Glue Up Monthly Updates: October

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Glue Up Monthly Updates: October

Sr. Product Manager
2 minutes read
November 03, 2023

As the leaves change and temperatures drop (or climb), we provide an exciting new feature and enhancement as well as a lot of small bug fixes. In this month's roundup, we'll dive into the redesigned event publishing checklist. Discover the October release as you read on.

Discover The Redesigned Event Publishing Checklist

event publish


Tracking the progress of event publications just got more user-friendly and easier to access. At every stage of event setup, we've included a percentage (%) indicator in the navigation. This bar indicates the setup percentage and the publishing status, showing ‘Not ready to publish’ in orange or in green once the event is ready to publish.


event setup

Clicking on the percentage (%) indicator in the navigation opens a modal that lists all the necessary setup steps and the ones that provide valuable information for your attendees (e.g., venue details for in-person events). You'll also find the ‘Publish Event’ option within this modal.

As always, you can publish an event by selecting the event template from the ‘Layout and Design’ section. The ‘Publish Event’ is now conveniently located at the bottom of the page.

Wait, There Is More!

  • Enhancement when registering for one or multiple complimentary tickets;
  • Added basic search capabilities for ‘Data Update Verification’; 
  • A lot of small bug fixes.

Stay Tuned!

We’re always looking to make your experience of using Glue Up better. We’ll keep you updated as we ship more improvements with the next Product Monthly Updates post.

For any questions, as always, reach out to our Customer Support. To learn more about Glue Up and how it can help your Organization, get a free demo today.

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