British Serbian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) Accomplishes Its Mission and Improves Member Communication With Glue Up

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Discover how the British Serbian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) used Glue Up’s all-in-one solution to accomplish its mission and improve members’ communication.

About British Serbian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC)

The British-Serbian Chamber of Commerce (BSCC) is an English private limited company whose main objective is to facilitate trade between the United Kingdom and Serbia. It operates on a non-profit basis and represents the views of the business communities in both countries.

BSCC activities are mostly organized by its members. The activities include meetings with members, helping members enter and maintain their positions on the UK and Serbian markets, seminars, webinars, trade missions in both countries, joint cooperation with other similar trade organizations, sponsorship opportunities, contacts with experts in various fields, business networking, etc.

Roadblocks to Mission Fulfillment

As part of its mission to improve economic relations between the United Kingdom and Serbia, BSCC aims to offer business and networking opportunities to its members as well as keep them informed about industry developments.

Before Glue Up, the organization faced several roadblocks in achieving its mission, mainly because of its decentralized information system. Newsletters and events (with tickets and attendees lists) were also produced manually, which was very time-consuming. A lot of the campaigns they sent via email ended up in spam folders or had extremely low open rates due to the high volume of emails sent every day.

Moreover, all payments were handled offline which further complicated their membership workflows.

Overcoming Management Challenges with All-in-One Solution

BSCC was looking for a single platform that would allow them to consolidate all their data and processes so that they could focus their efforts solely on one platform. Thus they partnered up with Glue Up and overcame several management challenges through:

Unified Database

Glue Up’s unified CRM has enabled BSCC's team to consolidate and update their data in one place. As a result, they are now able to keep their members' information up-to-date while having plenty of time to focus on strategy and business development.

Transition to Online Payments

The team has included online payment as an option for their members for both membership and event fees using GlueUp’s add-on Stripe feature. This has significantly helped simplify the event and membership management processes within the organization.

Integrated Membership Workflows

Glue Up’s membership management software has enabled BSCC to engage and manage its members more effectively through synchronized workflows. Members can also be classified based on membership package which has been more convenient for them to have a clear outlook of everyone.

Also, members automatically receive a notification for renewal, after which they can proceed to pay online on their own.

Guiness Six Nations 2022, ENG vs IRE

It is also easy for the team to create an event webpage with all information. All information including ticket payment, number of attendees, venue location, and organizers can be posted on the website using the event management module in the software and is stored in the CRM for easy tracking and updating.

Seamless Email Campaigns

By using the software's campaign feature, BSCC successfully informs members about current and upcoming business opportunities. 

It also saves their time as the team can now use pre-made templates on the platform and customize them through the easy drag-and-drop feature. This has made sure that all newsletters look similar, improving their brand awareness and visual identity. 

Thus, now their members can easily look up the information due to its consistent structuring.

The BSCC is delighted to be using Glue Up’s platform as it has improved their communication, professionalism, and efficiency. Moreover, they look forward to using its community management software in the future to foster meaningful relationships among its members.

Tijana Marković, Head of Communications, Digital Strategy, and Event Organization at BSCC

“Thanks to GlueUp, we are now able to redirect more of our time and focus on project planning and implementation, developing new strategies, and expanding our business and network, thus we expect even higher growth rate than before.”

Tijana Marković, Head of Communications, Digital Strategy, and Event Organization at BSCC

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