Fraternity Management Guide: Definition, Organizational Structure, Challenges, Software Solutions & Companies [with Examples]

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Fraternity Management Guide: Definition, Organizational Structure, Challenges, Software Solutions & Companies [with Examples]

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November 04, 2021

Fraternities are formed groups that seek to establish connections, create lifelong friendships, and enhance the personal development of members. Today, we see fraternal organizations that can either be culturally-based or community-based.

Overseeing day-to-day operations, offering unparalleled support for members, and living up to the fraternity's values are just some areas that an effective organizational system covers.

If you want to learn more about the critical areas of fraternity management and operations essential for success, look no further. In this article, we will discuss its definition, structure, benefits, and more.

Quick Reads

What is Fraternity Management?

A fraternity is a group of people with shared values and ideals who work together to achieve common goals. Fraternity management is essential to create a solid fraternal organization and ensure a positive environment for all members.

A set of fraternity principles and regulations enables leaders or officers to decide on their next steps to accomplish specific goals and to handle situations that may arise in the chapter. There’s a hierarchy of officers who help oversee finances, manage chapter operations, and monitor memberships, among others.

They are responsible for making major organization and policy decisions. Their active involvement in the day-to-day decision-making process is also necessary, fostering fraternal love for other members.

Ways to Make a Fraternity

Being part of a fraternity can provide you with a sense of belonging, give you access to leadership events, and help you build meaningful relationships. If you’re looking to build a fraternity, we advise you to draft the organization’s structure first.

It all starts by checking state regulations for starting a nonprofit organization as it may vary from one place to another. Since every fraternal organization needs champions, the second step you have to do is to find co-founders whom everyone can trust, respect, and admire.

A fraternity name plays a monumental role in an organization’s growth and perception. Therefore, it’s important to carefully consider some options and choose one that’s simple, memorable, and meaningful.

Once you already have a name for your group, make sure to fill out an application to establish a recognized fraternity. After this, craft a purpose statement that describes it and the reasons why it needs to exist.

Next, it’s crucial to craft a financial plan that explains fraternity membership dues and the future projects they’ll support. Lastly, set up a meeting with founding members on how you can apply for incorporation. An incorporated organization can protect individual members from personal liability related to activities set by the group.

Types of Organizational Structures Every Fraternity Should Have

Organizational structures in fraternities can inspire innovation, improve communication, and help manage expectations. A good structure leads to a positive environment where members can openly interact and be honest in their thoughts and actions.


Fraternity advisors act as advocates in the chapter, and they also provide helpful resources and information to members. Members of this group are above the fraternity president and oversee the chapter’s activities.

On the other hand, a fraternity president serves as the face and voice of a fraternal organization. He disseminates the values of the group from above down to the chapter members. He manages a fraternity from the middle, which we will discuss further below.


The fraternity president is part of a structure of leadership that includes the vice president and treasurer. Together with other officers and related committees, they complement each other when carrying out rules and implementing regulations.

As the person tasked to provide strong leadership, the president’s primary duty is to oversee the chapter in general and act as the spokesperson. He must serve as a role model to others and communicate the fraternity’s vision. Also, he should organize events and plan projects that can encourage members to participate, which can help the organization to grow and prosper.

A vice president is often responsible for overseeing internal operations, helping the president carry out the vision, and even leading fraternity council meetings when the president isn’t around.

A treasurer is the financial leader of a chapter who sets and manages the budget for each year and collects and monitors membership dues. To streamline and automate financial processes for accurate financial information, he can use a finance management software that we will discuss later.

From the Foundation Up

Non-executive officers and committee members plan and carry out activities of the organization while following directions from higher authorities. He must execute all his duties and responsibilities professionally to the best of his ability.

However, keep in mind that the frat management and its success lie with all members. Each member must promote the vision of the fraternity and live by its values. An individual must pay his membership dues on time, attend chapter meetings, and follow the rules at all times.

Top Challenges in Fraternity Management

Despite the best efforts to prevent them, there are several management challenges that may arise in a fraternity such as postponed maintenance activities and budget constraints. Also, a lack of adequate manpower can stop a fraternity from completing tasks.

According to research, deferred maintenance can lead to increased future costs and capital expenditures. It’s important that leaders keep track of maintenance costs and warranties. Once all important data has been gathered, an audit can help them understand the scale of maintenance-related issues more.

Prioritizing these issues around a set of criteria is essential. You can divide them into two main categories: immediate attention and delayed attention. However, many groups struggle with inadequate manpower and budget constraints, which affects the long-term well-being of a fraternal organization.

