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2021 Predictions: Africa's Top Leaders Share the Future of Associations Blog

Get to know the 2021 predictions for Africa as told by top association leaders that will prepare your association for a successful 2021.

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How to Post a YouTube Video on Facebook: A Step-by-Step Guide Blog

Wondering how to post a YouTube video on Facebook? Learn some of the easiest ways and discover the best editing tools for quality video content.

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Glue Up闪链:高效线上社交新模式 Content

Glue Up全新推出的“闪链”功能,致力于帮助大量参与者在短时间内建立社交链接。闪链功能以视频的形式,为参与者之间搭建起线上的面对面沟通平台,一对一直接交换社交信息,高效完成人脉关系拓展。 闪链功能十分契合商协会、大型展会、高校、学术机构的活动场景。假...

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How to Start an Association: 6 Step Guide for Business & Nonprofits Association Formation Blog

Associations provide different benefits and opportunities as they continuously adapt to a changing business environment. But if there is one thing they share in common, it is the ability to offer a wide range of opportunities to others, which enables...

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29 Ways to Make Your New Business/Product Launch Parties Unforgettable Blog

A launch party is a great opportunity to create a buzz about your product and show it off to potential customers. The key to organizing a successful one for your organization is having a thoughtful plan.

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Top 17 Benefits of Video Conferencing: Advantages for Employees, Businesses & Customers [with 4 Disadvantages] Blog

This blog post will discuss the benefits of video conferencing that can effectively bring your teams together and improve organizational communication in real time.

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Latest and Biggest Event Industry News for September 2021 Blog

To give you more information about the event industry, we've put together a compilation of event news and updates for 2021. Here at Glue Up, we seek to address everything you need to know as you keep up with trends and navigate your way to success.

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Virtual Trade Show Guide: Challenges, Ideas, Platforms & More Blog

In an extremely difficult year, innovation and virtual events skyrocketed, especially in the virtual trade show industry. The shift from traditional trade shows to virtual trade shows has enabled people to develop and use digital tools to fulfill the...

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How To Build A Community And Nurture Attendees After Your Virtual Event Blog

The post-COVID world of online business can enable marketers and field teams to build communities around their brand. With virtual events, businesses can connect with their online shoppers and engage them with regular updates about their new products...

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