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What Is Digital Transformation Consulting & How Can It Help Grow Your Business? [With Case Studies & Top Consultants]

Ayesa LubagMarketing Content Specialist

Ayesa Lubag,

Marketing Content Specialist

Feb 25, 2022

Organizations today integrate digital technology into all functional areas that affect how they operate. They enjoy the benefits of digital transformation like process modernization, workflow acceleration, and increased profitability.

As more companies store data in the cloud, they must understand how digitization can improve their operations to obtain efficient and better results.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of digital transformation consulting and how it can boost business growth through technology.

Quick Reads

What Is Digital Transformation Consulting?

Digital transformation consulting is a service that helps businesses reach their full potential through technology. One of the main benefits of availing it is how it can transform an organization through automation and security as it responds to changes quickly at lower risk.

A consultancy firm like this seeks to check and evaluate an organization’s digital tools that affect productivity and creativity in the workplace–necessary to offer better customer experience through technology.

Use Digital Transformation to Increase Business Growth

The ultimate goal of a digital transformation strategy is to improve customer experience. Therefore, organizations need to utilize technology well across their teams to maximize the impact.

Digital transformation consulting services become more successful every time they assign digital transformation consultants that offer a holistic approach to dealing with business processes through innovation and customer experience. Strong leadership is essential when implementing digital transformation initiatives in the four key areas: process transformation, business model transformation, domain transformation, and cultural transformation.

Its expertise can provide a mutually beneficial partnership with individuals who are leading the path to digital transformation within an organization. Moreover, it can open doors for business growth and can enhance customer experience that leaves a meaningful and lasting impact.

Accelerating Digital Product Innovation

Physical products today have digital capabilities because of digitization. Users can now consume the physical product and get information digitally. For this reason, there are better data capabilities and analysis. Running products online also helps companies reach a global audience not limited by location and region.

Global eCommerce has redefined the retail industry, and digital payments have been beneficial to merchants. Accepting online payments has become a requirement for small and large companies. Additionally, electronic payment systems have become more important than ever.


For example, Paygage is a popular payment solution that supports in-person and online payments. It's the best option for member-based organizations to easily collect payments–with its fast, painless, and secure processing.

Fostering a Positive Work Environment

positive work environment

Making business digitization a priority increases workforce productivity and efficiency. Moreover, digital tools also empower employees to use innovation when solving challenges and boosting creativity in following a process. When employees are motivated to learn, their self-worth in the workplace tends to increase.

Creating Better Customer Experience

New technology has changed the way customers interact with brands. They can now easily access products and services anytime they want. In line with this, companies utilize social media to achieve branding and marketing goals. With the help of digital tools, they collect customer feedback to make effective business decisions necessary to improve products and services.

Furthermore, performing digital analytics generates and evaluates client information concerning brands. You can create personalized experiences for customers based on the information received. This includes customer acquisition, marketing campaigns, and more.

Developing Resiliency in a Competitive Market

Digital transformation is key to remaining competitive in the industry. It optimizes business processes and makes workflows more efficient, allowing organizations to gain a competitive advantage. Making the best decisions about solving employee engagement challenges or pursuing organizational goals can help you reach your ultimate goals.

A resilient organization is prepared to pivot or shift its business strategy to adapt to unplanned changes in the industry and to grow even during the COVID-19 pandemic. With the right digital tools, you can rework a business plan that can focus on the necessary steps when accomplishing goals.

Forming an AI-Driven Organization

Digital marketers today can boost an organization’s campaign performance and ROI using artificial intelligence (AI) marketing . This method uses digital tools to gather data and customer profiles that can allow them to connect with others and create tailored messages relevant to a specific target audience. Listening carefully to them and offering the best services can build their loyalty and keep them satisfied.

Now that you know the benefits of digital transformation, you can start setting plans for an organization. To achieve success, take a look at some of the steps below:

1. Create a Business-Led Tech and Data Platform

data platform

An organization that utilizes a digital platform can get a rewarding experience. It means higher quality, faster innovation, and reduced costs aligned with business goals.

With effective digital tools like analytics integration, businesses can identify KPIs like member engagement or user behavior on a website. Obtaining the right information can help determine areas of improvement to improve processes, whether internally or externally.

2. Form an Integrated Strategy

Having a clear strategy is important because it improves business performance by using its strengths to achieve growth. Moreover, it can determine trends, opportunities, and consumer behavior, developing the proper approach to a business needed for future changes.

For example, a clear set of plans, actions, and goals will give insights into the different ways you can deal with competitors and customers' needs for long-term growth.

