Top 15 Social Walls to Use at Your Next Event

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Top 15 Social Walls to Use at Your Next Event

Creating a familiar place for attendees to share their experiences can oftentimes keep them engaged before, during, and after your smashing event. Like an easily accessible, never-ending conversation, a live social media wall for your events provides the best place for attendees to talk to one another in a public way that helps attendees get a feel for your events, share photos, experiences, and ask questions, giving your event a digital life of its own.

There are actually quite a few tools that help you create such a live social wall specifically for events, and so we’ll take a look at a few of the best tools out there on the web. Let’s check out the top 15 social media feed tools for your next event.

Quick Reads


   Tagboard is a platform used to identify certain #Hashtags that are relevant to your event and combine any and all posts on twitter, Instagram, or Facebook into a publicly available wall. This is a form of social media walls that leverages hashtags in popular social media platforms rather than making a standalone wall. Tagboard has the added benefits of allowing you to moderate and curate posts on your wall before they go live as well as creating different templates walls for your preferred look.

Price: $15/mo



Taggbox is a social media wall like Tagboard, however with a specific focus on large physical screens at display on the event floor. Taggbox allows for curation, advertising, and all that other platforms offer, but with a UI that is enlarged and fit for larger screens. Automatic scrolling, animations, slides, and more allow for attendees to watch the feed scroll in real-time without the need to touch the screen.

Price: Free


Curation Wall

Curationwall is a similar platform to Taggbox, where a platform built for in-event screens follows your indicated hashtags and allows for the curation of posts in real-time. The added benefit of Curationwall is the ability to create polls and surveys within the feed so that you can collect results from attendees before, during, and after the event. Curationwall also has a very in-depth analytics backend that aims to help you in creating reports based on user posts statistics and printable survey results.

Price: $48.36/mo



Juicer is another form of social media wall that uses hashtags once again, but this time relying entirely on a very detailed set of analytics to deliver value. Among this, Juicer also starts free, giving it a very scalable pricing model, making it surprisingly affordable for smaller events.

Price: Free



Everwall is another type of social media wall in the vein of Tagboard, giving users control and curation over posts on their specified hashtags for their event. Everwall also gives the option to have sponsored and paid posts in the feeds outside of the embedded ad services provided by each social media platform, allowing better ROI for your events by allowing your partners and sponsors a place to advertise on your social wall at your events.

Price: $39.00/mo is free to use social media wall with a set amount of formatting for social media walls. Again, using hashtags, multiple social media can be seen on a single wall with auto-scrolling features to support physical kiosk walls at your event. also has a mapping function so you can upload floorplans of your event space so that others can view at the event kiosks. is touch-ready as well and so if your kiosk technology allows for screen touching navigation

Price: Free



Hootsuite is an all-in-one social media platform with a plethora of features like post broadcasting, analytics, and of course social media walls. Hootsuite’s value-added service is the combination of its many features to work together, so your other features in Hootsuite can be integrated with the social wall. Otherwise, the Hootsuite Wall feature is relatively basic with the same features you’d find in Tagboard or Taggbox, but lacking any visual editing.

Price: Free



Tint is a hyper-aggregated social media wall service that connects more than hashtags, but also SMS messages and video submissions onto clients' social walls for events. Touch-ready screens can also allow for in-feed CTAs with forms to be filled in in-person by attendees. The interactive walls are a seemingly great way to engage attendees at the event floor an automatically. Among this differentiating feature, the wall is equipped to be easily customized, branded, and provides analytics.

Price: $300/day

Socialwall is another type of social media aggregate platform that connects via API rather than hashtags, giving more power to the client in how content is shared on the wall. The API integration also leaves even more analytics for clients to use in their reports. API integration also means that leverage of Java to animate, scroll, or make other visually impressive edits in the wall possible like automated scrolling.

Price: $450



Presenterwall aims to be a sharing point on mobile-only devices. The point of the main service is to provide the powerpoint presentation used in a speaking event to attendee’s phone as a live feed, where those who are further back in the audience can get a close-up view of the presentation on their phone. Tied into this, is the ability to connect via hashtags a social media wall alongside the presentation, including in-event surveys to engage attendees during any speaking event.

Price: $149

Crowd Screen


Crowdscreen is another type of hashtag following social wall that much like Hootsuite, is a part of a larger platform, but instead of a platform on social media, Crowdscreen has an event platform with a core focus on presentations. The social wall provided is easily customized and provides data for its other features.

Price: Need Quote

The Wallrus


The Wallrus is a photo-heavy social media wall platform that relies mostly on Instagram or Twitter to share photos based on hashtags yet again. The value provided by The Wallrus has a heavy focus on entertainment type events, providing branding options and creative editing tools to make walls match the event or venue. The Wallrus has been used at many different venues including concerts and expo centers.

Price: Free



Livewall is a freemium social media wall that’s built for large screen kiosks as well as touch-enabled kiosks, supporting not only posts in a social media feed, but also supporting interactive apps. Programmatic kiosks software lets you create loops so that the social media wall becomes a part of a media loop on kiosks like video advertisements, floormap, upcoming talks, and so on, the social media wall would be essentially a slide in a looping kiosk.

Price: Free



Very likely out of an SME’s budget, Sprinklr Display is a service provided for digital billboards and large kiosks with one of the most in-depth and data-driven platforms on the market. Used in billboards around the world including Times Square, Sprinklr managers content while updating it regularly like stock prices, social media posts, and more. Sprinklr Display is an interesting look into the maximum that can be done with a social media wall platform, albeit at a heavy cost.

Price: Need Quote

Glue Up (formerly EventBank)


At Glue Up, we combine the best event features into an all-in-one platform from event page creation, email campaigns, registration, and ticketing. One of our value-added services is the social wall feature embedded into the both the desktop and mobile app versions. The difference with Glue Up is that since attendees generally have an account with the Glue Up app to enter events, the social wall is completely isolated to the Glue Up community using it at the event. No more hashtags, you’ll have a completely self-owned social media wall that can help foster communities for your events, and even more helpful for organizations with members who host a series of events over any given year.

Price: Included

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