What is the Best Event Management Software for You?

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What is the Best Event Management Software for You?

Being an event organizer is not a job for everyone. As an event planner, you need to see the whole event in a big picture and be able to assign tasks to the right team members. Using the old techniques for organizing events might bring you some difficulties. You have to carry everything in your head and be on your laptop non-stop, correcting, making changes, uploading new data, and sending emails manually.

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We all commonly use Excel calendar for tracking tasks, Google sheet for calculating and sorting the data, Microsoft Word for writing drafts, and making the diagrams with results, MailChimp for email invitations and Facebook for promotion. There is not one single program that could fulfill all these needs. And as the size of your event is increasing, the amount of the tasks is growing every day and so does the amount of data and information. In this case, the right event management software might become your best friend. Let's have a look at how to pick the most suitable event management software for you.

What to Look for in the Event Management Software

Do you want to organize your event on a totally new level? If so, then first you need to do the research and compare different software which are currently on the market. Usually, the event management software platforms are specialized in managing a specific type of events. For example, trade shows, forums, conferences, meeting with a big number of attendees and so on.

event management software

Key Features of the Event Management Software to Look For

  1. The software can help you unify all the data that you have and arrange it in the way so you have an easy access to it. You get the opportunity to keep all contact information and activity tracking up-to-date and learn who your attendees are, which sessions of the event they have attended and so on.
  2. Your attendees will definitely appreciate time savings at the check in (there is no need for printing invitations, bringing a passport or any other documents). What is more, they will be definitely impressed by the new technology.
  3. The right event management software also makes it easy to create and manage agenda, venue selection, and also simplifies the check-ins and registrations. You no longer need to supply your registration desk with laptops, plenty of cables and IT team. The whole check-in process goes smoothly and collects all the necessary data for you and all you need is your smartphone with the internet.
  4. The best event management platforms integrate email marketing tools as well. Thus, you can create your own branded email invitations or email campaigns and track their success directly on the platform. As well, you can send reminders or follow-ups after the event and have all the communication centralized so you can monitor your engagement with attendees.
  5. Good event software should be also able to help you with collecting the payments, preferrably giving you and your attendees a variety of payment options.

How to choose the Event Management Software?

First of all, it is necessary to decide, what do you want to use the software for? Why do you need the special platform to help you? What features does it have to provide you with? If we have a look at the market and compare the existing software, then we can divide them into two groups: single use platforms and multi-functional ones. To the first group, we can designate the products which deal with mainly one function. For example, event ticketing, badges printing, event website development.

However, it is necessary to remember that planning the event or printing the badges is just one of the event’s stages. That's where the second group of platforms come to the place.  These platforms cover all stages of the event - from the first day of planning to evaluation after the event. You should have a clear understanding of pros and cons of the all-in-one software vs narrow-focused tools.

When choosing the event management software you should pay attention to the customer service. It should be clearly described how and when you can get a needed support. Ideally, you should get a reply on the question within 24 hours (either through the email, phone or Skype). Additionally, some companies increase the possibilities to be in touch with the clients, by using local and international messengers.

The other thing to do before buying the platform is to set up a demo. It is necessary to see how the software works, is it easy to use and if it can make your organization processes easier.

Moreover, it is worth to check if the software mobile-friendly or not. Nowadays, more and more people prefer to use mobile devices instead of laptops.

Last but not the least, before signing the contract with the company providing the software, make a research about it. Check out its blog, social media networks, if they own ones, and look for the reviews from the past clients.

Existing Event Management Software 

Narrow-focused event management tools

event management software

EasyTag” is one of the examples, where the platform is focusing on Event Check-In and Badge Printing. It allows you to track the information about the number of attendees, and make the check-in procedure easier.

Eventzilla” is focusing on creating, selling and tracking online registrations and tickets for the events. The application is supposed to manage the attendees using one platform and sell the tickets at the same time.  It works best for the concerts, networking, classes, parties or conferences.

Eventbrite” is mainly focused on selling tickets and managing registrations for the event. The platform is easy-to-use and allows you to promote the upcoming event on the social media platforms, as well as on the Eventbrite website.

An all-in-one event management software

As for the multi-functional (all-in-one) software, Glue Up platform is a good example. The platform is designed to help you in organizing the event from the initial planning stage, through creating event website to event follow-up with the attendees and it integrates payments, CRM, email marketing and website building into the product.

You will be able to assign tasks to your team and save time on calling and writing. The platform also gives you the opportunity to import and synchronize all the data. What is also very important, is the possibility to create own, branded websites for the event. All these features, together with the ability to collect and track all the data can help you drive revenue, save time and maximize engagement.

A successful event is your chance to increase your networking and create lasting connections, so choose your event management software wisely!

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