Having said that, it’s important to remember that manpower has a significant role to play in the growth and diversification of an organization. Through manpower planning, human resources will be available to all and utilized in the best manner. Below are the other fraternity management challenges you may encounter.

Lack of Networking Opportunities

Members value professional networking and practice it to get fresh perspectives, gain more knowledge, and strengthen business connections. For this reason, fraternities have adapted to offer opportunities for networking for members to thrive via online groups and virtual speed networking.

Ineffective Data and Membership Management

Some membership organizations still perform manual data processing that can be inconsistent and time-consuming and may even leave room for errors.

One of the most effective ways to improve the efficiency of your organization is to innovate, automate processes, and centralize data in one place using an all-in-one CRM platform.

When you keep members’ details safe and secure in one place, you can offer a smooth membership process and a meaningful experience to all.

What is Fraternity Management Software?

A fraternity management software is a valuable tool that automates processes and manages memberships of a group. It eliminates manual data entry, and with it, members can easily log on and update information using their credentials.

It also automatically updates membership profiles and sends notifications when membership fees are due. What’s more, you can manage, filter, and update the member contact database.

Benefits of Using Fraternity Management Software

If you want to create meaningful relationships that last a lifetime in your organization, a fraternity management software is essential. Other than improving fraternal collaboration and getting insights into member behavior, below are the other benefits of using one.

Saves Time & Money

saves time and money

You can quickly gather information, analyze data, and update members in one place. Plus, the interconnectedness of this system means improved membership communications when it comes to membership renewals, payments, and events.

For example, a fraternity management association software may have an email marketing management feature that automates email messages to existing members in the database that helps keep everyone informed at all times.

Promotes Digital Transformation

Fraternity leaders should keep in mind that they can use technology to attract new members and improve member experience.

Regularly collecting data, developing a solid social media presence, and using a membership app are essential for modern organizations to thrive. Practicing all of these with an effective communication strategy can help deliver personalized experiences, boost the image of organizations, and encourage others to join.

My Glue is a mobile app that lets you send updates to members in real-time, especially during fraternity events and activities. Moreover, it allows your members to communicate with one another and stay connected from anywhere through one-on-one chats, location sharing, and more.

My Glue App

Software Solution Features for Fraternities

To automate time-consuming tasks and run a group of fraternity members effectively, you need the best software solution that can help you plan events, manage resources, and analyze insights with ease.

Feature Packed Website that Stands Out

A website is essential for an organization to boost its online presence. When you publish content online about your group, people can easily find it–anytime, anywhere.

It also can find and attract new members 24/7. Plus, it offers the user convenience as they can access information about what you do and stay updated with all events from the comfort of their own homes.

Incorporating the top website features people want will help fraternities stand out in the increasingly limited time people browse online.

According to research, users look for websites that are easy to navigate as it provides them with faster and more efficient access to information. Other website features that people value are trendy and intuitive design, relevant and credible content, creative product visuals, social media integration, and company blog.

CRM Software

Software Advice says that 74% of people who use customer relationship management (CRM) software revealed that the platform offered improved access to member information and data.

Using a CRM system for your organization can help you to streamline processes, find new members, and improve relationships within the organization.

Glue Up is an all-in-one CRM solution that lets you centralize data and manage contacts in one place. It comes with built-in analytic capabilities to contextualize data and easily understand metrics, which can evaluate a marketing campaign's success.

Online & Offline Event Management

A Frost and Sullivan study reveals that 80% of event planners are now using event management software to increase event attendance and automate promotional activities for events.

An event management software lets you build branded event pages that work as an event source, session, speaker, and agenda information for attendees. There can also be an option to create different types of tickets on your event page or even offer coupons or special pricing to visitors.

With customizable registration forms and payment options, an event management software automates the collection of information and makes the payment process frictionless to fraternity members.

Membership Management

A membership management software is a specialized solution for placing administrative and communication activities of a membership organization in one place.

The software provides a space online where individuals from an organization can interact, especially when issues need to be discussed and solved.

Additionally, information sharing and knowledge sharing in a membership group is fast, which streamlines all processes. At the same time, its features and capabilities are tailored to the requirements–may it be for a fraternal group, an association, or a chamber of commerce.

glue up membership management software

Some essential features of membership management software include digital member applications, member list and advanced search, unlimited membership type, and committee management.

Community Management

Creating a culture of connection and collaboration in a fraternal organization is now more important than ever. A community management software can bring together all members, align their efforts with organizational goals, and communicate more–which can all help fuel innovation in the community.

If you’re looking to make business networking possible, increase member retention, boost engagement, and protect your fraternal organization’s information, feel free to check out Glue Up’s Community Management Software. This innovative platform for communities comes with essential features for comments and discussion, social sharing, and broadcasting.

