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The Surf Project Expands Its Community Outreach with Glue Up’s All-In-One Event Management Software Content

...asier, which helped us manage young participants and their information safely and securely. With Glue Up: Our CRM  database has grown from 1,274 contacts to 2,114, a growth of 40% since we began using the platform. Our event r...

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17大数字化招数,教你准确衡量客户互动水平 Content

什么是客户互动? 客户互动的最主要目的是为了与他们建立一种紧密的感情纽带。互动越积极,感情越深厚。这种纽带决定了客户的购买转化,以及对品牌的忠诚度。 客户互动为何如此重要?   客户互动之所以如此重要,是因为他们对业绩的贡献十分...

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如何为网络研讨会吸引更多参与者?这里有13条好建议! Content


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市场人少加班!5 大亮点助力市场活动管理! Content

...水准的营销邮件,实现与目标受众的高频互动,为挖掘更多商业机会创造无限可能。 另外与活动落地页一样,营销邮件同样支持社交平台一键转发,且自动适配移动端,完美契合社交传播场景。 3. 活动数据实时回流入智能化CRM,一体化追踪联系人所有互动历史   传统的签到方式需在纸质表格或Excel反复寻找核查参会人员的报名信息,确认无误后再发放胸牌等等。这...

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We are very pleased with the simplicity of the system. We rarely spend time training staff as most users simply “get it". It’s simple and fast out-of-the-box solution. We now have 4 client accounts running on Glue Up software.

Marcel Ewals, Director, Community Development, MCI Group
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