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List of Chambers of Commerce in Singapore

Robert RaffertyGrowth Marketeer

Robert Rafferty,

Growth Marketeer

Oct 22, 2019

Singapore is Asia's leading technology and upcoming finance hub, which means that it's also home and host to a wide range of Chambers of Commerce from across the world. We've collected a list of Chambers of commerce you might be interested in checking out based in Singapore. (In no particular order)

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Singapore Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Established in 1906, the Singapore Chinese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCCI) is an internationally renowned business organisation and the apex body of the Chinese business community in Singapore. It is the founder of the biennial World Chinese Entrepreneurs Convention and the World Chinese Business Network (www.wcbn.com.sg), a global online business information portal. It plays a key and pro-active role in representing the interests of the local business community. In its continued drive for service excellence, the SCCCI has become the first business chamber in the region to be awarded ISO 9001 certification since 1995. In 2018, the Chamber successfully upgraded its ISO certification to ISO 9001:2015.

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British Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

The Britsh Chamber of Commerce is an independent membership organisation committed to strengthening the ties between the UK and Singapore sincce 1954. Their goal is to deliver member value through the services offered, that all work towards supporting their members in achieving your business objectives and aligning with their mission of Building Networks, Connecting Businesses and Creating Opportunities. The Chamber is here to support your needs at every stage of your journey. With a full calendar of activities throughout the year including events, publications and opportunities to collaborate with their members, the Chamber team is available to help as a point of resource, introductions, networking, learning and profile-raising.

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The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Established in 1973, the American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore (AmCham) is the largest and the most active international business association in Singapore and Southeast Asia, with over 5,200 members representing more than 700 companies. Our Chamber is comprised of 13 industry-specific committees and conducts nearly 250 events per year.

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Africa Southeast Asia Chamber of Commerce

Launched in 2013, Africa Southeast Asia Chamber of Commerce (ASEACC) aims to foster high-level business relationships between companies in Africa and Southeast Asia. Represented by the Chairman or CEO of each member company, it is a “by-invitation only” and exclusive platform for market efficient information sharing and networking amongst like-minded decision-makers from both continents. Within ASEACC’s proprietary network, our aim is to originate and facilitate decisive commercial ventures and deals amongst members from both regions. To date, we have a total of 12 carefully selected members – 8 from Africa and 4 from Southeast Asia.

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The Australian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

The Australian Chamber of Commerce, Singapore (AustCham) is an organisation which fosters, and provides a forum for, business links between Australia and Singapore. Essentially, AustCham is the Australian business community in Singapore. We are committed to assisting our members achieve business success through connecting members to business and government, each other and our culture through hosting, facilitating and providing events and services for members; keeping members informed of the latest issues and opportunities in Singapore and the region; and offering members access to regional Australian chambers, the Australian High Commission, Australian and Singapore government agencies and business.

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ABD-Dutch Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)

ADB-DutchCham is the result of a merger between the Association of Dutch Business people (founded in 1990) which targeted individual professionals and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce (founded in 2008) which targeted companies. In 2018 we joined forces to offer an exciting range of activities for both professionals and companies ranging from formal corporate events to informal social gatherings. With this merger we aim to strengthen the links between those interested in Dutch business, to facilitate business links between Dutch and Singaporean companies, and to represent Dutch businesses in Singapore. We believe together businesses can achieve greater success and we are committed to connecting businesses, sharing insights, sparking inspiration and creating new business opportunities.

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European Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)

The European Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, known as EuroCham, was established in 2001 and is composed of the European National Business Groups in Singapore as well as direct corporate members. EuroCham, Singapore represents the voice of the European business community in Singapore. We provide our members with a forum for advocacy, networking opportunities and information sharing within the European and Singaporean business community.

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The French Chamber of Commerce Singapore

Established in 1979, the French Chamber of Commerce in Singapore belongs to a worldwide network of 123 French Chambers (CCIFI) in 92 countries with over 35,000 companies. One of the most active Chambers in Asia, the French Chamber is a private association that promotes mutually beneficial trade relations between Singapore & France. We represent a dynamic business platform of over 750 companies and individual members representing a total network of 5,000 contacts in Singapore. Official “Team France Export representative”, we are the one-stop shop for French companies in their export and development in Singapore.

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The Irish Chamber of Commerce (Singapore)

The Irish Chamber of Commerce (Singapore) has an extensive reach and while there is a select committee focus on four core areas, people representing all sectors in Singapore are members of the Irish Chamber. These sectors include financial services and banking, medical, food, pharmaceuticals and life sciences, information communication technology and construction services. The Chamber is also supported by a range of sponsors in the region.

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Italian Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The Italian Chamber of Commerce is a non-profit association recognized by the Italian Government and member of Assocamerestero, apex body of over 70 Italian Chambers abroad. The Chamber aims to strengthen bilateral relations between Italy and Singapore in collaboration with strategic partners from the two Countries. The Italian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore is geared to provide a wide range of business services tailored to the requirements of its members, as well as Italian and Singaporean companies. Thanks to strategic partnerships with Institutions, Chambers of Commerce and Agencies in the ASEAN region, the Chamber is a springboard for business in South-East Asia beyond Singapore.

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Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Singapore

The Japanese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JCCI), Singapore was established in July 1969 in accordance with the Company Act of Singapore. Their objectives are to promote and expand both trade and investments between Singapore and Japan, to contribute towards the advancement of the Singapore Economy, and to promote and cultivate friendship and mutual co-operation among the members of the Chamber, and at the same time, to contribute towards the advancement of both the Japanese and Singapore economy.

