European Network Against Racism (ENAR) Accomplishes Its Mission and Enhances Member Connections With Glue Up

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Discover how ENAR is achieving its mission of promoting anti-racism in Europe through integrated workflows and strong member connections with Glue Up.

About ENAR

ENAR stands as the sole pan-European network dedicated to combating racism by advocating for racial equality and fostering collaboration among civil society organizations engaged in anti-racism efforts across Europe.

Established in 1998 by grassroots activists, the organization aimed to bring about legislative reforms at the European level and drive substantial advancements toward achieving racial equality in all member states of the European Union. Over the years, ENAR has experienced substantial growth and accomplished significant milestones.

Kim Smouter, Director at European Network Against Racism, discusses how Glue Up has helped ENAR achieve its goals through streamlined community building and increased digital outreach.

What Drove ENAR To Search for Glue Up?

Before discovering Glue Up, the team at ENAR had one tool for each function. They were using OneDrive for community management, Mailchimp for newsletters, and Excel for membership lists.

Thus, driven by the overwhelming number of spreadsheets for the logistics, the lack of integration, and the need to streamline all their systems, the ENAR team started to look for new solutions.

After sifting through different platforms, the ENAR team finally settled on Glue Up mainly because of its intuitiveness and ease of use. They also chose Glue Up because it was affordable, could be integrated with existing systems, and did not require extensive technical expertise.

How Glue Up is Helping ENAR Achieve Its Mission

With the help of Glue Up's platform, ENAR is able to revolutionize its relationship management systems, enhance communication among members and contribute to the advancement of the anti-racism movement in Europe.

The ENAR team is also able to deliver a seamless event experience to their attendees through professional-looking event pages, smooth registrations, and an efficient check-in process.

They are leveraging the community and membership module to build a strong connection with their members. Additionally, the CRM helps them track their interactions with stakeholders and find new ways to improve their operations.

How ENAR is Using Glue Up as a Game Changer for Promoting Anti-racism in Europe?


Glue Up offers powerful tools to help organizations achieve their goals, and ENAR successfully utilized this unique value proposition. The team is using Glue Up’s community platform to transform the way its members are connecting with each other.

ENAR finds the platform to be more interactive and secure than conventional social media sites. Additionally, it allows members to connect more effectively without the secretariat's involvement which is a game-changer for promoting anti-racism in Europe.

ENAR Recommends Glue Up for Member-based Organizations

kim smouter


“Based on our positive experience, I highly recommend Glue Up. It's a powerful tool that delivers on its promises, provides a great user experience, and offers excellent value for the price. It has the potential to streamline operations, improve communication, and enhance overall organizational efficiency.”

Kim Smouter, Director at European Network Against Racism


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