ESG Africa Conference Increases Attendee Satisfaction With Glue Up

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Discover how ESG Africa Conference increases Attendee Satisfaction and engagement with Glue Up

Company Summary

The Environmental Social Governance(ESG) Africa Conference aims to create a platform for industry leaders and experts across Africa to discuss, debate, and find solutions to some of the common challenges faced in embedding ESG practices within organizations. The conference’s main theme is a ‘Sustainable Future Through Leadership’; highlighting the significant role leaders can and should play in ensuring their organizations integrate ESG principles into their value system and overall organizational strategy.

The world has fundamentally shifted over the last few decades. Looking at the profit and financial considerations is no longer enough. Stakeholders are expecting more, including shareholders, investors, customers, and the government. ESG is the latest trend in sustainability reporting and is changing how they allocate capital, run operations, and develop strategies. This requires a different leadership mindset that does not see ESG as an add-on or compliance exercise, but as something that provides a competitive advantage, and transformative innovation and puts stakeholder capitalism at the heart of its actions.

We recently sat down with Joshua Low, the Director at ESG Africa Events based in South Africa and a former Managing Director of Messe Frankfurt in South Africa (globally the second biggest trade event organizer in the world after Reed Exhibitions) to speak about how Glue Up’s Event Management Software has helped him in the management of their events.  He takes us through his journey, lessons learned and milestones met. 

The One-Stop Shop for Event-Driven Community Growth

We had been looking at other vendors but what stood out for us was Glue Up’s pricing model. The other vendor’s pricing was quite prohibitive. We were looking for software that did more than just event registrations and we were glad that Glue Up’s software was an all-in-one event management system. This was a one-stop shop that allowed us to create and manage a community which is part of our unique selling proposition.

The Best of Glue Up’s Event Management Software 

The email marketing functionality is great. We had such an easy time setting up the registration forms. The invoicing was also automated which made it very easy for us to follow up on payments and better management from an accounting perspective. Most event software does not have this feature and most event organizers have to integrate accounting software with their event software which can get quite tedious.

The level of support that we got from the Customer Success team was unmatched. There was always someone available to assist in instances where we needed clarifications or had encountered a hurdle. They were very friendly and accommodating. We were also equipped with very detailed video tutorials on how to use the software which helped a lot.

We also got the chance to explore the sponsorship feature. We were able to create tiers and packages that attracted prospective sponsors. The event dashboard enabled us to stay on top of registrations, ticket sales, and attendee check-in all from a single screen.

Fears of Using a New Software

We were more concerned about the level of local support we would get. As a customer, we were of the mindset that since Glue Up is an American company, we wouldn’t get much of that. After talking to the account executive, our fears were laid to rest, and true to his word, we have had great support from the team.

ESG Africa’s Success With Glue Up


We were very impressed with the survey feature as it allowed us to track the satisfaction of the event from the attendees. We got a very high score, 85% of the attendees were very happy with how easy it was for them to register and check in to the event. We also had 98% of the attendees say they would attend our next event. There were so many points of contact with the registrants that enabled us to have a successful event.

Joshua, Director at ESG Africa Events

“What I really like about Glue Up’s Event Management Software is that it’s an ecosystem, everything is linked so one can segment email campaigns for specific events and different audiences. It’s very flexible and easy to use!”

Joshua, Director at ESG Africa Events

ESG Africa’s 2023 Plans For Value-Addition and Community Engagement

What sets us apart from other event organizers is that we want to create a community of practice. We look forward to executing the Master Class, and educational webinars and growing the community with Glue Up’s Community 2.0. We plan on giving our audience as much value as we possibly can and with Glue Up’s robust event management system we are certain we will.

We are also looking forward to taking on the Speed Networking feature in 2023. We would like to give as much value to our clients as we possibly can. I believe the one-on-one sessions will help our audience network and build stronger relationships.

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