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10 Ways to Create Better Marketing Campaigns Through CRM

Ayesa LubagMarketing Content Specialist

Ayesa Lubag,

Marketing Content Specialist

Jul 08, 2021

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a must-have platform for every company that deals with marketing, sales, or customer support and service. It's a powerful tool for nurturing interactions with prospects, customers, and potential clients in order to boost sales and maintain long-term relationships.

How to Create Better Marketing Campaigns With CRM?

Any company's goal is to acquire and retain customers. CRM enhances company relationships, assists organizations in staying in touch with clients, and boosts profits and and user acquisition. In this article, we'll go through the top 10 CRM features that will help you improve your marketing campaign.

Purposeful Targeting

The majority of marketers are focused on developing and communicating a powerful brand message. You should segment your customers into small groups for more targeted marketing. Avoid this clutter by using a CRM, which centralizes all of your client information in one place. You can learn about their purchase habits and preferences using this information. It assists you in identifying prospective opportunities worth pursuing. This will save you time and effort while also assisting in the generation of conversion-ready leads. It will also help make your Facebook video advertising more relevant.

Create Segments

Customers can be easily grouped by marketers based on common interests, characteristics, needs, and previous purchases. Instead of focusing on the needs of the overall market, it is preferable to segment customers based on predetermined criteria. This is possible with a CRM that enables you to build definable segments, which adds clarity to your marketing efforts.

If you are advertising a bitcoin company, don't offer your users fancy outfits or baby products.

CRM provides a more comprehensive perspective of these individual groupings, allowing you to better understand them. If you're a product manufacturer with various product lines, you can simplify your work and avoid confusion by designing multiple sales pipelines for different industries.

To obtain more clarity and cater to your target audience with customized emails, you can further divide contacts by price range and functionalities. You may also cross-sell your products to different audiences and track campaign results directly from CRM. You can learn more about their interests, dislikes, and recent actions. When building marketing efforts, keep those specific traits and characteristics in mind. Customers pay more attention to such messages as they can relate to them, increasing the likelihood of positive reactions.

Personalized Content Marketing

Content that is personalized is more pertinent and well-received. Customers are quick to respond to such content. According to the report, 87 percent of consumers believe that personally relevant branded content has a favorable impact on how they feel about a company. Marketers can use a CRM to figure out who their consumers are and what their needs are. It becomes easier to customize information and address the individual demands of clients once this is determined out. Instead of addressing clients as "Dear Customer" or other generic words, marketers can address them by their first name. You can even customize additional elements like their gender or the organization they work for using the software.

Improved Accountability

It's easier to track the efficiency of your marketing activities when you use a CRM with reporting capabilities. You'll be able to see which marketing strategies were successful and which ones require more effort. It aids marketers in making more informed decisions and developing more effective methods and choosing the most appropriate social media scheduling tool for increasing response rates. CRM also gives you the ability to modify reports to meet your specific business needs. As a result, you will be able to obtain the precise information you require. Furthermore, once you've established a system for recording and analyzing data, you'll be able to provide reports faster.

Keep the Data Clean

Don't jeopardize your company's reputation by using low-quality data. Using a CRM system can help you manage your datasets more effectively while also guaranteeing compliance with data protection rules. Workflows can be used to sanitize data and limit the risk of human error by using automation.

CRM allows you to manage your clients' marketing preferences in one place. When a customer opts out of one section of the company, that preference can be kept centrally and conveyed to all teams and channels. In addition, you can have invalid email addresses immediately removed from your segments.

Drive More Upsells

The insights gathered from CRM data can be utilized to generate upsells and boost engagement with current customers, in addition to acquiring new clients.

CRM system allows you to see a customer's purchase history. When a new product or feature is released, you may use their profile to determine which current customers will be most interested in it. Customers will become annoyed and unsubscribe from your emails if you offer them product updates or promotional discounts that aren't relevant to them. Returning clients are more likely to engage with your business and make a repeat purchase if your marketing is personalized. Create engaging videos, landing pages and images, try different tools - SVG shape generator, online video maker, online photo editor, etc.

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a method for automating processes like sending emails, posting on social media, and performing other functions on a website. Nowadays, you can automate everything, from social media posting to employee onboarding process.

It uses automated marketing messages to successfully target customers and handles marketing operations and multipurpose campaigns across numerous platforms. Integrating marketing automation with CRM will help you save money and increase productivity.

CRM and automation will help you synchronize data with sales and service teams, improve customer relationships, and provide a single data management approach. Because these platforms are sophisticated and intuitive, combining them will yield significant marketing outcomes.


Companies that use a full-featured CRM have significantly higher reporting and forecasting metrics.

One of the most important aspects of every business is its return on investment. Return on investment is usually a major consideration when making a purchase (ROI). There's no point in buying something if you can't see a clear return on your investment. Opportunities are converted into closed orders with exact order values via CRM. To simplify your billing process, use an invoice generator.

Increase Employee Productivity

Adopting the proper technology frees up your teams from time-consuming processes, allowing them to spend more time connecting with consumers. Customer-related procedures can be automated or removed, such as looking for contact information or entering data. Automation in sales, service and marketing will free up your personnel to spend more time talking to potential customers and improving relationships with current ones, allowing you to move the needle for your company.

Improve Your Client Service

Don't overwhelm your prospects with a flood of marketing offers that will irritate or scare them away. If you drop the ball after a sale, you will be wasting the time and effort you put into gaining a valuable customer. When everyone on your team gets instant access to a customer's whole history, they can easily give personalized messages and solutions using the appropriate resources. Smoother interactions foster confidence and encourage customers to return.


CRM marketing is the most effective technique to reach your ideal customers in the shortest possible time. Not only can CRM software help your marketing campaign, but it also improves your sales. It is the most effective solution for both your marketing and sales teams. The teams can operate more efficiently to achieve the common goal of raising the company's income.

CRM helps you handle your sales and leads more effectively. Marketers can use it to organize customer data, track leads, increase sales potential, and store and manage contact and customer data.

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