How NU SKIN Used Glue Up for a Global Conference with 7,000 Attendees

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How NU SKIN Used Glue Up for a Global Conference with 7,000 Attendees

Sr. Marketing & Operations Manager
4 minutes read
June 15, 2018

In 2018, NU SKIN, a leading global personal care product company from North America, successfully managed its NU SKIN Global Annual Conference at the Sheraton Grand Hotel in Macau using Glue Up’s Event Management Software.

Though incredibly successful in the end, the organizers of the conference were up to many challenges in planning and operating this conference of nearly 7,000 people.

These challenges caused the organizers to consider many different aspects of the event.

In doing so, they asked themselves:

Roles & Permissions

How do we ensure the security of our data by granting only limited access to our temporary staff and volunteers?


How do we avoid congestion and effectively manage the traffic at multiple check-in locations?

Real-time Monitoring

How do we monitor attendees’ behavior in real-time over all aspects of the conference, such as material collection, information inquiry, dining, and other specific data?

Reduce Losses

How do we effectively prevent attendees from getting multiple meals, non-participants from entering the conference, and other harmful activities from occurring?

Collecting and Processing Data

How do we collect all of our attendee's information, including their interactions, and then effectively process this data?

How did the Glue Up’s Event Management Software help solve NU SKIN's challenges?

NU SKIN created different types of tickets for attendees with different conditions during their pre-event preparations. Each ticket had different access rights so as to encourage participants to register according to their actual conditions and to purchase different tickets accordingly. NU SKIN also created different roles and permissions for their team; for example, volunteers who were assisting with check-ins were only able to access check-in tools.

✅ Roles & Permissions Challenge Solved

After attendees successfully registered, the Glue Up system generated a personal two-dimensional QR code which was delivered to attendees automatically via email and conveniently accessible through the Glue Up App. This made check-ins very convenient for the staff, who could easily review attendees and see the progress and traffic of check-in at each of 20 different check-in locations.

✅ Congestion Challenge Solved

After setting up tables and follow the best practices of running a registration at the door, NU SKIN successfully kept congestion out of sight and conference wait time down to a minimum.

✅ Losses Minimalized 

NU Skin Global Conference Using EventBank, case study, event management software

NU SKIN's volunteers are ready to check people in using Glue Up Manager app!

At the same time, NU SKIN's managers and volunteers could monitor the data of each check-in location in real-time through the Glue Up Manager app. This helped their team to understand every attendee’s event journey. The organizer could also oversee on-site traffic and avoid congestions at their multiple check-in locations such as at the dining hall, thus reducing the costs further.

✅ Real-time Monitoring

Organizers could not only monitor the progress of the event in the real-time but could also easily export data for each attendee and perform in-depth analysis of their data after the event. In this way, they could understand the behavior of the attendees and improve the organization of the next event. Organizers could also send follow-up (thank you) emails to attendees after the event, thanking them for their attendance and informing them of other events they are planning or sharing the presentation directly from the Glue Up platform.

✅ Collecting and Processing Data

By simply being on the Glue Up platform, NU SKIN was able to not only collect and grow their list of attendees, contacts, and even leads, but they were also able to update current attendee information as well. Being able to track the mere fact that a contact had registered for the event gives NU SKIN a sincere form on insight that is often looked over.

Further more with the finance and web hosting modules on Glue Up's platform, NU SKIN can not only offer ticketing online, but has been able to track and analyze metrics from sales, ticketing, registration and more.

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