Streamline Your Survey Creation with Glue Up AI Copilot

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Streamline Your Survey Creation with Glue Up AI Copilot

Content Strategist, Glue Up
5 minutes read
January 11, 2024

Creating an effective survey involves more than just the questions. It's the survey descriptions that your reader reads first and thus it sets the tone for your survey.

Optimized survey descriptions communicate the survey’s purpose and motivate participation, ultimately driving higher response rates and better insights. Thus, you need to make sure it's optimized and resonates with your audience.

Glue Up AI Copilot is the first global AI-based community platform that can help you with this process. Since it's specifically designed to boost engagement with your community, it streamlines survey building by writing complete descriptions with just a few clicks. This first-of-its-kind integration of AI allows you to rapidly create and field surveys tailored to your goals.

Read on to learn how Glue Up’s AI Copilot can optimize survey creation workflows by automatically handling the explanatory preamble writing.

Key Takeaways

  • Glue Up AI Copilot is the first global AI-based community platform that can generate complete survey descriptions automatically. This saves significant time compared to writing them manually.

  • The AI-powered descriptions establish context, summarize purpose and goals, and motivate participation - leading to higher response rates.

  • You can customize the AI-generated text to incorporate company/industry details. The tool learns from manual edits to improve over time.

  • Focus shifts to crafting better questions and choosing response options rather than manually writing descriptions from scratch. This streamlines survey creation.

  • Beyond auto-generating descriptions, Glue Up provides versatile survey types, ready sample questions, and detailed analytics - making it a comprehensive survey solution.

Understanding Glue Up AI Copilot’s Survey Feature


Being the first global AI-based community platform, Glue Up AI Copilot is designed specifically to assist organizations by automatically generating content for email campaigns, and event and survey descriptions.

Once you select the type of survey within Glue Up, the AI Copilot produces an overview paragraph summarizing the purpose and goals of the survey. This AI-powered description saves time and effort while establishing the context for your survey respondents.

Additionally, you can customize the AI-generated description by editing or adding text. This gives more control to incorporate company or industry-specific details. The tool also learns from these manual adjustments to improve its descriptive writing over time.

Using Glue Up AI Copilot to Streamline Survey Creation Workflows

Integrating the AI Copilot into Glue Up’s platform streamlines the survey creation process. After entering some basic details about the purpose and target audience, the platform automatically handles the explanatory descriptions.

This allows you to focus your efforts on crafting the survey questions and choosing response options.

ai for surveys

ai for surveys

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The AI Copilot descriptions can be generated in seconds, saving significant time compared to manually writing an introduction from scratch. This improved efficiency empowers you to rapidly deploy surveys as needed. For example, you can quickly create post-event feedback surveys to capture insights before your attendees forget the details.

Glue Up AI Copilot has the following advantages over manual writing:

  • Enhanced Engagement and Clarity - The AI-generated descriptions are clear, concise, and designed to resonate with the intended audience.
  • Simplified Survey Creation Process - It eliminates the need for extensive brainstorming or drafting multiple versions. Thus, it saves time and lets you focus on other aspects of survey creation, such as question formulation and distribution strategies.
  • Consistent Quality and Tone -. Glue Up AI Copilot ensures consistency in the language and style of the descriptions, aligning them with your organization's branding and communication guidelines.
  • Customization to Fit Your Needs - You can tweak the generated descriptions to better suit your specific needs or to add a personal touch. This flexibility ensures that the final output is not just AI-generated but also personalized.
  • Tailored to Your Survey's Purpose - it crafts descriptions that are aligned with the survey's goals. This targeted approach ensures that the survey descriptions are relevant, engaging, and effective in eliciting responses.

Beyond Writing Capabilities – Glue Up’s Comprehensive Survey Solutions

While the AI Copilot is a standout feature for survey description writing, Glue Up’s suite of survey tools is much broader. Integrated within its Association Management System (AMS), Glue Up offers a comprehensive solution for survey creation and management.

Versatility in Survey Types

member feedback

Glue Up caters to a wide array of survey needs, including event feedback, customer satisfaction, marketing research, and community surveys. This versatility ensures that regardless of the type of feedback or data you seek, Glue Up has a tailored solution.

Ready-to-Use Sample Questions

One of the standout features of Glue Up's survey tool is its database of sample questions. This resource is a great asset, especially if you don’t have the time or expertise to develop questions from scratch.

These sample questions cover a broad spectrum of topics and are designed to elicit informative and actionable responses.

Comprehensive Survey Reports

survey campaign reports

The platform provides detailed survey reports, highlighting results and summaries of the questions answered. This feature is important to make data-driven decisions, as it offers clear, concise, and actionable insights from the survey data.

Conclusion- Streamlining Survey Creation with AI

As survey tools continue trending toward automation, Glue Up AI Copilot represents a pioneering effort to make it more robust with AI.

By automatically writing impactful descriptions, it streamlines one of the more tedious aspects of survey generation. This allows you to build and deploy surveys faster and redirect your focus toward crafting strategic questions and analyzing results.

Get a demo today to see Glue Up AI Copilot in action and improve your member satisfaction through impactful surveys.

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