Email & Marketing Automation

Email marketing automation is a strategy a fraternal organization can practice to send updates or promotional emails to members on their mailing list. It enables officers to send out personalized messages to existing members or prospects on a schedule or when specific conditions are met.

Finance & Invoicing

As your fraternity grows, its financial data can become more complex. Using spreadsheets to record information and data can be time-consuming and prone to errors.

Growing a fraternal organization would require a need for an efficient and scalable accounting solution. To make the most out of electronic record keeping and produce reliable reports, you can use a finance management software.

A solution like this can help automate an organization’s finance and invoicing processes. From managing invoices to delivering receipts, it streamlines the transaction experience for every member of the fraternity group.

What’s more, it manages prospects, monitors bank accounts, automates payment reminders, and generates insightful financial reports that can help you understand how to run an organization smoothly and continuously.



Survey software is an application for collecting feedback from a targeted audience. It can customize a questionnaire or even analyze survey responses. It's an innovative way to understand the audience by making the process fast as you gather more accurate data free of human error.

Additionally, you can use it in various ways, such as for member feedback or post-event analysis. Using it allows you to ask relevant questions, reach the right audience, analyze valuable insights to make sound decisions depending on the results.

It is essential to provide value to fraternity members by keeping them updated on the latest trends and enhancing their industry knowledge. CPD ensures that they can access up-to-date information at all times, which is vital in improving their knowledge and skills in their professional life.

If you are a founder or an officer of a fraternity or a sorority, offering CPD credits allows you to make a meaningful contribution to your group. This gives members assistance to advance in their memberships where they can lead, manage, influence, and mentor others efficiently.

Fraternities and Sororities Using a Software Solution and Organization Benefits

Thousands of fraternal organizations, associations, and chambers of commerce worldwide use an all-in-one software solution to manage memberships, engage members, and transform their communities. Read on to learn more about some of these business groups.

1. Tempe Chamber of Commerce

Tempe Chamber of Commerce website

The Tempe Chamber of Commerce uses an all-in-one software solution to streamline event management, boost membership engagement, and automate processes. The chamber directly benefits from digital tools that support CRM, event page email campaigns, payment processes, and many more. Members are updated on chamber decisions and can communicate effectively with others online–whether from their computers or mobile devices.

2. AmCham Kenya

AmCham Kenya website

AmCham Kenya's decision to automate the membership renewal process using a chamber of commerce management software has been successful. Today, the solution takes care of repetitive administrative tasks. It also automatically identifies memberships that are about to expire and sends notifications, saving time and money.

3. The Payments Association EU

Payments Association EU  website

The Payments Association EU looked for the best CRM system provider with an ecosystem of integrated modules, including CRM and email campaigns module, which continues to help solve significant challenges within the organization.

4. The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore

The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore website

The British Chamber of Commerce Singapore benefits greatly from an all-in-one association management software and finds it easy to access contacts and member information. According to the organization, the contact list gets automatically updated, and members can easily update their profiles.

5. Kenya Green Building Society

Kenya Green Building Society

An all-in-one membership management software has helped the Kenya Green Building Society increase its member loyalty through membership automation. After using a platform for memberships, they acquired thousands of contacts and a record-breaking number of webinar attendees.

Top 5 Fraternity Management Companies for Your Group

Are you looking for an agency that can manage the executive, administrative, and financial tasks of your fraternity or sorority? Below are some of the top fraternity management companies today.

1. Fraternity Management

Fraternity Management offers accurate accounting services and efficient financial management for different organizations. Other services include per semester budget, accounts payable, property management, and more.

2. Fraternity Management Group

Fraternity Management Group has been offering assistance and support in the areas of fundraising, website management, and leadership programs to fraternal organizations for many years.

3. Alpha Fraternity Management

Alpha Fraternity Management provides strategies to fraternity and sorority clients to improve the housing experience and culture. The company suggests renovations, financing options, capital reserves, debt acquisition, ongoing cash flow projections, and scheduled maintenance to ensure that the frat board and its members sustain their commitment to the chapter.

4. S&T Fraternity Management

S&T Fraternity Management seeks to support fraternities and sororities by giving some guidelines and support when implementing preferred practices that align with their organizational goals. This includes offering safe and compliant housing, reducing liabilities, increasing revenue, and enhancing a fraternity’s image.

5. Fraternity Managers Association

Fraternity Managers Association's vision is to promote and maintain a high degree of sound management on social fraternities, sororities, and clubs while adhering to their policies and operations.

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