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The Korean Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The Korean Chamber of Commerce (KORCHAM) is a business networking organisation that encompasses numbers of SMEs / Multinational Korean companies operating in worldwide basis. KORCHAM has contributed significantly to national economy growth and development, also to an enhancement of Korea’s national status in the international business networking community. We have a strong business networking system that connects each business field to another with the aim of growing together in this rapidly expanding global business world.

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Latin American Chamber of Commerce

The Latin American Chamber of Commerce is an innovative matchmaking platform that represents the common interest of Latin American and Southeast Asian business in promoting bilateral trade, investments and collaboration between the regions, having Singapore as a hub.

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New Zealand Chamber of Commerce, Singapore

The NZ Chamber of Commerce, Singapore has been operating in since 1983. Growing from a base of around 50 members, today we have 400 plus individual members and 60 corporate members. We have 15 main sponsors ranging from our major sponsors ANZ and AIS to sponsors which include NZTE, Fonterra, Air NZ, zespri, Xero, Allied Pickfords, Gems together with a range of NZ food and wine suppliers, financial services companies and the Westpac and NAB banks.

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Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Western Australia)

The Singapore Chamber of Commerce (Western Australia) fosters trade and investment flows between the hub that is Singapore and the gateway that is Western Australia. This is done by facilitating the creation of relationships, processes and structures as well as networks and organisations, all of whom intend to or are already doing business along the axis of business activity between Singapore and Western Australia.

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Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Established in 1924, the Singapore Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SICCI) is the premier business association for Indian businesses in Singapore. With over 1000 members from all walks of trade and industry, SICCI serves as a connector, enabler, and advocator, helping companies grow both locally and internationally. We offer our members an array of business support services, including trade matching, business advisory, networking sessions, seminars and training, and also serve as a champion of members’ interests. Our aim is to function as a gateway of opportunities for Indian business in Singapore, helping both home-grown and international companies realize their full potential. SICCI strives to provide its members with insight, connections and support services that will give their companies a competitive edge in the global market.

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<h2 id=""international">Singapore International Chamber of Commerce

Ever since its foundation in Singapore in 1837, the Singapore International Chamber of Commerce has been a consistently credible advocate for business interests and for Singapore to policymakers and investors respectively. The Chamber is not just Singapore’s longest-serving business association, SICC is also its most independent and inclusive. Because it does not operate in silos, the Chamber provides the best platform for meaningful B2B engagement.

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Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce & Industry

The Singapore Malay Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SMCCI), was established in 1956 and is an independent non-profit organization. We play a proactive role in representing the interests of the local Malay/Muslim business community. In line with our mission to nurture a vibrant entrepreneurial culture amongst local enterprises, SMCCI serves as a platform to create invaluable opportunities for members through regular business missions, conferences, networking sessions and activities to bridge members and the business community to the local and overseas markets. Together with our subsidiary, SME Centre @SMCCI, we advocate strengthening core competencies while increasing knowledge and enhancing internal capabilities to achieve growth and success for their businesses.A strategic partner of Enterprise Singapore, SME Centre @ SMCCI was established in 2006 as a one-stop centre for local small and medium enterprises (SMEs), offering a comprehensive range of advisory and business services including seminars, workshops, one-on-one complimentary business advisory, productivity assessments and more.

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Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce

Singapore-Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC) was founded in 1993 by a group of Bangkok-based Singaporeans. The founding members were: Winston Doong, Edwin Choi, Ng Jiak Hong, Terence Seah, Edward Ermanis and Julie Siow. Besides maintaining close relationships with the Singapore Embassy and Enterprise Singapore (ES), an initiative by the Singapore government to promote trade, STCC aims to promote economic and social relationships by bringing Thai, Singapore and foreign companies which are stationed in Thailand together. From a macro perspective, STCC aims to be the bridge connecting the two countries, which will lead to the betterment of both Singapore’s and Thailand’s economy.

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Singaporean – German Chamber of Industry and Commerce

The Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce (SGC) was established in 2004. The SGC, a not for profit organisation, has been tasked to promote bilateral Germany-Singapore trade, advise German and Singaporean companies on investment and market opportunities in Singapore and Germany, respectively, and to assist these companies in developing international business contacts. This mandate includes the provision of market research, the production and dissemination of publications, and coaching and advisory issues. SGC member companies are also provided with specialised services, such as subscriptions to newsletters and access to special business meetings and events. In addition to our membership services, we also fulfil public obligations, on behalf of the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Energy. The offices of the German Chambers of Industry and Commerce abroad do carry out important tasks on behalf of the German government - tasks which would otherwise have to be implemented by state institutions, such as the embassies.

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The Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

VietCham Singapore was founded in February 2014 to represent and support the Vietnamese and Vietnam-related business community in Singapore as well as to promote commercial activities between Vietnam and Singapore. In December 2015, VietCham Singapore was officially incorporated as an independent, non-profit, membership organisation in Singapore under the legal name of “VietCham (The Vietnamese Chamber of Commerce Ltd.), with senior management of some of the largest Vietnamese companies in Singapore (such as YKVN and VinaCapital), Singaporean companies (such as KenRidgeAsia, Eames Capital and Epsilon Mobile) as well as several other Vietnamese executives, professionals and entrepreneurs in Singapore as Charter Members.

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The Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Since its inception in 1983 (as the Canada-Singapore Business Association), CanCham Singapore has grown into one of Singapore’s most recognized international business associations. It is currently embarking on an exciting growth phase, providing more value to its members as a result of Asia’s ascendancy in global markets and Canada’s increased commercial engagement with Singapore and its neighbours.Our membership comprises organizations making contacts and developing trade and investment opportunities between Singapore, Canada and the Asian region. The Chamber is engaged with key Singapore and Canadian business networks, and members have access to this network. Through its affiliation with other Canadian business associations in Asia, CanCham Singapore can provide access to more than 3,000 contacts in the region.

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