notable Sessions and Speakers

  • AI and Microsoft: Danyelle Solomon from Microsoft will share insights crucial for associations to leverage AI effectively.
  • Path Towards Responsible AI Use: Dion Hinchcliffe will discuss ethical considerations and responsible AI use.
  • State of AI in Associations: Patrick Glaser will present findings on AI's current role in associations.
  • AI Maturity Framework: Rick Bawcum's session will introduce an AI Maturity Model to help organizations assess their AI capabilities.
  • The Business of AI – Strategy and Business Models: Amith Nagarajan from Blue Cypress will discuss the future of AI in businesses along with the practical strategies and business models. 

Glue Up AI Copilot at The AI Summit

Glue Up's role as the exclusive keynote technology sponsor at the ASAE AI Summit highlights its dedication to leading the charge in AI-driven community engagement solutions.

About AI Copilot: AI Copilot is Glue Up’s exclusive AI assistant that is built directly into its membership management and community engagement software.

This groundbreaking innovation leverages artificial intelligence to enhance community engagement through personalized communication. By introducing Copilot, an AI-enabled writing assistant, Glue Up is transforming how community management is conducted.

With features like generating engaging event descriptions, surveys, and campaign messaging, Glue Up Copilot enables organizations to significantly boost member engagement with personalized content that resonates with each member’s unique interests and preferences.

This AI-driven approach is not only enhancing the efficiency of community management but also redefining the dynamics of how organizations interact and connect with their members.

"As an international company, we are very grateful for the strong support and trust given to us by the countries and regions we visit. We are a product innovative company and will continue to use The latest technology to empower our customers, just like our company's mission, to use technology to create more productivity and then better serve our global customers," mentioned Olivia Jingshu Ji, Founder and President of Glue Up

“We are thrilled to showcase Glue Up’s AI innovation at this pioneering event for associations,” said Eric L. Schmidt, CEO at Glue Up. “AI Copilot demonstrates the immense potential of AI to create value for members while enabling associations to optimize operations. We look forward to educating attendees on how they can leverage AI to transform their organizations.”

Glue Up’s AI leadership has been recognized with numerous awards, including being named to the NVTC Tech 100 list of the top tech companies in the Washington D.C. metro area for five consecutive years.

The company’s modern, user-friendly platform is used by several organizations worldwide, including chambers of commerce, trade associations, professional societies, charities, agencies, and Fortune 500 corporations.

About Glue Up

Glue Up, the leading membership management software provider has established itself as a pioneer in the SaaS community platform space with its first AI-enabled platform. The company's mission revolves around empowering organizations to foster stronger communities, streamline operations, and drive growth through innovative technology solutions.

Glue Up's suite of tools, including event management, CRM, membership management, and now the AI Copilot, reflects its commitment to providing comprehensive solutions tailored to the unique needs of associations and professional communities.

The AI Copilot, in particular, represents a significant leap forward, positioning Glue Up as a leader in the integration of AI into community engagement.

About ASAE

The American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) is a leading membership organization for association executives and industry partners.

ASAE is dedicated to the advancement and excellence of association management through education, advocacy, and community building. The organization's initiatives, including the AI Summit, reflect its commitment to equipping association professionals with the tools and knowledge needed to adapt to the evolving world of association management.

ASAE's role in bringing together diverse professionals and facilitating discussions on emerging technologies like AI demonstrates its significance in shaping the future of associations.

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