Event Session Registration Feature Update - Streamlining the Registration Process

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Event Session Registration Feature Update - Streamlining the Registration Process

What is the goal behind this feature update?

This update enables our customers to allow their event attendees to select and register for specific sessions within an event. This feature provides attendees the ability to personalize their experience by choosing which sub-events to attend, aiding organizers in planning logistics based on the number of registered attendees for each session. This feature is particularly beneficial for large-scale events that span several hours or days

Event Session Registration Phase 1 (Registration Process)

Let's break it down further:


This could be a conference, a festival, a workshop, a seminar, etc. Such an event usually has a primary theme but is often composed of several sub-events or sessions.

Specific sessions

These are individual components of the larger event. For example, at a conference, there might be various panels, workshops, speeches, or networking events. In a music festival, these could be performances on different stages, or at different times.

Session Selection and Registration

This means that event attendees have the option to choose which of these sessions they want to attend. They might not be interested in, or available for, every session. So, they can select from the available options based on their interests, needs, or schedule. Once they have made their choices, they "register" for those specific sessions, i.e., they formally express their intent to attend and are added to the list of attendees for those sessions. This kind of system is quite common in large-scale events. It allows attendees to personalize their experience and manage their time effectively. It also helps event organizers plan their resources and logistics based on the number of registered attendees for each session.

Where has this change been implemented within the platform?

This change is implemented in the following three areas within the Glue Up platform.

  1. Upcoming Renewals
  2. Awaiting Approvals
  3. Awaiting Payments

we've improved how users can interact with three critical sections: 'Upcoming Renewals,' 'Awaiting Approvals,' and 'Awaiting Payments.'

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