Mastering Digital Transformation: How the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce Achieved Success with Glue Up

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Mastering Digital Transformation: How the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce Achieved Success with Glue Up
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The British Columbia Chamber of Commerce, a pivotal player in the economic landscape of British Columbia, embarked on a transformative journey to enhance operational efficiency and member engagement through a strategic partnership with Glue Up.

This success story unfolds the chamber’s commitment to sustainable economic growth and how digital innovation revolutionized its operations.


About the British Columbia Chamber of Commerce

BC Chamber Website

The BC Chamber of Commerce is an influential organization that plays an active role in the economic development of British Columbia. With its core mission to champion sustainable economic growth within the region, the BC Chamber tirelessly advocates for the interests of businesses, providing them with a unified voice.

Committed to fostering a business-friendly environment, their extensive network reaches out to all corners of British Columbia, ensuring businesses have a say in the province's economic future.

Streamlining Operations through Digital Innovation

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Recognized for its conventional methods, the BC Chamber of Commerce acknowledged the pressing need to enhance its internal workflows and operations.

In order to simplify renewals and operational duties, the chamber sought a tool that would simplify processes and allow them to transition to a digital world. 

Features and Adaptability Revolutionize the Organization

The BC Chamber, representing a vast network of businesses, confronted the challenge of managing heavy paperwork and operational tasks. The adoption of Glue Up’s automated billing workflow allowed for unprecedented efficiency, enabling a single finance team member to handle extensive workloads effortlessly.

Transitioning from MailChimp to Glue Up, the chamber experienced a significant upgrade in managing data and subscriber lists, fostering a more autonomous and empowered team environment.

This shift not only streamlined communication but also reduced reliance on external contractors, fostering a more self-reliant and proactive team.

“The integration of Glue Up's system enabled us to maintain better data integrity and manage our subscriber lists more efficiently. Our team quickly adapted to this new platform, significantly reducing our dependency on external contractors, and enhancing our capability to independently manage campaigns and communications,” noted Roxanne Schutz, Vice President of the BC Chamber of Commerce.




Building a Connected Community

With 100 chambers of commerce and boards of trade across the province, Glue Up’s platform facilitated the creation of a dynamic community. This network, accessible through the app, allowed for real-time conversations, resource sharing, and immediate problem-solving and support among members, centralizing communications, and direct access within the Glue Up system.

“The app brought a new level of engagement and real-time information sharing across our network, fostering a vibrant community where chambers of commerce and boards of trade throughout the province, can interact, share resources, and leverage each others' knowledge,” Schutz explained.




Optimizing Operational Efficiency: A Testament to Glue Up’s Impact

The BC Chamber of Commerce endorses Glue Up as a transformative solution for organizations aiming to enhance their operational efficiency. The CRM and billing system offered by Glue Up, replete with comprehensive, ready-to-use features, has proven instrumental in minimizing manual paperwork, thereby facilitating a more streamlined management approach.

"We greatly appreciate the CRM and, certainly, the billing aspects. The comprehensive out-of-box features significantly reduce manual paperwork. The automated billing workflow is particularly vital, as it streamlines our internal processes significantly, especially considering our finance team consists of a single member."



Roxanne Schutz, Vice President at BC Chamber of Commerce



Inspiration for Digital Transformation

With digital transformation moving beyond buzzword status, the BC Chamber of Commerce exemplifies the power of embracing change. Through its collaboration with Glue Up, the Chamber not only streamlined its operations but also significantly enhanced member experiences.

Their success serves as an inspiring model for other associations aiming to thrive in the digital world with innovations and efficiency.

Are you considering a similar transformation for your organization? Get a demo and explore how Glue Up’s all-in-one engagement management platform can help you accomplish your organization's digitalization objectives.