The Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada Engages Its Community and Grows Its Member Base With Glue Up

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Discover how The Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC) is successfully engaging its community and growing memberships with Glue Up.

The Mission and Vision of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada

The Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC) is an organization that supports indigenous medical students, residents, and physicians. IPAC also supports Indigenous health initiatives at community and university levels and wishes to promote health for all Indigenous peoples, mentally, physically, intellectually, and emotionally. IPAC’s beliefs and values originate from communities, its ancestors, and the traditional teachings found within its diverse Indigenous cultures. The association believes that Indigenous peoples deserve the best health possible and honor the holistic view of health (body, mind, spirit, and heart) including traditional knowledge and practices. It believes that Indigenous physicians are honored with positions of trust in the communities and their commitment to their responsibilities is reflected in the association’s work.

Sarah Ayaruak-Thomson, the membership and mentorship manager at the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada describes the organization’s journey with Glue Up and its future plans to get every Indigenous medical student involved in the IPAC community.

Motivated by the Need to Easily Track Member Data and Run Seamless Events

As IPAC prepared to host an international conference with over 400 attendees from Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, Taiwan, and Mainland USA in July 2022, the association felt that its current membership management software did not offer all the functionalities required to ensure a successful event. These functionalities included automatic push notifications and keeping track of non-IPAC members who attended the event.

Additionally, IPAC’s mentorship program requires its staff to keep track of important member details such as location, medical specialty, and level of education so as to accurately offer the right membership services, information, and support. Before Glue Up, the association experienced challenges in managing its member database, tracking donations, organizing events, and tracking event attendance.

The Indigenous Physicians Association Discovers Glue Up’s All-In-One Software


The Indigenous Physician Association of Canada’s 3-person management teamThe Indigenous Physician Association of Canada’s 3-person management team

Fueled by the need to streamline event management, optimize member database management and spend more time connecting and engaging its members, IPAC’s membership and mentorship manager, Sarah Arayuak Thompson took to Google search in search of organizations that offered online event management software platforms. As a small non-profit organization with three staff members, the association needed a system that worked seamlessly, fulfilled its needs, and reduced its workload. Glue Up customer satisfaction reviews reassured Sarah that the all-in-one solution was the membership management software they were looking for.

“We found that Glue Up is a CRM that could not only help us better organize our events but also easily manage our member database. The system is user-friendly, easy to learn, and extremely intuitive. It allows us to perform multiple tasks in a short time and Glue Up’s support provides quick solutions to any challenges we experience. We feel supported as an organization,” says Sarah.

The Best Membership Management Software That Scales With Your Association

IPAC choose Glue Up for several reasons. The association found the platform affordable and within its price range with Glue Up’s customized discount for non-profit organizations. While other vendors offered sales pitches without assurances of the association’s growth, Glue Up explicitly demonstrated how IPAC would benefit from the solution including scalability and growing its member base.

“We are extremely happy with all of Glue Up’s features and functionalities. Our association has particularly benefited from the platform’s ability to approve multiple member applications and keep track of membership changes such as when student members graduate to residents. The waitlist feature on Glue Up’s event management software has also helped create more awareness about our association within our community.”

Since adopting Glue Up, IPAC has gained over 50 new members and has sent out over 15,000 email campaigns.

Enabling True Member Engagement and Deeper Connections With Glue Up


IPAC PriDoc 2022 Breakout Session in July 2022 BreakIPAC PriDoc 2022 Breakout Session in July 2022 Break

Before Glue Up, the association’s staff spent a lot of time on administrative tasks and navigating challenges accessing member data. This affected member engagement as the association had inadequate time to serve and truly connect with its members. With automation, simplified membership workflows, and event management processes, the association is now spending more time connecting with its members and giving them the experience and support they deserve.

The Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada Grows Its Community Through Successful In-Person Events

Pacific Region Indigenous Doctors Congress (PRIDoC) 2022 Opening Ceremony in JulyPacific Region Indigenous Doctors Congress (PRIDoC) 2022 Opening Ceremony in July

The Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada held a successful in-person with 400 attendees from across the Pacific region in July 2022 on Glue Up’s Event Management Software. The association sent out 52 push notifications to both members and non-members to increase awareness and engagement around the event. In September 2022, the association successfully organized and held nine in-person events on the Glue Up platform.

“Glue Up’s event management software enabled us to create a comprehensive agenda for our 5-day congress which gave our attendees the opportunity to plan which sessions to attend. As we usually organize in-person events at medical schools in different locations such as Toronto and Vancouver, Glue Up’s CRM and campaigns feature enabled us to create different subscription lists based on these locations thus allowing us to personalize communication about our in-person events. Having all our information in one system to set up events, send out campaigns and get new members has brought great value to our association. We have experienced tremendous growth thanks to Glue Up.”

IPAC Recommends Glue Up for Non-Profit Organizations 

Sarah Arayuak-Thomson, Membership and Mentorship Manager of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC)

“Affordability is a critical aspect for non-profit organizations. Glue Up is affordable and has everything you need to manage your memberships, donations, fundraising, and events. As non-profits heavily rely on their membership database, Glue Up makes data management and life in general much easier. Glue Up also helps you increase outreach to not only your members but the broader community.”

Sarah Arayuak-Thomson, Membership and Mentorship Manager of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada (IPAC)

Engage Your Community and Grow Your Member Base With Glue Up

With Indigenous people making up only 4% to 5% of Canada’s population, IPAC intends to increase the population of Indigenous physicians providing care in their local communities whether urban, rural, or remote. Glue Up is helping the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada achieve its vision of having every indigenous medical student become a member of the association.

Are you looking for an affordable, intuitive membership management software that scales with your organization, grows your member base, and engages your community? Get a demo and discover how Glue Up can help your organization, too!