EventBank is now Glue Up. Learn why we have changed our identity and what it means to you and your community.
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EventBank is now Glue Up.
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Virtual Events Management Suite

Monetize and Enhance Your Online Events

Provide attendees with premium and seamless experience that gives them access to presentations, agenda, as well as ability to connect and chat with each other during live events.

Forward-looking teams choose Glue Up

Run Webinars Attendees Will Remember

Plan, promote, execute, and evaluate one or hundreds of engaging virtual events from start to finish.

Glue Up helps you create virtual event pages in few clicks
Virtual Event Setup

Ready, Set, Stream. It’s That Easy

Create breath-taking event pages, send out event invitations, and remind your attendees of your webinars effortlessly in a few simple steps.

Event Website Builder & Blueprints

Partner Promotion

Custom Registration Forms

Online Ticketing & Payments

Multi-language Support

Customers who started running their webinars on Glue Up are reporting 58% increase in revenue from online events.

Glue Up Helps you spark discussions and turn webinars into experiences
Attendee Experience

Spark Discussions and Turn Webinars into Experiences

Make it easy for everyone to find like-minded people and topics that matter to them so they can network with each other and exchange their opinions.

Public & Private Groups

Unlimited Commenting

Custom Reactions


People Profiles

On average, Glue Up customers see 2X increase in attendee registrations compared to their physical events.

paygage is accessible
Online Engagement

Help Business Happen at Your Online Events

Enable your attendees to create and share their own digital business cards, manage connections they make, and effectively network with everyone no matter where they are.

Media sharing

1-on-1 Direct Chat

Digital Business Cards

Stored in Individual CRM

Glue Up helps you own your webinars
Admin Control

Your Webinars, Your Branding

You are in charge of the looks and engagement. Tweak event pages, create and manage different groups, allow and restrict access or offer greater functionalities to paying members of your community.

Custom Branding Settings

Advanced Filters

Roles & Permissions

Content Moderation

Customers stick with Glue Up

Glue Up Powers the GACCE Executive Leadership Conference

"The all-inclusive nature of Glue Up's software proves to be a valuable tool for chambers of commerce around the US. Our conference had a high-tech feel thanks to all event features software has to offer."

Glue Up Powers the GACCE Executive Leadership Conference
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How NU SKIN Used Glue Up for a Global Conference with 7,000 Attendees

"We were up to many challenges in planning and operating this conference of nearly 7,000 people, but with Glue Up's software it was easy peasy."

How NU SKIN Used Glue Up for a Global Conference with 7,000 Attendees
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Best-in-class event management with Glue Up
What's included?

Management Suite

An all-in-one solution that helps you save time and focus on your mission while keeping everybody on the same page.

Virtual Event Management


Email Campaigns

Invoicing & Payments



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