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Digital Transformation and What It Means for North American Associations in 2022

In 2020, most member-based organizations were forced to digitally transform their operations. They adopted technologies that support virtual work, enable better online experiences, and enhance communication in order to stay relevant.  However, this change was unforeseen, and many organization leaders reacted to the COVID-19 pandemic's disruption rather than planning and strategizing. 

In 2022, successful digital transformation calls for truly understanding its importance, deep strategic planning, prioritization, and the collective effort of different functions and teams. In this regard, many business leaders have already discovered that digitally transforming membership processes and other operations is no longer optional. Organizations must implement digital transformation strategies that enable flexibility, agility, new business opportunities, and competitive advantages for the long term.

In this whitepaper, we highlight why member organizations should transform their processes for digital, key common areas for digital transformation, and challenges hindering organizations from reaching digital maturity.

Download this whitepaper to find what digital transformation means for your organization in 2022.