How WorkTech is Teaming Up with Glue Up

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How WorkTech is Teaming Up with Glue Up

This success story is a result of feedback received from WorkTech, where a solution was needed to help segment their tenants, manage contacts, and expand their data and analytics expertise while they expand their office spaces around Asia.


The primary focus for adding on a digital platform into WorkTech’s internal segmentation of their tenants as well as their contact database. Segmentation of tenants at WorkTech would give the ability to target their tenants for promotional campaigns, events, and so on. This is particularly important for WorkTech as co-working spaces in other countries as they operate on different websites, so often times, CRMs and Analytics tools are operating separately at a time in WorkTech’s expansion requires a global communication push that includes segmenting audiences as said before.

Among this challenge, WorkTech is expanding to new locations including Taiwan & Singapore with more to come soon. This means that a solution provided to help segment and target customers, needs to be scalable to the company’s growth, all while being accessible easily and on-the-go.


App Consolidation

Consolidating tools into one platform does not mean downsizing capabilities to meet accessibility. WorkTech has recognized this important aspect of selecting future software partners that they intend to use for their global expansion strategy. Consolidation of tools into one app is a must have, as it’s more scalable, cost effective, and reliable to have a single team using a single tool to do multiple jobs. Thusly, it makes communication and engagement with tenants more reliably consistent, both enforcing their brand, and collecting data into one place, rather than separated on a multitude of tools.

By using Glue Up’s all-in-one software, majority of necessary modules like CRM, Email Campaigns, and Events for instance, are not only all together on one tool, but they also work together. Content and data from the CRM, feed into the Email campaigns for easier promotion, and the actions taken by the tenants both on the email like a click or reply, as well as at events like registrations, feed back into the CRM in order to automatically update the contact. With a tool like this, expansion requires nothing to do on Glue Up. The lists grow, the content is fed with updates from tenants, and vice versa. Making it truly a scalable platform for their needs. Colleagues from different offices can all log in to Glue Up and use it for local events and contact engagement, or, it can be run by a single team and have communication that impacts a wide range of locations.

The Results


The move to Glue Up was smooth, as the platform is hosted on the cloud, the desktop-browser version and the management app can be used to log in and get directly to the all-in-one tool immediately. This means that WorkTech can now use Glue Up to create events, member management (tenants, in their case) and promote news and materials all from a scalable platform that can grow along side WorkTech. For managers and planners at WorkTech, this means they can create event pages and promotional emails in multiple regions of Asia, without having to switch tools or accounts.

This also gives the opportunity for WorkTech to collect tenant's data, and capture their engagements like what events they have attended, when they registered, and any and all demographics. This main CRM module is updated based on actions taken by staff, like manual profile updates, but also automatically captures data from the tenant as they engage back to WorkTech.

This new consolidated and up-to-date CRM can then be used to create email lists that are segmented and targeted to specific types of tenants, their level of engagement, and more. This data can also be analyzed in the Glue Up platform to draw conclusions and capture trends among the tenants, making it easier for WorkTech to take action on certain aspects of their operations that would have otherwise been impossible had they been using tools that are separate.

About WorkTech WorkTech is the leading Platform-Driven Workspace Community originating from Hong Kong with presence of over 19 sites across Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai and recently Taiwan with over 3000 members, partners, ecosystems across Asia Pacific. We focus on providing not only working spaces but POC (proof-of-concept) adoptions across all industries (FinTech, Co-Living, Investments and other Financial Services)

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