How to Craft Compelling Email Subject Lines Using AI?

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How to Craft Compelling Email Subject Lines Using AI?

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Subject lines are one of the most important parts of an email marketing campaign. With inbox overload and short attention spans, a compelling subject line can make or break whether your email gets opened and read.

So how can you create impactful subject lines that will make your potential members open these emails? While creativity and testing different options are key, leveraging data and AI tools can take the guesswork out and help ensure each subject line hits the mark.

Read on to explore the top four AI tools that can generate impactful email campaigns within seconds. We’ll also discuss the best practices for using these AI tools and insights to write compelling email subject lines.

Key Takeaways

  • Glue Up's AI Copilot can help generate effective email subject lines by adapting tone and style for your audience. You can prompt it to write an entire email campaign and pull the first 2 sentences for the subject line.
  • ChatGPT is great at creating personal and engaging subject lines that feel tailored to each recipient. Its versatility allows it to adapt to different tones and styles.
  • Bard analyzes content and target audience to generate relevant and catchy subject lines aimed at grabbing attention. It brings creativity and precision.
  • can quickly churn out dozens of subject line ideas that aim to grab the reader's attention. It only needs basic prompts to produce quality suggestions.
  • Best practices when using AI tools: use data to identify effective formulas, keep experimenting with AI copies, personalize dynamic fields, review performance metrics, confirm mobile readability, and refresh subject lines over time.

Top 5 AI Tools to Generate Email Subject Lines

1. Glue Up AI Copilot

Glue Up is the first global AI-based community management cloud that offers robust tools at your fingertips to help you create impactful campaigns on the fly.

Glue Up's AI Copilot acts as a smart writing assistant, assisting you in drafting emails, invitations, and other communications quickly and effectively. You can ask the Copilot to adapt the tone and style suitable for your audience, ensuring your messages are not only well-crafted but also highly personalized.

To write the effective subject line, go to the email campaign builder and give the prompt, “Write an email campaign about the upcoming fundraising event”

ai email subject lines
ai email subject lines


Once you have the email content, pick the first two sentences and add them as your subject line.

The platform distinguishes itself from other AI tools through its direct integration with Glue Up’s email campaign manager. This integration eliminates the need for the typical copy-paste routine seen with tools like ChatGPT or Bard.

You can edit and dispatch emails directly within the platform, enhancing efficiency and reducing the potential for errors.

To learn more about its applications in creating email campaigns, check out this blog.

2. ChatGPT

ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, is renowned for its conversational capabilities. This tool excels in generating human-like text, making it ideal for creating subject lines that are personal and engaging.

ChatGPT can generate subject lines that feel personal and tailored to each recipient. This level of personalization is key to building a connection with your audience and boosting open rates.

Also, the tool is versatile in terms of the subject lines it can generate. Whether you're crafting a subject line for a promotional email, a newsletter, or an event invitation, ChatGPT's versatility allows it to adapt to various tones and styles, ensuring your subject line always hits the right note.

3. Bard

Bard is a free AI tool known for its linguistic capabilities and offers a unique blend of creativity and analytical precision. It's particularly adept at understanding the details of language, making it an excellent choice for crafting email subject lines that resonate with your audience.

Bard's ability to analyze and understand your email's content and target audience allows it to generate subject lines that are not only catchy but also highly relevant. This relevance ensures higher open rates and better engagement.

Just like Glue Up AI Copilot and ChatGPT, Bard's AI engine can also infuse creativity into your subject lines, making them stand out in a crowded inbox. From clever phrasing to compelling calls to action, this AI tool ensures your emails get the attention they deserve.

4. offers robust AI copywriting capabilities, including an email generator tool. It can churn out dozens of relevant subject line ideas in seconds.

Here are some key features of that make it one of the most effective tools for writing subject lines:

  1. Requires only basic prompts to produce quality suggestions
  2. Generated subject lines are aimed at grabbing the reader's attention
  3. Option to generate additional subject lines with one click

Once you know how to use generative AI to write effective subject lines, consider these best practices to optimize the effectiveness of AI tools in your subject line generation:

Use Data to Identify Effective Subject Line Formulas

AI-powered email marketing platforms analyze huge volumes of data to uncover the most effective email and subject line formulas across different industries.

For example, emotional phrases, urgency cues, personalized names, “how-to” themes, and open-ended questions tend to garner higher open and click-through rates on average. Rather than reinventing the wheel, look to these proven frameworks to model your subject lines afterward.

Keep Experimenting with AI-Generated Copies

email open rates

AI writing assistants like can help take the heavy lifting out of drafting fresh subject line ideas from scratch. The AI evaluates millions of data points to output completely customized and optimized suggestions.

You can then select your favorites for the A/B test. This approach saves time while benefiting from the data and insights these AI tools have gathered.

Personalize Dynamic Subject Lines

Personalized, dynamic subject lines that include the recipient’s first name or location have been found to boost open rates by over 26%.

AI-powered email platforms allow you to create dynamic fields to automatically populate custom details in each subject line. As you scale your list, this ensures every subscriber receives a tailored subject line while streamlining your efforts.

Review Subject Line Performance

Pay close attention to real-time subject line performance data to double down on what’s working and eliminate what’s not.

With each email sent, your email marketing platform should provide opens, click-throughs, and other engagement metrics for each subject line variant.

Apply this intel to refine future subject lines ― testing slightly different versions of high performers to make them even better. AI insights take the guesswork out of optimizing campaign after campaign.

Confirm Mobile Readability

With over half of emails opened on mobile, confirm subject lines display as intended on smaller screens. Lengthy subject lines without proper spaces may truncate awkwardly.

Mailchimp and other email service providers automatically show mobile previews during creation. If a subject line looks cluttered on a smartphone, consider tightening or reworking it entirely.

Refresh Subject Lines Over Time

The same subject line, no matter how great, will suffer fatigue over periods of excessive use. To counter declining open rates, regularly test refreshed variations.

For example, if a subject line like “Support Our Cause This Saturday” initially garnered high engagement, try “Join Us This Saturday for a Special Cause” or “Make a Difference This Saturday” in the future. Maintain the theme of community and support while introducing a fresh appeal

Glue Up CRM

In conclusion, integrating advanced AI tools such as Glue Up AI Copilot, Bard, and ChatGPT into crafting email subject lines can significantly enhance your email marketing strategy. Pair these intelligent AI capabilities with your own creative flair to send emails that consistently convert.

Additionally, with Glue Up's comprehensive membership management solution, you can ensure that your events and communications are impactful and memorable.

So, if you're looking to completely transform your community engagement with impactful campaigns, embrace the power of AI and automation with Glue Up. Get a demo today to learn how you can elevate your community engagement to the next level!

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