3. Hire the Right People for the Business

A business is only as good as its employees. Therefore, hiring the right person is crucial. Every employee has the ability to offer something unique to the business and it is important to look for those with the best qualities.

An organization can waste a lot of financial resources after a bad hire. Hiring managers and executives should openly discuss the job requirements and traits to look for in a candidate to ensure better decisions in the business.

4. Commit to Leadership From the Top-Level Management

It is essential to get the support and commitment of the top-level management and middle-level management by empowering them through IT transformation technology.

Middle managers are communicators for upper management. They are tasked to communicate information concerning organizational change and strategies that benefit the lower hierarchy levels.

Keep in mind that middle managers can interpret the value of events and use sound judgment to ensure success when initiating a business transformation.

5. Monitor and Measure Your Transformation Progress

measure progress

An organization needs to track relevant business metrics or key performance indicators to measure performance. After performing this, it can analyze a measurable value and show the progress of its business goals.

6. Cultivate an Agile Mindset in the Organization

Having an agile mindset means that you make some efforts to learn, understand, and stay flexible to achieve positive business results. By embracing this mindset with essential digital tools, teams can develop a clear vision, adapt to change, and deliver value to the target audience.

Glue Up Approach to Digital Transformation

Here are the ways Glue Up operates and delivers value to its clients by integrating digital technology into all business aspects.

Drive Technology Transformation

Workflow or process automation is a crucial element in the digital age. Implementing automation across the company enables teams to create an efficient workflow and promote collaboration. If your organization is looking for a simple workflow automation solution, be sure to check out a CRM solution that can centralize data in one place.

What’s more, you can digitize forms and automate routine processes and measure their effectiveness. You can reduce pain points to drive significant change and improve business performance with the data you get.

Implement Outcomes

With a survey solution, you can quickly gather feedback by creating surveys, quizzes, and polls for various audiences and analyzing their preferences.

With fully customizable templates, you can add the questions and fields you want to include and get relevant answers for better decision-making. Moreover, an easy-to-use dashboard lets you export data in an accessible and secure manner as you perform the next steps.

Creating a Digital Space to Create Value for Organizations

Community Software Glue Up

Connecting your community is more important than ever. Enable business networking to happen in this tailor-made private social media platform designed to increase retention, boost engagement, and protect your community’s information. Glue Up’s Community Management Suite is a digital space where community members can interact and communicate with one another.

Manage Talent and Build Digital Skills

manage talent

Educating the workforce related to automation solutions can build an environment that can encourage better business decisions. Support professional development related to training and certification to help them achieve career success in the digital age. This can support business growth and offer an enhanced customer experience.

Digital Transformation Case Studies

Here is a selection of case studies showing the challenges and opportunities faced by different organizations in their journey to digital transformation that you can learn from.

Case Study 1

DNPs of Color (DOC) have been using Glue Up since March 2020 after identifying the need to develop its community and create a consistent way of communication. It utilizes the platform to build memberships and manage events.

Case Study 2

The European Association of Electromobility (AVERE) has significantly improved its event processes with an event management software when it switched to virtual events. It faced many challenges in the past due to the utilization of multiple tools that were not well-integrated. Running events on an all-in-one platform for events streamlines its webinar experience as it now manages the entire event lifecycle on the platform.

Case Study 3

The membership management and event management modules have been the most useful to the Faecal Sludge Management Alliance (FSMA). The event management software has improved the registration process and made the setting up of event pages much more effortless. The email marketing campaigns module has also made its communications more effective and straightforward.

Best Digital Transformation Consulting Providers

If your organization is looking to thrive in the digital age, here are some of the top digital transformation consulting firms that can assist you in enhancing industry potential.

Glue Up

Glue Up main page

Glue Up is an all-in-one software that helps associations, chambers of commerce, unions, councils, and other member-based organizations build and grow their communities through events, memberships, and digital tools.

Coastal Cloud

Coastal Cloud main page

Coastal Cloud is a team of experts at program management, project execution, business analysis, data modeling, data migration, user training, and the skills necessary for a successful migration to next-generation technologies.


LeadMD main page

LeadMD is a revenue performance consultancy focused on people, processes, and technology that helps enterprise brands do business with impact.


CodZero main

CodeZero empowers engineering teams to efficiently deliver cloud-native software for the modern IT stack.


ATG main ATG offers quote-to-cash solution services to enterprise brands that put contemporary consulting globally. Additionally, a digital transformation consultant guides clients through its CRM, CPQ, CLM, and finance solutions.


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