13 Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement with Digital

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13 Strategies to Increase Customer Engagement with Digital

Product and Content Marketing Specialist.
5 minutes read
December 11, 2020

Customer engagement plays a significant role in organizations today. As more consumers value the emotional connection between them, corporations need to include it in their strategies.

The higher the engagement between a customer and a corporation, the more possibility that people will buy products and become repeat customers. They can even promote for them by sharing their experiences.

There are many ways to engage your customers through digital. In this article, we will show you the 13 ways to increase customer engagement.

Quick Reads

Engage Customers First

Digital Customer Engagement

Engaging the customer first creates a higher possibility that they will respond to you. If you never reach out, you do not create a clear line of communication between your corporation and them. Thus, it can hinder the possibility for them to feel comfortable to speak up.

By reaching out first, you establish a clear line of communication they can respond to if they believe it is in their best interest.

Create Surveys

Creating surveys lets you learn about your customers while improving your products. When your customers fill them out, they give the ability to provide feedback on how to make your products better.

You can then address this feedback by sending them a personal message and creating a conversation that makes their opinions valid. It creates a good relationship with the customers while encouraging them to reach out.

Humanize Your Brand

People do not want to be interacting with bots or a faceless corporation. To avoid this, you will need humanization and content personalization in your brand . Running webinars, creating blog posts, and video content are all strategies that can help you do it. But when producing these types of content, make sure to list an author on your blog posts or have your presenters in webinars turn on their cameras.

When people can put a face to a corporation, they will be more willing to trust it. By humanizing your brand, your customers will no longer feel as if they are interacting with a faceless machine but interacting with employees who are human beings.

It allows them to feel more comfortable using your products because they feel that the offerings are more personalized.

Personalize Customer Communications

Personalize customer engagement

Personalizing communications between your corporation and your customers evokes the feeling that you give value to each customer. With this approach, you treat them like individuals instead of a group labeled as customers.

You can do this by ensuring you put your customers’ names at the beginning of any emails or updates you send out. Creating a more personalized experience increases the possibility of your customers engaging with your corporations.

Mobile Friendly Content

More people rely on their mobile phones as their primary electronic devices in today’s modern world. As a corporation, you have to recognize and follow this trend. Creating mobile-friendly content or interface for your product offers ease of access to customers when engaging with you.

Listen to Customers

When you receive a customer feedback, do not disregard it. Take it to heart and respond to it genuinely. Customers use your products so any feedback can help you improve them.

Also, when customers feel that their opinions and user experiences are valued, they will not only become repeat customers. But they will also continue to reach out to your corporation and recommend it to others.

Social Media Engagement

Social Media Engagement

You can leverage social media to engage with your potential and future customers easily. At least 144 minutes on social media is the average amount people spend on social media per day. This high volume of users who consistently check these apps and websites make these platforms good for you to engage with your customers. Ensure to have a strong social media strategy for your corporation to engage with your customers.

Personalized Promotions

Personalized promotions for you current customers can help your customers engage with your corporation. It makes them feel individualized and feel as if your corporation does not classify them as just one of your customers. If you have many, you can employ a strategy to personalize promotions for the loyal ones to increase their engagement.

Quick Responses

Quick responses can increase customer engagement. Whether they reach out directly or through a social media platform, a prompt reply makes your customers feel valued. For this reason, they will continue to connect and support you. It can increase your engagement and help your corporation gain more loyal followers.

Rewards for Reviews

Rewards for customer engagement

Providing your customers rewards for them to write reviews about your products and corporation can increase customer engagement. When they evaluate what you offer, they can promote your corporation and get some rewards for it. This incentivizes them to be repeat and loyal customers.

Customer Success

You can also build a customer success team to increase your customer engagement. Having a group to ensure customers can have all their questions and concerns answered and have any issues fixed leaves them satisfied.


Chatbots are an excellent way to increase customer engagement. Ensure that they run smoothly because a bad one can give your customers a negative experience. A good chatbot allows you not to use any additional resources to answer commonly asked questions, but it also makes a prompt response for your customers.

At Glue Up, we use a chatbox to actively engage our customers. You can find it on the bottom screen.


Customer Engagement Demos

Giving potential or future customers demos of your products and new features can increase engagement. A demo allows them to understand the service or product you provide and lets them see it before committing their capital to your product.

This approach ensures that customers understand the full scope of your product. Moreover, it can guarantee that they will continue being repeat customers and purchase some of your newer products and services.

Back To You

Each of these strategies to increase customer engagement is dependent on the corporations themselves. Some may work better than others, depending on the requirements and needs. For your specific corporation, look for what you are missing and improve it using a strategy that can increase your customer engagement.

Let us know which one works best for your corporation! We would also be happy to learn about new strategies you have come up with that we didn’t mention here. We wish you the best of luck in your customer engagement strategies!

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