5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are the Future of Membership Management

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5 Reasons Why Mobile Apps Are the Future of Membership Management

Content Strategist, Glue Up
7 minutes read
September 28, 2023

Mobile applications have evolved into integral components in the technological landscape, radically altering the way organizations manage their member-based structures.

With the increasing prevalence of smartphones, the convenience and accessibility of mobile apps are pushing them to the forefront of membership management. In a world where people prioritize immediate access and seamless experiences, these apps have become a pivotal tool for organizations aiming to optimize member engagement, value delivery, and overall experience.

If you are still unsure whether or not you should build a mobile application for your membership organization, keep reading.

In this article, we are going to delve into the five compelling reasons why mobile apps are not just a transient trend but indeed represent the future of membership management, demonstrating their unparalleled potential to transform organizational dynamics.

Quick Reads

What is a Membership Mobile App?

A membership mobile app is software designed for membership organizations to engage with members on their mobile devices. It is a digital extension of your organization in members' pockets, enabling them to access membership benefits, features, and information anytime, anywhere.

The app provides a seamless membership experience. Members can access their membership card, directory, events calendar, news updates, and other features on the go through their smartphone or tablet. This round-the-clock availability and ease of access significantly improves convenience for members.

With the app, your members don't need to wait until they are in front of a computer to access their membership. They can view exclusive content, register for events, make payments, update profiles, and more right from their phone or tablet.

This allows them to engage with their membership on their own time.

Membership Apps: Why Are They the Future?

1. Convenience

A membership app offers great convenience by putting membership in members' pockets. They can access their membership card, directory, events calendar, news updates, and other features anytime, anywhere from their mobile device.

This 24/7 availability and ease of access provides immense convenience for busy members. They don't need to wait until they are in front of a desktop to access membership information or features.

Whether they are commuting, traveling for work, or waiting in line, your members can instantly access their membership from their phones.

The app also enables them to view exclusive content, make payments, register for events, update profiles, and more on the go. This allows them to engage with your organization on their own time, leading to greater convenience.

2. Enhanced Personalization


Apps allow you to deliver customized content and experiences to your members based on their preferences and interests. Your members can opt into push notifications about events or news tailored specifically to them.

By personalizing content and notifications, these apps allow you to improve engagement among your members. You can also showcase content that aligns with what your members truly care about instead of bombarding them with irrelevant information.

Personalized experiences like these also make them feel special and valued by the organization. When they receive suggestions and updates based on their unique interests, they feel that the organization is paying attention to their needs and values their input.

3. More Engagement

Unlike websites, mobile apps enable more dynamic two-way interactions between your organization and your members.

Push notifications and in-app messaging allow you to proactively alert members about upcoming events, new deals, important updates, and more. This fosters greater engagement as members can immediately act on notifications rather than having to check a website routinely.

Apps also allow your members to easily RSVP for events, provide feedback through surveys or reviews, participate in discussions on community forums, access exclusive content, and more.

The interactive nature of apps facilitates ongoing participation, helping you to build a strong community.

4. Streamlined Member Management

streamlined management

Mobile apps provide convenient self-service options for members to manage their own accounts and access member benefits.

Members can update their profile details, renew their membership, make payments, register for events or classes, RSVP for activities, and access member directories or job boards. This enables staff and volunteers to focus on high-value tasks rather than routine member administration.

5. More Data and Insights

Mobile apps generate valuable data and insights into member behavior such as content consumption patterns, engagement levels, demographics, interests, and more.

You can use these insights to improve the membership experience and serve members better. For example, understanding which content members access most can inform decisions about the type of content to create. Seeing engagement levels with different app features can highlight opportunities to optimize the app.

Reviewing member demographics and interests aids further in segmentation and strategy development.

Key Features of an Effective Membership Mobile App

mobile app

A well-crafted membership app can significantly boost engagement and connection within your organization by enhancing the member experience. For optimal impact, the app should be user-friendly, informative, and interactive, incorporating features that cater to the needs of the organization and its members.

Here are some key features to consider for an effective membership app:

  • Easy member onboarding - Simple registration through social login or by entering basic details.
  • Seamless navigation - Intuitive interface with bottom tab bar or hamburger menu for quick access.
  • Exclusive/gated content - Access to members-only content and deals to increase perceived value.
  • Event management - Browse upcoming events, register, set reminders, access tickets.
  • Payments - Securely pay dues, event fees, and donations through the app.
  • Different access levels - Different views and privileges based on member type.
  • Strong in-app communication - Push notifications, in-app messaging, announcements, forums.
  • Member directory - Browse and connect with other members.
  • Member networking - Discussion forums, and chat groups around shared interests.
  • Access courses - Watch video lessons and access learning materials.
  • Social media integration - Share updates and content to social media.
  • Push notifications - Alerts for time-sensitive info such as registration deadlines.

Revolutionize Your Membership Management with Glue Up Apps!

Glue up manager app

Glue Up's suite of innovative mobile applications is revolutionizing how organizations connect and engage with their communities, fostering a dynamic and interactive membership experience.

The apps are meticulously designed to cater to the varied needs of managers and members, enhancing operational efficiency and community interaction.

Let’s delve deeper into how these applications can reshape the operational landscape of your association, benefiting both you and your members:

Glue Up Manager

Glue Up Manager is a comprehensive mobile solution that empowers organizational leaders with advanced functionalities, allowing them to execute tasks and monitor activities from anywhere in the world. It offers a suite of features:

  • Operational Agility: Manage registrations, payments, and check-ins effortlessly on the go.
  • Real-Time Editing: Modify events and ticket information promptly.
  • Innovative Designing: Create badges and ensure smooth QR code check-ins.
  • Insightful Analytics: Observe live event analytics and profit and loss reports.
  • Team Collaboration: Work efficiently with team members through organized task lists and notifications.

This application allows managers to optimize processes, captivate attendees, and gain insights into engagement levels with unparalleled ease and efficiency

My Glue

My Glue is designed to ensure members exploit their membership benefits to the fullest, facilitating active participation from any location. It offers members:

  • Comprehensive Access: View event details, speaker bios, and presentations seamlessly.
  • Smooth Interactions: Effortless check-ins through QR codes and intuitive member connections through chat and social features.
  • Membership Management: Handle membership renewals and access the member directory with ease.
  • Idea Exchange: Share updates and ideas through the interactive event wall.

Together, the apps create seamless omnichannel experiences across multiple channels, enabling your members to network physically at events and sustain conversations in the digital realm.

Additionally, managers can gain access to real-time insights into member interactions across diverse channels, integrating effortlessly with other Glue Up solutions for a cohesive management platform. This positions organizations like you to provide top-notch member experiences and maximize lifetime value.

Ready to witness a transformation in your organization's membership management and engagement? Get a demo today and experience firsthand the transformative potential of Glue Up applications in reshaping your organizational landscape.

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