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International Women's Day at Glue Up: Empowering Growth with Diversity

Eric SchmidtCEO & Co-Founder

Eric Schmidt,

CEO & Co-Founder

Mar 08, 2019

International Women's Day Glue Up It's March 8th and that means Glue Up is proud to stand as one of the few companies that exemplify gender equality in the workplace this International Women's Day. In this endeavor, we continue to support women's rights and equality worldwide by working closely with women's organizations such as She Loves Tech, Girls Who Code, and Women with Ambition, to name a few.

These organizations have made it their mission to empower women, and entice women to start careers in STEM fields, and we at Glue Up have made it our goal to support these great organizations in doing just that by exemplifying these values ourselves. With Glue Up's help, they have enjoy increased engagement among their peers and their community using features that make it easier for them to support their members and women around the world.

Women at Glue Up are empowered to succeed and achieve at every level, even being recognized as top women in their industry. With an above-average gender ratio of men to women at Glue Up, it's clear at first glance that no glass ceiling exists for anyone who has the drive and determination in helping achieve the value we seek to provide to all our customers.

In a report by the Silicon Valley Bank in 2019, only 56% of startups employ at least 1 woman in their leadership teams in the US, UK, China & Canada, with — an abysmal — 28% of founders being women. Even in this unequal trend in gender equality in the startup world, Glue Up proudly stands as one of the few startups bucking the trend, with female employees equally matching their male counterparts at every level of the company.

Though there are still strides to be made, strides have been made towards equality recently in startups. Meanwhile, a meager 5% of Fortune 500 companies have at least one female on the team. Glue Up and other startups have made it a point to promote and disrupt these statistics by increasing the number of women in entrepreneurship.

Internation Women's Day Glue Up

Glue Up's very own Olivia Jingshu Ji & Eric Schmidt founded the business together with equality in mind, and since then has been the mainstay of Glue Up's employment strategy since Day 1, reaching equality among staff to this day.

Glue Up's strategy has never wavered during its growth and women at Glue Up have been taking on leadership roles in every department of the company, even being recognized for their entrepreneurship and ingenuity. Glue Up employs 44% female staff, which is well above the industry average of 30%.

To mark International Women's Day at Glue Up, women at every level in Glue Up are receiving flowers, a company dinner, and a half-day off today (or a time that suits them) as a sign of appreciation. Every day, however, is always a celebration of Glue Up's female staff and the hard work they put into creating a wonderful and unique engagement platform that many women's associations and groups use to their success.

The men and women at Glue Up thank you for joining us on this journey to reach true diversity and equality in everything we do.

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